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Breathing is REALLY Difficult Along the Canadian Border

I’ve been inside most of the day, except for walking the dog. I just stepped outside long enough check the mailbox, which is on my porch. There’s a haze in the air.In the morni;g, I originally took it to be fog. I expect that asthmatics and the elderly will be having extreme difficulties this week. …

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This is only a shock for the Left

Because those of us who actually pay attention knew in 2020 that Hunter Biden was daddy’s bag man, both in Ukraine and China. HUNTER BIDEN: I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. Tell the director that I would like to resolve …

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On the Mend

Me, that is. On the fence about America. While alternately working to improve my mobility, and swearing and putting ice on my poor tortured limbs, I’ve been getting caught up on some blog posts, particularly on Substack. One such post, referred by Western Rifle Shooters, was this. There’s a part 2, as well. If you …

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You cannot fool Mother Nature

No matter how hard you try. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I hate hippies. But you can disapprove of someone and still acknowledge some good things, such as the whole natural foods movement. I’m a huge believer in eating as naturally as you can. Processed foods are the devil. And no matter how …

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Too Brilliant Not To Steal: Banana Republic Bingo!

     I just filched this from WRSA:      I’d enjoy a game. Trouble is, all the boxes are filled already. 😢

Started cleaning out Dad’s office yesterday

And I found it a little hard to breathe. It has been all assholes and elbows here since his death. There was a bunch of stuff that was planned prior to his passing, and that still had to be attended to. Such as the removal of several trees around the property that were either dying …

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The Shortage

     I fancy I can hear the mutterings of “The shortage? Which one?” from the back rows. Yes, there are a few, properly understood. But I have a particular one in mind this morning. It’s not peculiar to America, either. The whole First World, and quite a bit of the rest, appears to be afflicted …

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Speaking of “No Rules In Combat”

One rule that used to be in place was that you didn’t hurt kids. War was hell, but you weren’t supposed to target kids deliberately. The Left has violated that rule. Hell, they’ve tossed that rule into the trash as they try to trans and groom every kid they can get their hands on. That’s …

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Every flag officer in the US military needs to be fired

And this is exhibit 1,735,921 of why. This is not a serious officer. This is not an officer who cares about winning wars. And to be completely honest, she wasn’t selected to be a general based on the desire to win wars. She was selected because she toed the correct political line. God help the …

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Finally! Official admission That the Ballots Can be Compromised

The official report from the GA election shows that it’s relatively easy to hack, modify software, and produce ballots whose barcodes do NOT match voters’ choices. The exact scenario that the Left has been calling a paranoid conspiracy theory is proved to be not only possible, but doable in actual tests.

Time to Put Vital Infrastructure In American Hands

Or, No Cheap $hit From China! Now, there are times when cheap items are what you DO want: Seasonal Dollar Tree stuff Trinkets for Mardi Gras Coffee filters, toilet paper, paper for school notes But people in the USA are used to paying more for most of our consumables. We don’t blink at the cost …

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Let me tell you about James

James was born the eldest of nine kids in a Irish Catholic family. James’ dad was in the Navy, and James just happened to be born in 1940, so his dad was gone quite a bit of the time trying to teach bad people the consequences of their actions. James excelled at running, winning countless …

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This Marks the Death of Europe

From the start of the Industrial Revolution, one characteristic of the German people has remained constant. They take pride in doing their jobs well, with meticulous attention to detail, and making sure that the work is done correctly. German craftsmanship has been a dependable feature of the German state. True, the part of Germany that …

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“I Must Lose Myself in Action…

…lest I wither in despair” Alfred Lord Tennyson Tennyson had a difficult and mostly unhappy life. It was only after being informed by doctors that his recurrent trances were no epilepsy, but an ‘aura’ that preceded attacks of gout, that he was able to marry and have children. (Epilepsy and mental illnesses ran throughout his …

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Check Check One Two

Well, hello there all you fine folks! As you can see, Mr. Porretto was struck by some malady that caused him to invite me to post here on his blog. Say a prayer for the poor man, as well as buy one or two of his books so he can afford to heal himself of …

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A Quirky and Thought Provoking Essay


Expect To Miss A Few Meals

     …if this atrocity gains force:      Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration signed a global agreement with twelve other nations, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, and Spain, to crack down on farming to “save the planet” from “climate change.”      If it’s like the plan implemented throughout the Western World, it will crush American farmers. …

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Miracles And Faith

     A few days ago, I mentioned two “candidate miracles” that recently occurred on this continent. One was a case of Miraculous Multiplication; the other was the incorrupt body of a deceased nun. As I’m already a Catholic and serious about it, these don’t “prove” anything to me, though they say that God continues to …

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Why Government Should Lose the Power to Make Law Affecting Constitutional Rights

Here – this applies to a STATE law, but ALL levels of government – local, agency, bureau, state AND federal – need to stop this practice. If you don’t want the Constitution to stop your petty little rules/laws, there is a standard, encoded procedure to change it.

Getting Bearable

By now, some 9 days from my fall, I’m generally not in that much actual pain. Easily fatigued, certainly. Sore, absolutely. But mostly just REALLY uncomfortable. Enough to make it difficult to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time. Not really able to concentrate on anything worthwhile. Playing online solitaire. Reading …

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