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Masks Are Dropping Everywhere

     Yes, Gentle Reader, the time has come for full disclosures. (No, not by me; I have nothing interesting to disclose, except that I was once a crazed Albanian dwarf with a harelip and a hump, but was rescued from a life of squalor by master surgeons in the employ of a Communist conspiracy that …

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Authentic Convictions: Where They Aren’t

     Many in the Right were surprised and worse when a veritable legion of “conservative” commentators reacted with dismay to the ascension of Donald Trump to the Republican nomination for the presidency. For some of that number, their objections approached rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth fury. Those selfsame commentators followed their dislike of Trump with a peculiar dislike …

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     Now and then, your enemy will blatantly reveal himself to you, as if daring you to do anything about it:      Noted True Conservative Rick Wilson of the Noted True Conservative North American Man-Boy Lincoln Association comes out breathing fire against Texas’ terrible terrible abortion law, trying to organize a boycott against any corporation …

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