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Choice observations from Dr. Robert Malone on Covid-19.

The truth is that at this point, we have no idea how many US deaths were actually due to the coronavirus because of the perverse financial incentives provided by HHS to hospitals and medical care providers, and grossly inappropriate use of PCR assays. The official mortality count attributed to the virus by the HHS is …

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It’s a 1st World Problem, I Know

But, the last few days have been mega frustrating. My internet has been in and out. Completely out, I could live with. You just put down the e-thingies, and go about your life. But, when it SOMETIMES works for brief periods, and then abruptly cuts off, it’s maddening. The service person won’t be here until …

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Gold in the comments.

Here’s a comment by chopsuey4[1] on ZeroHedge: [T]hese lawbreakers in DC are [really] insane and a complete waste of everyones time. For gawd sakes, they are always backpedaling to maintain their financial interests and to cover-up lies from the past. The past they helped destroy by sending manufacturing like semiconductors to oversea interests. THe country …

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The Weather Channel one-note ukulele.

Climate change hysteria time again, folks. 8/3/22 — “New Climate Change Study Predicts Timeline For Next Mass Extinction.” It’s the big one, Elizabeth. 8/2/22 — “UK Heat Wave ‘Extremely Unlikely’ Without Climate Change, Scientists Say.” “An analysis by the World Weather Attribution initiative found climate change made the event 10 times more likely.” 7/31/22 — …

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Using Law To Defeat SJWs

On properly using the law against the lawless: The Governor has the authority under the Florida Constitution to suspend state officials for reasons of misfeasance, malfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, permanent inability to perform official duties, or commission of a felony. The Governor has further authority to fill that office by appointment for the …

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Could THIS be Behind the Trip to Taiwan?

Couldn’t be in court, or available to answer questions. MUCH more important to flirt with Brinksmanship in the China Sea.

A Deliberately Buried Extension of Reagan’s Political Model.

Last week, when Fran penned Aspects Of Aging, his highlighting the memories of old men triggered many of my memories. I am so grateful for my pleasant ones that I almost never mention them except to individuals who I believe will benefit from the hearing. What I will relate today is one that I’ve posted …

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Political language.

[In 1977] When Alfred Kahn, Jimmy Carter’s chief inflation fighter, used the politically taboo word ”depression” in a statement from the White House, the economist was pounced upon by assorted communicators and soothing-sayers; as a result, the hapless but happy man pledged to substitute the word ”banana” for ”depression” in any future economic message. That’s …

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Even in the recent past these are words that almost never had to be said. That was because so many mostly lived like that that it rarely needed to be said. Sad to say, those days are long past due to the Left/Statist assault on Western civilization and its culture. Because of that ongoing assault, …

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Watergate Redux – on Steroids

The use of the resources of the Federal government to target innocent, or, at least, not criminally culpable people, reminds me – a LOT – of the Days of Watergate. And, by Watergate, I don’t mean That Triumphant Ousting of a President – that happened already, when Trump backed off from an open challenge of …

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An Interesting Explanation of Cultural Changes

From According to Hoyt.

The enemies of normality.

Love him or hate him, during Trump’s presidency, the economy was strong, markets were up, inflation was under control, gas prices were low, illegal border crossings were down, crime was lower, trade deals were renegotiated, ISIS was defeated, NATO allies were stepping up, and China was stepping back (a little). Deny all that if you …

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Voting Integrity

UPDATE: I found this essay on The Left’s plan to keep Trump out of office. It has multiple scenarios for that effort, depending on the situation on the ground (Funny how these military phrases seem to keep cropping up when discussing Trump, isn’t it? And, by that, I DON’T mean that Trump or his allies …

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International Cooperation and Competition

It’s not all – or even mostly – about love and peace and being a beacon to the world. It’s about which nations WIN. Now, that’s a hard idea for Modern Women – and their sorta-Male Allies – to wrap their heads around. Faced with a harsh reality – that, generally, nations will try to …

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Disposable Women

The whole Surrogate ‘Mother’, Artificial Womb, and Tech-Driven Push to Eliminate Natural Pregnancy movement has always struck most of us as – Off. Just Not Right, in a way many of us felt, but couldn’t explain. For many, the only way they could bring a child into their family (adoption is not a possibility for …

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OK, I’m a Dork

I’m on of those people who actually enjoy reading Congressional bills, and looking for the ‘Easter eggs’ – the sly little provisions that are the REAL goal of the bill. Here is my take on HR 8373.

Busy IRL; Posted on Other Site

Here And, a link you (and anyone you think needs the self improvement) needs to read.

Pearls of expression.

It is one of the great mysteries—or perhaps I should say it is one of the reliable reminders of human imperfection—that higher education often fosters a particular form of political stupidity [“the repudiation of inheritance and home”].[1] There is abroad in the land the poisonous notion that government at all levels should naturally have “partners” …

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A New Rule of Life

When it comes to problems with your water supply: It might be terrorist attack It could be a cyber attack It might be a blown water main It might be tree roots working their way into clay pipes (surprisingly common in older parts of the country) It might be a toy or something flushed down, …

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More on deliberate destruction.

[G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island] says, “The Federal Reserve is the cause of inflation… When you have a central bank that creates as much money as it wants to, it’s a scam.” Griffin contends that today’s rampant inflation is constricting anyone who isn’t wealthy. He says, “The middle class is …

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