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The Most Meaningful Speech I’ve Ever Heard

Here it is.

Why I Can’t Get Too Worked Up About Hiroshima

Because the Japanese Army committed FAR greater atrocities than dropping a bomb – with MULTIPLE warnings.

It’s PAST Time to End the Hold of the Entangled Elite

They may have the same college associations. Their parents may have been influential/powerful in a past administration. They may have married someone who was connected to a power broker. They may have, as a ‘media representative’, pushed the correct narrative for their allies. But, whoever they are – family, friend, college roommate, or simply toadying …

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I’m Making a List, Checking it Twice…

…gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. Well, maybe not ‘naughty or nice’. Maybe just: A person I can count on to show up, armed, when needed A person I can count on to defend me against lies, in public, and not weasel out by suggesting that he “Just didn’t know me, apparently” A person …

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The Transplaining Continues

“Mansplaining” is a word that resonates with many women. It refers the experience of a man deciding to “clarify” a technical topic to a woman, usually in overly simplified terms, based on his assumption that – being a WOMAN – she just wouldn’t understand. It can be infuriating to women in STEM fields, and sometimes …

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The Truth WILL Hurt

At least, it will hurt those who Live in The Lie. Look, you who do Live a Life of Lies, will find this post – disturbing. That is exactly why you need to click on the above link. Look, anyone who functions in some sort of group – family, friends, work ‘friends’, neighborhoods – all …

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The Next Great Migration

In this guy’s case, from SF to Miami. He is eloquent about the problems of urban hellholes from the perspective of upper middle class residents (He doesn’t say whether he is a citizen or a resident; he does refer to his South Asian heritage). His prior enjoyment of his SF environment was relatively superficial, and …

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Merry Christmas!

It’s the traditional greeting on December 25, and for a short period of time before. It became popularized in Victorian times, through stories (including the most famous one, a tale of Christian Redemption) and songs. We reserve the use of the word ‘Merry’ in modern life, always teaming it with the holiday. No other holiday …

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We Started as a Bunch of Snowflakes

Not the Soy-Boy kind, but the fragile, white stuff, that falls individually onto the ground. Many of those flakes quickly disappear, melting away when a little heat is applied. Others stick around. Eventually, should other flakes land near them, they clump together, and become more likely to survive. Gradually, they form a sturdy snowpack. That’s …

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The Secret to Successful Lying

It’s not to make up a story that is completely disconnected from reality. That kind of Fantasy Web-Spinning works only with credulous children, and starry-eyed Leftists. No, to be a Good Lie, you have to start with a kernel of truth – but not the WHOLE truth. The video below is a really good example …

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Considering Adding Communications to Your Skillset

Those who know me, realize that I’m a big proponent of amateur radio (commonly called Ham Radio). It’s a volunteer-organized, volunteer-run system, that is reachable with less than $100 investment in training and equipment, and is run in a non-hierarchal, ad hoc way. Which makes it the perfect fit for those who mistrust those who …

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What’s Next?

I feel as though I need to write this now. Many of my fellow bloggers are posting like they might need to be talked off the ledge, so to speak. If you accept what they write, it’s all but over, and we never even fired a shot. Not that I’m the shooting type. Well, I …

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Taking On the Fact-Checkers

A journalist with a good reputation, and some deep pockets is suing Facebook, and their Fact-Checkers. FB choose to use a separate company from FB, apparently under the impression that the hands-length relationship with the Fact-Checkers would give them protection against any consequences. That relationship is what lawyers call an Agency Relationship, and it doesn’t …

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A Busy, Busy Day

It’s my own fault. I’ve been putting off some tasks – household, financial, personal – for too long. Today is the day that I have set aside to play catch-up. Starting with posting on my own personal blog more regularly. Today’s post is a mish-mash of random things. That’s the way my mind has been …

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“Legal” Theft

And the state in which I still own a house is one of the worst – South Carolina. Now, there is much to love about SC. The people are generally friendly, they have strong family ties, the children are generally quite civil and polite, and the winter temps are a relief, after having lived in …

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Watching Independence Day

That movie always makes me cry. I’m at the point when the President – a guy who, although a movie star, really ACTS like a President – is giving the speech that precedes the attack. He talks about how humanity will NOT go quietly, will NOT lie down and die. Very different from today’s “leaders”, …

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Patriotism, Or Racism and/or Xenophobia?

I do find it mystifying that love of your country is a GOOD thing, unless the Lover is not a PoC (Person of Color). The thing is, EVERYONE is biased towards the values and culture of the country in which they grew up. We recall the sights and smells and sounds of our life in …

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Crushing the Vaccine Dissidents

It’s happening, and not just in Australia. In the USA, it’s happening via the schools, large corporations, and local efforts. The not-that-serious Omicron variant – what you and I would characterize as basically a cold – is being used as an excuse to remove civil rights from dissidents: The right to travel freely The right …

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The Deep State – Afghan Style

More evidence of the perniciousness of permitting the opposition to tunnel into your institutions. It’s not sufficient to defeat the partisan/ideological enemy at the ballot box; we ALSO have to root them out of our institutions. One more argument for reduction of the permanent government.

Social Virii in the Age of Technology

This is not a new area of research. Many biologists and other human science researchers have postulated about the seemingly viral-like nature of social memes and their spread. It’s nice to have some confirmation from research, but our Moms knew this: “Stay away from that crowd, they’re up to no good.” She knew intuitively, that …

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