When they tell you who they are, believe them.

There’s a post up on Twitter/X/Twix from Libs of TicToc, detailing how LGBTOSTFU people in California are railing against a bill that would make it a felony to purchase children for sex. These people claim the bill will effect LGBTOSTFU people more.

Let me restate that, because I had to read it a couple of times just to make sure my old peepers were working properly.

California Senate Bill 1414 aims to combat human trafficking by making the purchase of sex with a minor a felony. Why it’s not already a felony I have no idea, but it’s California. Even several decades ago, outside of Hollywood, when you got arrested for having sex with kids you didn’t last too long once you get GenPop, but maybe things have changed that much and so now they have to codify it.

So. SB 1414. Paying a minor for sex is bad, m’kay? Buying a kid for sex is bad. You can’t do that. It’s not good. And the LGBTOSTFU crowd begins the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth because this bill is going to disproportionately effect them. I’m sorry, what?

Is that a Freudian slip, or is this part of what the Diabolical Narcissists do when they rub your nose in their actions? Because, and maybe I’m just being silly, I just heard the LGBTOSTFU crowd admit that they like to have sex with kids. That they seek it out. That they have no problem with the sexual trafficking of children. That they admit that they are a significant portion of the people who have sex with children, so much so that any laws against having sex with kids will hit them harder than any other part of the population.

Should I call them liars, or should I accept what they say as the truth?

What sets gay culture apart from straight culture is the belief that early sex is good and beneficial, and the sure knowledge (don’t think for a second that they DON’T know) that the only way to produce another homosexual is to provide a boy with sexual experiences BEFORE he can be “ruined” by attraction to a girl. – Moira Greyland, The Last Closet


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  1. These people claim the bill will effect LGBTOSTFU people more.

    They would know, wouldn’t they? Talk about a mask coming off!

    1. I wonder how much of a bubble you have to live in to think that claiming this bill targets LQBT people makes people sympathetic to your viewpoint.

    • scott on July 9, 2024 at 7:12 PM

    Why are the I guess you would call them normal gays not standing up to these folks and raising hell? I know a few gay folks and besides being gay ( not all the crazy I am tree today and liquid tomorrow) they  are good people, they don’t try to push there life beliefs on others. I guess I will have to ask them when I run into them in town. It’s crazy that parents and normal folks ant burning down the city. Where are the parents, Christian leaders , police officers, firemen, real community leaders and real men at? I really think at some point the only way to beat this evil is to bury them folks,At what point are real God fearing, God loving men and women going to have enough and say “ok you are making laws that are illegal, immoral, of the devil, no matter if you write it down it’s still all the above and make a stand like Mother Abagail ? Until we can all stand together and understand that God has no problem with some righteousness anger and take our country back to the faith we were founded on. If we don’t do it soon it want matter. If we are not willing to use force then we are done   It took blood to make this nation and will take a lot more to get it back   Please pray and get your whole house right with Gods house and then look them in the eye and tell them “I’ll be your huckle bearer,’ and then start the dance??

  2. Suffice it to say that if ANYBODY that tries or DOES have sex with a child is a degenerate, evil reprehensible excuse for a human being.  I have no sympathy for their “sensibilities” or that they are upset that we deign to protect children from their narcissistic and filthy perversions.  The dims watered this bill down too – does that explain the fact that the left is hopelessly and completely evil?

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