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Just an Incredible Coincidence

Isn’t it?

Two lunatic objectives.

The language of a human rights ideology defined in a multitude of gender and diversity iterations has seized the Brussels discourse. Some might welcome this development in principle, viewing it as righting ancient injustices. However, it should be understood that it is rooted not so much in human compassion, but is firmly seated in power …

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Deaf, dumb, and blind.

These morons never think about the implications of what they say or do. Here Chelsey Clinton wants to put the screws to social media posters who voice doubts about the experimental COVID-19 “vaccination”: Clinton, 41, responded to a question about so-called “vaccine hesitancy” regarding Covid vaccines by saying that there must be a global effort …

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Stupidity that beggars the imagination.

With Brainard, Jerome Powell, and Treasury secretary Janet Yellen focusing on the climate, the M1 money supply has gone parabolic, from just over $4 trillion in February to $18.6 trillion in March.[1] M1 measures “currency and assets that either are or can be quickly converted to cash.” So, in some 30-60 days, the money out …

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Update on the 2020 Elections

You might think this is over. You would be wrong. The battle continues. I’m pretty exhausted. In addition to the normal craziness of life, I’ve been battling some health/mobility issues. I’ve been working on my long-neglected house and finances, my hobbies, and my family. I’m remembering that scene from The Patriot. Gibson is exhausted. He …

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Pearls of expression.

Supporters of intervention sometimes claim Syria has been “abandoned” by the international community. On the contrary, the Syrian conflict has continued primarily BECAUSE of foreign involvement. The unholy alliance of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA, France and Britain (with silent partner Israel) have supplied, trained, provided weapons and salaries for Syrian and international fighters seeking …

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Fauci Alcasan

The Babylon Bee, undoubtedly visited by the spirit of C.S.Lewis1, offered up this vision of our future. ‘It Is Still Not Safe To Go Outside,’ Says Fauci’s Head In A Jar In Year 2739. It has become so hard to claim we were never warned that we joke about it. Hat tip to AceofSpadesHQ. 1 …

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More than you want to know about virus gain-of-function research and you know what.

The article below is a fascinating look into aspects of viral manipulation and the politics of research funding and regulation of gain-of-function research. The ultimate resolution of the debate over where the SARS2 virus came from undoubtedly depends on what is found in the lab notes of the so-called “Bat Lady” of the Wuhan Institute …

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Church of the Covidian

I was still an atheist when I transferred colleges.  I’d started out at a small liberal arts college – chosen because of its distance from home more than anything else – but realized that I’d erred and applied to a large university in my birth state.  I was admitted.  Going to the summer orientation weekend …

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A fascinating look into the “we know what’s best for you” mentality.

I’m not familiar with Kyle Kulinski who apparently is a “progressive.” He’s quite impressive I find and he’s angry over this lunatic censorship mentality and the interview with Susan Wojcicki (wuu-CHIT-skee, in case you were wondering), the chief of YouTube, that he highlights is telling. His new subscriber numbers have plummeted due to his being …

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The Technological Golden Calf

(Image used under what I believe are “fair use” principles; note the website and graphic copyright notice in the image – to give credit to the creator of the image.) —– I first picked up the classic scifi book Dune by Frank Herbert when I was in high school, and only at my father’s insistence.  …

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Personal Update

I’ll likely be less active for a few days/weeks. Yesterday evening, I was getting something in the bedroom, and tripped over a shoe in the middle of the floor (one of MANY of my husband’s that are scattered at any time). I don’t THINK he’s trying to kill me. But, my ankle is very painful, …

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Insufferable arrogance.

Ben Bartee on the Great Reset: All of which begs the questions: Who decided on these changes [to our societies and economies]? What populations in the Western “democracies” were permitted to exercise popular will in a vote on these changes? For whose benefit are these “Great Reset” policies enacted?[1] Progressive scum were only just warming …

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New Post – on the Tactics of the Left


China: It Ain’t Paranoia When They Are Out To Rule The World

Let me clear in stating, as I suspect most people agree, that Covid is not a myth.  Whether it’s natural or man-made – and I believe the latter – is still not determined as confirmed Truth.  Assuming my belief in Covid’s artificial origin is correct, we also don’t know with certainty whether this was an …

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A Very Important Link


Are You a Fan of Subversive Literature?

It’s not what you might think.

Cartoon: Don’t Make Me Angry

I am pleased to resume my cartoons. Here’s a new one: If you grab this for your own blog’s use please be sure to: Not alter the image or notice on it. Give me credit; I pay $150 for each cartoon to be drawn professionally based on my concept. Give a linkback to Liberty’s Torch …

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Dang, I Hate the New WordPress!

So much so, I’ve returned to Blogger for my longer stuff. Life has settled down. PT is continuing (causing me to feel like a domestic violence victim twice a week), the tax information has been entered in a sheet, just waiting for DH to do his part, and I’m gradually getting back on track with …

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Thirty minutes of eloquence, honesty and courage.

I have great respect for this man.

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