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Will the Left Stop With Pogroms, or Will They Go All the Way to a Final Solution?

This didn’t suddenly crop up. The hate the Left has for Jews, whether National Socialist, Socialist, or Communist, has been around for a very long time. I wrote about it in 2005, early in my blogging career. The resistance to acknowledging the Left‘s hatred is one of those things that makes me doubt the fabled …

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The Judicial Abuses Continue

This one is related to President Trump’s legal advisor, John Eastman. He is overwhelmed with debt, out of work, and in danger of being disbarred. Hell, even murderers who were caught on video committing their crimes are entitled to lawyers! This was a fair opinion, from a Constitutional scholar, and no action should have been …

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Chinese Bio-Terrorism?

Maybe. But, as the CDC refused to test samples of material labeled “Ebola”, we may never officially know. Meanwhile, the Left and their allies in the Media are still screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia” and “Insurrection”. According to them, that is a MUCH greater threat. I would like them to think about the threat that keeping …

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What’s Next – The School Choosing Your Mate?

In Miami, the teacher shortage is so acute (and chronic) that one system built a school with the top floor reserved for teacher housing. Wow! So, in a relatively insular environment, you will be housed with co-workers for your neighbors, in ONE-bedroom apartments. Nothing confining about that. Say, doesn’t that remind you of the “Convenient” …

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Nikki Haley – Back & Forth with the Wind

Sometimes, she SAYS things that other candidates need to be saying. This post shows her position, which include raising the age of retirement and limiting benefits for the wealthy. Then, in the same appearance, she also promotes expanding Medicare Advantage, and pegging increases in SS to inflation. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I sell Medicare Advantage. For …

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After Some Time to Think About It…

…I’m growing more suspicious about those “burned babies”. Now, in some ways, I’m your average person. My FIRST response to the thought of an atrocity – against women or children – is to fire up the emotional burners to REVENGE! But, I am NOT in favor of getting involved in YAP-FoW – Yet Another Pointless …

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When Everything Hits the Fan at Once

Wednesday afternoon, I got a panicked call from my sister (who was home alone – her husband had gone on a trip to visit his sister). She was having trouble breathing, and her O2 levels were in the high 80s. She did NOT want to call an ambulance – not sure what her thinking was, …

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Is It April 1 Already?

That’s the kind of news I would expect on that day. Whatever the reason – and, I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth – the clampdown on the money passing into Iran’s hands is welcome. Wish I didn’t know that – if they haven’t already set up the process – The Left …

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Investigate Where Your Donations Are Going

Humanitarian Aid is NOT what you might expect. Yes, the Hamas organization DUG UP PIPELINES MEANT TO GIVE THEM FRESH WATER. That’s what ‘cha might call a Hyew-manitarian Goal. The Sons of Dog-F**kers (SDF) took advantage of that charity to build WEAPONS. So, screw that – PVC lines ONLY, in the future. [NOTE: I cannot …

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The American Way to Resist

Courtesy of According to Hoyt. I’m inclined to think this method is uniquelyAmerican. ‘Course, I’m also descended from a LONG line of Americans of Scottish Appalachians, on my Daddy’s side. The term, cussed (pronounced Cuss-ed) applies to all of them. Stubborn, to a fault. I remember my Dad telling me of a relation of his …

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Just When They Thought They Were Safe

They missed an indictment – Lindsey Graham, David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler. The GA Grand Jury had recommended charges, but Fani Willis declined. Was she concerned about exceeding the tolerance of RINOs? Or, was she delivering a message – one that was released in the grand jury’s report – that those Complacent GOP had BETTER …

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Y’all Gotta Read This

It’s one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a long time, but with a core of truth. Trust me, you will want to go to the link.

The Stories That American News Workers Won’t Do

The ‘revised’ stats for the first quarter of the report on the labor market are being – uh, MODIFIED. Sharply downward. I know, I know. That will come as SUCH a surprise to all of you. Particularly the World Economic Forum (WEF), the reporters at CNN, and others. Mark Judge has a nice piece in …

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WHY Trump is Being Charged with Conspiracy in GA

I’ve posted on the Trump indictment before. One charge, in particular, made very little sense. It’s the first charge in the indictment – Violation of the GA RICO Act. The government seems to be simultaneously insisting that Trump is a ‘Lone Wolf’, whose actions are off the cuff and, for that reason, both unpredictable and …

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Just Wrote a Long and Exhausting Post on the Charges Against Trump

Here it is.

Once Again, Amazon and I Disagree on Literary Merit

More here.

August Miscellany

This information was an eye-opener. The money sent by illegal immigrants to various countries is probably more important for countries other than Mexico. And, the countries’ political leadership is being propped up by the ca$h. The Senatorial and Congressional Collaborators speak with one voice: For our corrupt partnership‘s sake, don’t impeach Biden! Oh, imagine that! …

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Been Posting at Alternative Site

I’m kinda a belt & suspenders person – don’t trust just ONE thing. So, I started a Substack site. That’s the place I post when my content doesn’t seem to fit the more serious work on this site. You guys are reasoned, analytical, and learned. I’m mostly goofy and easily amused. When I have something …

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What a GREAT Dad!

And, don’t we ALL want a Dad like that!

Is Surveillance Bad?

Depends on who is in control of the video, doesn’t it? I specifically and deliberately did NOT buy a Ring camera. It had nothing to do with the physical setup, but, rather, the fact that the police could access it so readily. I prefer to be in control of the process, including where the video …

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