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This Man Is Your Enemy

     …and he’s not troubling to hide it:      “You have to get the overwhelming proportion of people vaccinated, but you also have to do mitigation, and that gets to the controversial issue of mask wearing, and the mandating of things,” [Fauci] said. “Mandating vaccines, for example, for teachers and … personnel in the school.”… …

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     Most people who study physics at any level know the Inclined Plane as the first machine of their acquaintance. It’s the simplest machine I know of. It serves admirably to illustrate the fundamental nature and purpose of a machine: to make some human undertaking easier than it would otherwise be. The illustration commonly presented …

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Corporate Misbehavior

     “A corporation has neither a body to be kicked nor a soul to be damned.” – Isabel Paterson      There’s quite a lot of it, these days. It’s damnably difficult for ordinary citizens to do anything about, too. But then, that’s what the corporate form was intended to facilitate.      The corporation, you see, …

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The Price Of Clarity

     Our favorite Bookworm has produced her best column ever. I hope she’ll permit me a lengthy excerpt:      For several decades, leftism has been that ghost in the American machine. For decades, leftists were the “good guys.” While they were already haunting the Democrat party, they were still invisible. The Democrat party was able …

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Garrett On The Communist Infiltration Of The United States

     I was musing over the advance of outright Communism in America’s universities – oh, it’s not always called that, but the content is Communist from first to last – when I recalled this bit of the late Garet Garret’s tome The People’s Pottage:      Revolution in the modern case is no longer an uncouth …

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The Tactics Of Tyrants

     They’re remarkably consistent – and the failure of common folk to notice the patterns is incredibly tragic.      Good morning, Gentle Readers. No, I haven’t been posting much lately. I’m 90% finished with Novel #17 (soon to be ignored at an ebook vendor near you!) and have been flogging myself to stay focused on …

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