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Tendentious Tarantella Or Revolutionary Rodomontade?

     Your Curmudgeon reports; you decide. *** 1. McAfee’s “Suicide.”      You’re probably already familiar with this story. John McAfee famously said that he would not kill himself – that if he were to die in custody, it would not be by his own hand. And now we have the report of his “apparent suicide.” …

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     Some things, it seems, must be said so bluntly that no one can mistake or “reinterpret” them. However, when the subjects fall within a certain realm, most persons, including many who are outspoken on other matters will dance around the subject hoping to avert a tide of defamation. The deficit of courage this suggests …

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Assorted 2021-03-25

     Things are rather difficult at the Fortress just now. We’re having a patio of sorts built in the back yard, which has had a curious consequence: Joy, our one-year-old Newfoundland puppy – here she is:      …is absolutely terrified of going outside. We think it’s because of the Bobcat the workmen have been using …

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Assorted 2021-03-04

     My “future columns” folder is once again overflowing, and I’m disinclined to slough any of the contents, so here’s a round-up of things that have poked me somewhere sensitive these past few days. ***      Have a trio of election-related links from Gateway Pundit: FBI seized and shredded suspicious ballots. Follow the Arizona Audit; …

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Marginalia 2021-02-08

1. Missings.      Just about the only way to know how important something, or some activity, really is to you is to go without it for awhile.      The C.S.O. and I were once pro-football addicts. Sunday during the NFL season, we would watch at least two, and more often than not three games. It …

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