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A Quirky and Thought Provoking Essay


Why Government Should Lose the Power to Make Law Affecting Constitutional Rights

Here – this applies to a STATE law, but ALL levels of government – local, agency, bureau, state AND federal – need to stop this practice. If you don’t want the Constitution to stop your petty little rules/laws, there is a standard, encoded procedure to change it.

Getting Bearable

By now, some 9 days from my fall, I’m generally not in that much actual pain. Easily fatigued, certainly. Sore, absolutely. But mostly just REALLY uncomfortable. Enough to make it difficult to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time. Not really able to concentrate on anything worthwhile. Playing online solitaire. Reading …

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Shoulder Update

No surgery yet. I have an appointment with a shoulder specialist on Thursday. Pain level: worst at night, in the early morning hours. Bearable otherwise. My wonderful daughter, the sister, gave me assistance with my first shower in a week. That did a lot to improve my wellbeing, and probably make it more bearable to …

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Health Issue

I broke my right shoulder. I am left-handed, but didn’t realize just how I needed my non-dominant hand and arm. just waiting for the word on whether it needs surgery.

Something That Red States Should be Doing

Clamp down on the phony registrations in the Dem cities. Go in, audit their files (making sure to take clones of the drives in their computers and backups of all data), and issue a state order to drop any ‘voter’ if they don’t show up IN PERSON and provide ID (REAL ID-level, not utility bills). …

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Prepping for Urban Unrest

People are talking about lethal preps – guns and ammo, mostly. I was on Mike Hendrix’s Substack – – and found this. Funniest end to a riot that I had read ever. And, it occurred to me, there may be a place in the Prepper’s Stash for rubber bullets. Something to deter those who …

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History May be, in Fact, Bunk!

I was a history major. I did some research as an undergraduate, that gave me a passion for refusing to buy into the popular stories, and burrow down to find out the underlying facts. I was bored with what I was reading, and decided to find something on my Kindle library that was a little …

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An Interesting Use of Body Language Analysis

And, in this case, it does seem to be at least somewhat valid.

The Time Is NOW

Link here.

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Americans are not, generally, petty people. Other than a few sub-groups (clannish Hill Folk, gang members – at least the most vicious ones, and ex-spouses with a grudge), we tend to attribute disputes to differences in viewpoint, and are ready to shake hands when the dispute is resolved. There are even those that have forgiven …

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The Loss of Information on the Internet

So much of it is now (at best) thinly-veiled propaganda, disguised press releases by partisan sources, gossip and junk. Blogs are now assuming new importance, as they serve as an alternative to the Corporate/NGO/Partisan ‘News’. Ace of Spades has a good post on just how that’s done. I spent a lot of time in the …

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Vampire Finance

I’d never heard this phrase, but it is surprisingly apt. It’s been going on for a very long time.

Busy, Busy

A lot has been going on: My brother is much better. Today, I checked him out on driving, and he did fine. That should reduce the number of trips I make to the West Side of Cleveland (about 40 minute trip to his house). More importantly, that will give him some freedom and mobility. After …

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A Breath of Spring in the Air

In the North, we really appreciate the coming of spring. It’s such a relief to go outside without bundling up in that lengthy process of: Warm underwear (in the old days, called ‘Long Johns’). Today, it’s generally undershirts, leggings under outer pants – or, if you are flush with cash, CuddleDuds (thin long garments that …

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I Can’t Argue With This

Let the Blue Cities die. It’s happening anyway – in Slow Motion. So, rather than prolong the agony, Rip Off That Duct Tape! Continue with BASIC entitlements – EBT, Medical Care, Social Security – while refusing the Block Grants, the Rescue packages, the – let’s face it – Bribes to keep the Tsunami of Hate …

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I’m Gonna Get Whiplash From This!

It is just NOT possible to keep up with the quick-changes the Leftists do! Originally: Attacking Judges, Justices, and their family and friends is Totes OK! Now: OMZ! Pointing out the politically active and partisan daughter of the Judge who is in charge of Trump’s “trial” is SO unacceptable! Obviously, consistency is another one of …

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Things to Consider Before Buying a New Car

Many of the new electric cars are ditching the AM radios, claiming interference from the electrical system makes them not worth the effort to put them in. I wrote here about several reasons this is a bad idea. Now, I think we have to be on the alert for ANY restrictions on our freedom to …

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Small Update on East Palestine

This disaster is close to my heart. I’ve traveled those roads often, going from OH to SC, OH to PA, and OH to WV. It’s not just East Palestine that is affected, but also those communities nearby, whose own property values have taken a hit. The fear of health damage will be many years long. …

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Of What Use is an Aging Person?

This is an issue that many struggle with – the idea that they are “too old” to be useful to their family and neighbors. The Survival Blog addresses this issue here. In addition to the suggestions that post has, let’s add in others: Wisdom and experience with handling food prep, storage, and cleanup the “Old …

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