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The Pre-Memorial Day Overload Edition

     Commentators have two counterpoised problems: “There’s nothing to write about!” “There’s way too much to write about!”      I’m in the throes of Problem #2 at the moment. So here goes nothing…or everything, depending on your perspective. ***      Banks usually don’t have a great deal of cash on hand. A branch VP will …

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In Other News

     …my decision to leave Blogger has been justified. Specifically, the Grundies at Blogger have gotten around to Liberty’s Torch V1.0 and are slapping “Sensitive Content” warnings on a lot of the pieces there. So far: Sulva Come To Earth Just Read Your Job Description Synthetic Outrage Shamans Redux      …have all been labeled sensitive. …

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The Anti-Reproduction Movement

     There are things we’re “not supposed to say.” Quite a number of those things are tied up with sexual variations. The reason we’re not supposed to say them is that a small community of activists has deemed them “offensive.” And of course, we wouldn’t want to be “offensive,” we confrontation-averse Americans of the Twenty-First …

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