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Just an Incredible Coincidence

Isn’t it?

Update on the 2020 Elections

You might think this is over. You would be wrong. The battle continues. I’m pretty exhausted. In addition to the normal craziness of life, I’ve been battling some health/mobility issues. I’ve been working on my long-neglected house and finances, my hobbies, and my family. I’m remembering that scene from The Patriot. Gibson is exhausted. He …

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Personal Update

I’ll likely be less active for a few days/weeks. Yesterday evening, I was getting something in the bedroom, and tripped over a shoe in the middle of the floor (one of MANY of my husband’s that are scattered at any time). I don’t THINK he’s trying to kill me. But, my ankle is very painful, …

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New Post – on the Tactics of the Left


A Very Important Link


Are You a Fan of Subversive Literature?

It’s not what you might think.

Dang, I Hate the New WordPress!

So much so, I’ve returned to Blogger for my longer stuff. Life has settled down. PT is continuing (causing me to feel like a domestic violence victim twice a week), the tax information has been entered in a sheet, just waiting for DH to do his part, and I’m gradually getting back on track with …

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Life Update

Posted here.

Some Common-Sense Thinking on Privilege…

…and Deprivation. I’m as guilty of stereotyping as anyone. I have carelessly and automatically characterized badly-behaved children – or, even, adults – as the product of Single Parents. Such a judgement doesn’t account for the many terrific people who were raised in such households. But, that really is unfair – it’s not the Marriage/Not status …

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Clearly a Violation, But…

…given the likely loss under the currently constituted Supreme Court, not a good time to sue, and risk a loss that would brick in a precedent. That would give the Left a victory that might well outlast their dominance. Yes, this is – for all but the Stupid and Leftist (but, I repeat myself) – …

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Dear God! WHEN Will This End?

I’ve been tired of this COVID Theatre for some time (Yes, the British spelling was intentional – this is a High Theatre Production). So are many, and the numbers in favor of ending it are growing. “For countless unremarkable people, being a COVID hall monitor has provided a sense of superiority and importance. They will …

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Yet Another Bridges & Roads Project

Well, by now, we should know that that means. Forget the fact that this is Yet Another Bridges & Roads Project (YABARP). Forget that, even for a Make-Work project, this contains a LOT of unrelated pork – the link above has a short list of SOME of them. Remember back just a few years ago? …

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Why Dwell on Past Issues?

Because the Past is Never Truly Dead. I lived through that era. My feeling about the more violent protesters, at that ignorant age, was “Well, sure, they committed crimes, but…” Like many, I tried to justify much of the early protests as being driven by ‘good intentions’ (and, we all know where that leads, …

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The Gulag “Thing”

Now, that term – meant originally to refer to the concentration camps run by the Soviet Union, that imprisoned huge numbers of dissidents, wrong-thinkers, schlubs, and others caught up in the madness of a Fully-Leftist-Society-Run-by-Ideologues – was popularized in The Gulag Archipelago, written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. (I had to check my spelling multiple times to …

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It’s Not Just About Freedom

Mask-wearing practices in the United States, at this point, are slowly killing me. Yes, KILLING. Over the last year, I’ve become more and more socially isolated. I’ve lost those easy interactions that added so much to my day – with clerks, fellow shoppers, the people in restaurants, at church. I’m what is called HOH – …

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Having Trouble Understanding This

The idea of a “Mandatory Buy-Back” for guns held in private hands (what the Founders called American citizens). These guns – erroneously labeled “assault weapons” were legal to buy when they were purchased. They STILL are legal to own – so far. But, that phrase ‘mandatory buy-back’. Let’s break it apart. First, buy-back implies that …

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Gotta Love South Carolina!

There is a bill to make EVERY citizen over the age of 17 eligible to be a state militia member – hence, able to own any gun that is legal to use, regardless of federal law.

CWII – How the Same Problems Persist

I actually studied American History in college – BEFORE it became Woke. One of the themes of history is how a problem that is not decisively dealt with will recur, again and again. Truly, you cannot put off for the future, a problem of today. Make a decision. Live with the consequences. End of story. …

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Getting the ‘Woke’ Out

Woke can destroy your company. At the very least, it is a non-productive activity, that is destructive to the bottom line. Read here of how some companies got their Woke out.

Something New for a Birthday Gift

My ‘baby’ brother Ron, turns 60 today. I wanted to do something special for him, but really find it difficult. Like me, he’s reached an age where he can afford whatever he wants – and, like me, generally his tastes are simple, and he is disinclined to stockpile cr@p. So, when I found that today …

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