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Methods Of Control

     Mike Miles at 90 Miles From Tyranny consistently comes up with good stuff of many kinds. Today he brings us this:      It got me thinking, of course. If I were bent on world domination but, for whatever reason, desired ardently to stay out of the spotlight, I would want to put men in …

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No, It Wasn’t A Hoax

     Some just couldn’t believe it. They were sure it’s some kind of put-on. But it’s really happening, Gentle Reader. “They” are doing their damnedest to normalize pedophilia. If you need more evidence, here it is:      Johns Hopkins University has hired a female-to-male transgender academic who has called for pedophilia to be “destigmatized.” Despite …

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     I’ve been told, by Gerard Van der Leun among others, that the image displayed in this recent piece is a hoax or a put-on. That may be so; I’m unable to trace the image’s true provenance. However, I’ve also been told that the image did appear on Facebook, and did persist there, for a …

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