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In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

It will be happening soon – the Hurricane Porn of the Media. Reports designed to make the GOP governor look bad. The only GOP governors that are NOT demonized are those that are willing to doff their caps to the Leftists – like Christie. The actual facts on the ground mean nothing to the Left; …

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A Takedown of a Mealy-Mouthed Nominee

Josh Hawley does a very impressive examination of Coleen J. Shogan, who has been nominated for US Archivist. He is cool but relentless. Please see the paper he references – she is condemned out of her own mouth – you may be able to access a copy from your online library system. The one in …

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A Hack for Better Hearing

Found this on Instapundit – some of the Apple AirPods can function as emergency hearing aids (for example, I’ve been in situations where my hearing aids ran out of juice, and needed to be recharged). For those not willing to shell out $1200 – $2500 for the real deal, this might be a useful compromise …

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I Think He Speaks for ALL of Us

Dang, I’m tired. Not that “take a nap and wake up refreshed” kind of tired. Not even “normal night’s sleep in the midst of a crisis” kind of tired. Nope. I’m “living in the Middle Ages with no reading material, and a life sentence” kind of tired. Perenially exhausted. Post-Covid, before you remember to start …

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The Gathering Storm in the Pacific

Even before Hawaii became a state, its position in the Pacific made it a strategic asset. The infusion of Chinese buyers is a concern, as it appears that many of the purchases were made on behalf of the Chinese government. That situation, a foreign power taking over a strategic asset, was foretold in the Tom …

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This Stinks More and More Every Day

Remember those “terrorist pipe bombs” that were put in place just before 1/6? Seems that they have been swept out of sight, with no effort to find those who put them there. And, where is the media? Ignoring it all (Leftist Media and GOP Collaborators). Being cancelled. deplatformed, harassed, supoenaed, charged, and vilified (Non-Leftists – …

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Why No Post on 9/11?

Yesterday was a busy day. I woke sore, packed a lot of activity into the day, and returned home, late, tired, and about ready for bed. Unusually, I didn’t spend any time watching the memorials, either. It’s not that I didn’t care. It’s not even that I was tired of the attention paid to the …

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Seems to Be Back

I’d tried to log in this morning, but kept getting an error message. It’s working now, but I decided to put the post on Right As Usual – The Next Generation.

Ending DC?

Read the proposal – it’s not BAD, but I think the solution he makes is wrong. Adam Ellwanger, in his post, suggests moving most of government – at least, that which is conducted in Washington – online. Congress, the Senate, the agencies, State Dept., among others. Not a completely horrible solution to the issue of …

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My Reply to Sen. Pocahontas

Stages of Societal Collapse

The ever-readable Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise blog has a particularly important post. In it, John Wilder relates the Stages of Grief to the psychological process we’ve been working our way through over the last decade. In the order, Wilder labels the stages: The Warning The Event Disbelief Panic Heroism The Cliff Disillusionment Rebuilding Exactly what …

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Salk or Sabin…

…or, BOTH? BOTH varieties of polio vaccine have their drawbacks. They both have similar effectiveness, but the Salk (dead virus) doesn’t stop the spread, and the Sabin (live virus) can – occasionally mutate BACK into the nasty type of polio. My question, other than the extra expense, is – why not do BOTH? Do the …

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It’s a 1st World Problem, I Know

But, the last few days have been mega frustrating. My internet has been in and out. Completely out, I could live with. You just put down the e-thingies, and go about your life. But, when it SOMETIMES works for brief periods, and then abruptly cuts off, it’s maddening. The service person won’t be here until …

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Could THIS be Behind the Trip to Taiwan?

Couldn’t be in court, or available to answer questions. MUCH more important to flirt with Brinksmanship in the China Sea.

Watergate Redux – on Steroids

The use of the resources of the Federal government to target innocent, or, at least, not criminally culpable people, reminds me – a LOT – of the Days of Watergate. And, by Watergate, I don’t mean That Triumphant Ousting of a President – that happened already, when Trump backed off from an open challenge of …

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An Interesting Explanation of Cultural Changes

From According to Hoyt.

Voting Integrity

UPDATE: I found this essay on The Left’s plan to keep Trump out of office. It has multiple scenarios for that effort, depending on the situation on the ground (Funny how these military phrases seem to keep cropping up when discussing Trump, isn’t it? And, by that, I DON’T mean that Trump or his allies …

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International Cooperation and Competition

It’s not all – or even mostly – about love and peace and being a beacon to the world. It’s about which nations WIN. Now, that’s a hard idea for Modern Women – and their sorta-Male Allies – to wrap their heads around. Faced with a harsh reality – that, generally, nations will try to …

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Disposable Women

The whole Surrogate ‘Mother’, Artificial Womb, and Tech-Driven Push to Eliminate Natural Pregnancy movement has always struck most of us as – Off. Just Not Right, in a way many of us felt, but couldn’t explain. For many, the only way they could bring a child into their family (adoption is not a possibility for …

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OK, I’m a Dork

I’m on of those people who actually enjoy reading Congressional bills, and looking for the ‘Easter eggs’ – the sly little provisions that are the REAL goal of the bill. Here is my take on HR 8373.

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