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What Is Seen And What Is Not Seen

     If memory serves, Frederic Bastiat was first to use that phrase. He employed it in a discussion of what’s usually called the “broken window fallacy,” an important example of how choosing not to look at some of the consequences of an event or a decision can fatally warp one’s perception of economic reality. Henry …

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My Horrifying Opinions

     Time was, I studied the natural sciences: physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, even a little meteorology. It’s not a program I recommend to anyone else. You see, it made me socially unacceptable.      Stop looking so shocked! The study of the sciences equips the student with facts, and you should know that the possession of …

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The Pipes Are Playing Us

     The following comes from an old novel: Robert Sheckley’s The Status Civilization. I believe it will be illuminating to persons struggling to understand why the Usurper Administration is effectively promoting the consumption of the most dangerous recreational drugs: ***      “Let the prisoner rise,” a voice said from behind the screen. The voice, thin, …

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