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Mask Slippages Dept.

     There are days when the cleavages become all too clear…when the battle lines are too bold and bright for anyone to dispute that there’s a war on. Today is such a day:      La Mesa, California Trustee Charda Bell-Fontenot told fellow board members that in-person school learning is “a very white supremacist ideology.” She …

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Protection Rackets: The Latest Trend

     You’ve heard about the black racialists demanding “reparations,” haven’t you? Translated from the Thuggese, that amounts to “Pay us and maybe we’ll stop trashing your cities.” They might as well walk into your store, look around appraisingly, and murmur “Nice place you’ve got here. Be a shame if anything were to happen to it.” …

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It’s On: The Ongoing Saga

From Colin Flaherty: Some stories you have to read 10 times before deciding: ’Yes: What I thought was too crazy is really true.’ This is one of those stories. Here goes, believe it or not: A black Baltimore bus driver organized a mob of 20 black people to assault a white family of three on …

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It’s On: Where Explanation Remains Required

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote: I’m a child of the Civil Rights Era. I’ve yearned for the day when Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” vision would become the unquestioned reality of our nation. It has not arrived. If anything, it’s receded further from reality with every passing year. Intelligent people who …

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It’s On: What Now?

As I said in the previous piece, now that the long-feared race war is on, the imperative question is What now? However, the previous observation is so striking, and so paralyzing, that many Americans won’t get around to asking themselves what they should do next. Unfortunately, for perhaps two-thirds of us, the failure to address …

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It’s On

Here’s the evidence. Read it. Here’s a little more. Read that too. Here’s a lot more. Read it all. Weep or not, as you prefer. For myself, I’m done with tears. And I’m too much of a realist to deny objective evidence and its implications. In either case, the question becomes: What now? If you …

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