Insanity Or Deliberate Political Malfeasance?

     You really have to wonder:

     After securing the majority of seats in Sunday’s election, the newly formed left-wing government in France has revealed plans to impose a ninety percent tax on its “wealthier” citizens.
     The left-wing coalition known as the New Popular Front (NPF) shocked French politics this past weekend when it defeated both Emmanuel Macron’s Ensemble party and Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally.
     Though the NPF secured the most seats (182), it was unable to secure a majority and will now soon face Macron.
     The leaders of the NPF convened on Monday to decide who would be the nominee for head of their proposed new administration.
     “We are preparing to govern, to apply the programmed which is ours,” said Manuel Bompard, coordinator of the France Unbowed party.
     According to this plan, the retirement age will be lowered from 64-years-old to 60-years-old, and an annual income tax rate of 90% will apply to those earning over €400,000. €400,000 equates to approximately $432,736 U.S. dollars, according to Google’s money converter tool.
     In addition, the NPF has pledged to spend a minimum of €150 billion over the next three years and has called for a minimum raise of 14%.

     If a Third World country were to institute such policies, I’d shrug: “Well, that’s why it’s a Third World country. Let ‘em wallow in their own sewage.” But France? Don’t they remember what happened to Britain when its politicians did likewise? It wasn’t that long ago, in historical terms. If not, shouldn’t they remember their own history – the Terror, for instance?

     Giving your high earners – who are usually your high producers — that powerful an incentive to emigrate can destroy a national economy. Add the obvious desire to spend the national government into bankruptcy, which would precipitate the kind of government borrowing and inflation that are destroying the economy of the United States. But my Gentle Readers already know all that, so why doesn’t the French Left?

     Well, perhaps they do. Perhaps that’s their objective. Now all we need is an explanation for why destroying the French economy would somehow benefit the NPF. They couldn’t possibly have an allegiance to something outside France, such that the destruction of France is an end deliberately sought, could they? Something like a transnational alliance of shadowy powers that seek to abolish nations, national allegiances, borders, and all trace of the values that allowed the West to rise to its current estate?

     Who could such powers be, I wonder?