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Voting is Useless? Try This!

From NotTheBee. Look, I get it. We’re tired and busy. We’re old, and trying to keep equally aging family members from turning toes up. So, for most of us, community involvement since Covid has been just One More Thing We Don’t Have Time to Do. Tough. Make Time. I assure you The Left is.

Just Another Reminder – Cheap Buys Have a Cost

Yes, I know it’s hard to manage expenses on a budget. But, this is WRONG. As I’ve had ongoing problems with FB and other social media, I screenshotted this post, so it would not be ‘lost’.

Early Morning Random Thoughts

This City Journal article is an excellent explanation of how statistics can be ‘massaged’ beyond all recognition. Just one example: “But is the Gallup–Lumina survey reliable? We have reason to doubt it, and not only because the nonrandom, web-based sampling employed by the report invites various biases and distortions. Tucked into the survey is the thesis-destroying …

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Corporate Malfeasance

I think that’s the correct term – normally, it’s applied to public officials, but in the case of a public corporation, I think it’s appropriate. I found this on Robert Zimmerman’s Behind the Black blog. Normally, he deals with climate, space, and other science-related topics. I signed up for the $2/month subscription, and it’s been …

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Social Media for Women

I was reading an opinion piece about relations between young men and women, and I had a thought: Is Social Media like a drug with women? By comparing Social Media to drugs, I refer to the addictive nature of the experience, and the way that use of that media seems to cause personality and behavioral …

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Life Happens

I woke early, and was preparing my coffee, when I got a call from my husband’s sister. Their brother was admitted to the hospital this morning with a suspected stroke. He is my age, just 3 months older Naturally, this up-ends all previous plans. I’m checking email, packing a go bag, and getting ready for …

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Deep Thoughts This Morning

First thing this morning, I opened the computer and checked the primary results. I wasn’t so much looking for who won (it was NOT going to be a surprise – in the GOP primary, Trump, in the Dem primary, Biden). Instead, I was looking at the numbers of people who voted. In IL, GOP is …

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GE Changes

Why am I writing about this? My husband had directed me, a few years ago, to put some money into GE (and a few other old-school companies, as well). I did it under my E-Trade account, so I get the news first (although he makes any decisions about the investment). I received notification about some …

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Reading an Interesting Book

It’s The Dad With a Flamethrower, about an America thrown into chaos by an electrical emergency, leading to blackouts, lessened electrical flow (making those all-electric homes and vehicles seem like a VERY bad idea), and civil disruption. It’s KU – Kindle Unlimited – but it’s also only $0.99 to buy if you don’t have it. …

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And They Say That Americans are Obsessed with Sex!

This story – about women in Cambridge jailed without a trial for suspicion of prostitution – is amazing. Shocking just how long this went on without protest. UPDATE – saw this meme and couldn’t resist posting it.

Media, Propaganda, and Censorship

Here’s the place to go for a thorough look at each one of these.

The Bill Probably Hasn’t a Chance in He((, But…

…it’s exactly what is needed. Make colleges share the risk – if their record of graduating students with job prospects – not unpaid/poorly paid internships – is good, they get more money Limit loan size for some majors unlikely to be able to get jobs that can pay those loans back Refuse to require colleges …

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I Would Prefer to Pick Just ONE Link, But…

…this day’s posts are just chock filled with Dissident Goodness! Don’t miss the BBC “Feminist Talent”, and the non-woke newswomen’s reaction to the video!

If This Doesn’t Cause Your Blood to Run Cold,…

…Nothing Will. Eight Million People. Most of them men.

The Proposed Border “Fix”

It’s BAD – REALLY BAD. The reason – the ONLY reason this is being put forth now – is because even the dip$hit idiots in Washington can see that there is a good chance that Trump will be the next President. This is meant to lock him out of options for dealing with the border. …

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Sunday Miscellany – 2/4/2024

It’s been a killer couple of weeks. My husband took a tumble down the front stairs on January 23 – put his foot on an icy spot, and his left leg folded under him. He tore his quad, necessitating a trip to the ER (which sent him home after x-rays), and – after a follow-up …

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The Resistance is Accelerating

If I were a Washington employee, I’d cash out of my pension, re-locate to a place FAR away, and hope the retribution doesn’t follow me. Now, I am NOT saying that Team America will be exacting a well-deserved punishment. It’s just that the sooner people re-establish themselves in another career (NOT related to politics or …

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The Value of Contrarians

I was reading in the middle of the night (our dog is sickly, and I was keeping an eye on him), and happened upon this Substack post about dissident thinkers. For those who aren’t aware of Substack, it is the platform that first gained some traction when they allowed people to seamlessly ask for, and …

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Winter is Here!

And it’s never difficult to get kids from the North out of bed when it snows. They do so, because the School Closings start early. But, those of you from the South, it has to be a LOT more than a light dusting. One to three inches is unlikely to shut a school, unless it’s …

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Personal Update

I’ve been struggling for many weeks with a respiratory infection. Yesterday, when I went to my new doctor, he immediately ordered me to the emergency room. I’ve been increasingly fatigued, congested and, as of this weekend, breathless. The ER checked me out, prescribed antibiotics and a medication to reduce coughing (I’d been spending most of …

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