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I say again . . . .

If you wanted to destroy America, what would you do differently from that which is already being done by the Deep State? Would you do something instead of: Goose inflation? Discourage value investing? Create asset bubbles and punish savers? Impoverish working people and permit the accumulation of unbelievable wealth for a tiny minority? Send tens …

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A question.

From one of Linh Dinh’s entertaining pieces about out-of-the-way places and foreign ways. This from another piece of his on his time in Albania: War, insane ideology and free transfer of capital have dislocated millions of people. Millions more must flee from societies they themselves have befouled, through collective stupidity, cowardice or depravity. It’s who …

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Liz doubles down.

In response, Cheney said she vows to “do everything I can” to block Trump’s re-election. “In the meantime, I will also continue to support every illegal foreign war where we senselessly murder millions of innocent civilians in the middle east, and North Africa, and where ever the MIC orders,” Liz continued. Comment by CheapBastard.[1] Notes …

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Two lunatic objectives.

The language of a human rights ideology defined in a multitude of gender and diversity iterations has seized the Brussels discourse. Some might welcome this development in principle, viewing it as righting ancient injustices. However, it should be understood that it is rooted not so much in human compassion, but is firmly seated in power …

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Deaf, dumb, and blind.

These morons never think about the implications of what they say or do. Here Chelsey Clinton wants to put the screws to social media posters who voice doubts about the experimental COVID-19 “vaccination”: Clinton, 41, responded to a question about so-called “vaccine hesitancy” regarding Covid vaccines by saying that there must be a global effort …

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Stupidity that beggars the imagination.

With Brainard, Jerome Powell, and Treasury secretary Janet Yellen focusing on the climate, the M1 money supply has gone parabolic, from just over $4 trillion in February to $18.6 trillion in March.[1] M1 measures “currency and assets that either are or can be quickly converted to cash.” So, in some 30-60 days, the money out …

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Pearls of expression.

Supporters of intervention sometimes claim Syria has been “abandoned” by the international community. On the contrary, the Syrian conflict has continued primarily BECAUSE of foreign involvement. The unholy alliance of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA, France and Britain (with silent partner Israel) have supplied, trained, provided weapons and salaries for Syrian and international fighters seeking …

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More than you want to know about virus gain-of-function research and you know what.

The article below is a fascinating look into aspects of viral manipulation and the politics of research funding and regulation of gain-of-function research. The ultimate resolution of the debate over where the SARS2 virus came from undoubtedly depends on what is found in the lab notes of the so-called “Bat Lady” of the Wuhan Institute …

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A fascinating look into the “we know what’s best for you” mentality.

I’m not familiar with Kyle Kulinski who apparently is a “progressive.” He’s quite impressive I find and he’s angry over this lunatic censorship mentality and the interview with Susan Wojcicki (wuu-CHIT-skee, in case you were wondering), the chief of YouTube, that he highlights is telling. His new subscriber numbers have plummeted due to his being …

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Insufferable arrogance.

Ben Bartee on the Great Reset: All of which begs the questions: Who decided on these changes [to our societies and economies]? What populations in the Western “democracies” were permitted to exercise popular will in a vote on these changes? For whose benefit are these “Great Reset” policies enacted?[1] Progressive scum were only just warming …

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Thirty minutes of eloquence, honesty and courage.

I have great respect for this man.

Know the agenda.

The bottom line is this: America is the primary target of the globalists because we are one of the only countries with the means and the numbers to stop them and the [Great] Reset. Until they are removed from the equation they will continue to throw crisis after crisis at us in order to wear …

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Good question.

The editorial board of the Washington Post recently advised Zelensky: “Mr. Zelensky now has the opportunity to forge a partnership with Mr. Biden that could decisively advance Ukraine’s attempt to break free from Russia and join the democratic West. He should seize on it.” So, now that we’ve shown who is doing the pushing here, …

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Misaligned incentives.

From where I sit, people aren’t stupid. They may make dumb decisions but these [are] maximized thanks to the misaligned incentives of a corrupt monetary system. Absent consequences for dumb decisions, people will continue to make them until they can’t. And yet our feudal overlords [think] there is no limit to this.[1] Apparently the Chinese …

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How the world would be better without police.

The Babylon Bee deftly skewers the ever-expanding moron population as usual: 7. All problems in the black community will go away – Everything wrong in the inner city is the cops’ fault. If the cops go, everything will be solved. It’s just that simple! Check out the other six ways here.

Because spouting the Democrat line is job number one.

Feckless, feeble, useless “Republicanism” at its best. The one, the only, Liz Cheney!!! H/t: The Gateway Pundit, described by Wikipedia as an “American far-right fake news website.” Now you know.

Some kind of an agenda here.

Reassurance from central banks is only emboldening investors to add to their risks. When Powell attempts to explain his continued actions, many of us who pay attention to such things cry “Bullshit.” Not only is the current Fed policy uncalled for but it does little to strengthen the economy or address our problems. What it …

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Not often pointed out.

Today we’re being fed justifications for escalating hostilities against Russia, China and Iran: they’re bad actors, they defy our ‘rules-based’ global utopia, they have a bad human rights record, they’re communists or undemocratic or anti-LGBT or whatever else might work to generate consent for another big war. However, the fact that one nation initiated more …

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“Mea Culpa: Oregon’s Largest Newspaper Admits Defunding Police Was A Terrible Idea As Homicides Skyrocket.” By ZeroHedge, 4/5/21.

Through the looking glass.

How can dollar debasement policies aimed at inflating away the debt ever succeed when it’s these very policies that induce the massive growth of debt in the first place?[1] Dollar debasement IS the OFFICIAL game plan. An endless loop of moronic policy with, if you remember the days of DOS, no ctrl+C (halt execution). Yes, …

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