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Been Posting at Alternative Site

I’m kinda a belt & suspenders person – don’t trust just ONE thing. So, I started a Substack site. That’s the place I post when my content doesn’t seem to fit the more serious work on this site. You guys are reasoned, analytical, and learned. I’m mostly goofy and easily amused. When I have something …

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What a GREAT Dad!

And, don’t we ALL want a Dad like that!

Too Much Honesty For Public School

Shamelessly stolen from Western Rifle Shooters: (I want to vote for that kid for President!)

What a load of hogwash

Yet another idiotic article proclaiming that eating meat is global warming climate cooling change. This really is a religious cult. University of Oxford experts say eating just 100g of meat per day – less than a single burger – creates four times more greenhouse gases compared with a vegan diet. And this is where I say that these …

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A “Commercial” You Won’t Believe

     I don’t know who. I don’t quite know how. I’m told “artificial intelligence” was involved. If so, I don’t think the copywriters and creative directors on Madison Avenue have anything to worry about, at least for now.      What’s embedded below is supposed to be a beer commercial:      Was it intended to be …

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Gosh, what are the odds?

I mean, I’m totally sure that the people attacking a movie that exposes child sex trafficking and pedophelia are doing it for the noblest of reasons, right? *cough* What IS IT with these Leftist rags trying to tie ‘Sound of Freedom’ to Q? Guys, gals, whatever you call yourselves, CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING is sadly very …

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Is Surveillance Bad?

Depends on who is in control of the video, doesn’t it? I specifically and deliberately did NOT buy a Ring camera. It had nothing to do with the physical setup, but, rather, the fact that the police could access it so readily. I prefer to be in control of the process, including where the video …

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The New DHS Rules as They Apply to the Aliens Formerly Known as Illegal

I’m disgusted. You know how we were informed by Officially Smarter People than Ourselves that these desperate ‘refugees’ would be absolutely NO cost to us? Because they were barred from accessing benefits by Black Letter Law? Yeah. I remember that, too. And, I stated that I believed it would be a short hop from NEVER …

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The Cost of That 3rd Child

Fortunately, I beat the child-seat regulations, and was not forced to either limit my family size, nor buy a much more expensive car. But, due to the new car-seat regulations, that lengthen the age at which a child may sit in a seat without having to be restrained in a car seat, many families experience …

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A Critical Need for the Next President

GREATER than Controlling the Border This has to do with the eligibility of illegal aliens to access Medicaid/Medicare benefits. I know, I know – according to The Left, that’s an urban myth, if not a QAnon conspiracy theory. It’s NOT. I am a licensed Health Insurance Agent/Broker. Every year, I have to pass a test …

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I thank the Good Lord I’m retired

Because if I were still in, this would probably end up with me in Ft. Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks. Diversity is our strength. Except, apparently, the more diversity the military seeks, the less strength it requires. That seems to be the lesson of the Army’s physical fitness standards, which do not apply to people who are …

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How Life Has Changed

I was reading a post from Bookwormroom today, and found this incredible story about banking during the American Revolution: In addition to the explicit rights the British once had, there was another unspoken right that developed in England, and that was the right to have money flow freely. This was separate from the mercantilist government’s …

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Hollow Laugh Dept.

     There are days when your Curmudgeon suspects that, rather than a real world where rational people say and do rational things, he was born into a huge satire of such a world. We have an example today:      MSNBC’s Jen Psaki comments blaming Republicans for concerns expressed by the Muslim community about LGBTQ curriculum …

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One of the *ahem* joys of living where I do

Is that we’ve been inundated with people from California coming to live up here. We are not singular in this, as states all over the USA have been filling with Californians for years. Heck, back in the 80’s we had bumper stickers on cars telling Californians that we were full, and they needed to go …

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The Drip, Drip, Drip of Buried Scandals Now Leaking Out

The rush to “Unexpectedly” find and release information about long-buried scandals is heating up. Here is one such scandal that the DOJ was complicit in burying. At some point, it’s all going to avalanche, as the DimWits in the administration start throwing out other people, in an effort to claim “Hey, I had NO idea …

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More cleaning

Dad was a bit of a hoarder. Part of that was from growing up dirt poor. Part of that was when you’re living out in the country you don’t really throw anything away if it still has some use to it. Chains, rope, tools, all of them are kept and stored away because when you …

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New Substack for Me

I’ve been reading this woman’s work, and it’s been enlightening. In this post, Elizabeth Nickson reviews the substance of a book detailing just how it was that the Left managed to take over state-level elections. I’ve been broadening my reading on Substack. There are quite a few bloggers who are taking advantage of the opportunity …

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True, or Fake?

It’s the only explanation that I’ve seen that makes any kind of sense for the ‘bungling’ of the crash.

Failure of Trust is the Core Issue

The ZMan posted this, and I think he has hit the essential point – trust is not there between the American people and their government. The American citizens have lost trust that their government will act in their best interests. That’s reasonable, as the entrenched Deep State and their allies (NGOs, elected officials, the media) …

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

First, the Good: I’m definitely seeing improvement in my arm mobility. PT is hard work, and the day after, I’m often wiped out. But, I’m seeing steady progress. I also had some time to talk to my PT assistant. He’s a very sharp young man, making plans to pay down his student loans, and is …

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