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Something New

I’ve been reading a new series of essays, by Paul Graham. Well, technically, they’re not NEW – but they are new to me. This one has got me thinking – it’s about the way that writing is taught in schools, and what’s wrong with it (short answer: a lot). But, it also touches on what …

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America: Default Alive, or Default Dead?

I read a lot. Mostly blogs, for the breadth of content. And, what I have found most interesting about that reading is the links. The links are an indicator of what that blogger was reading/thinking about, when they decided to put down those thoughts. In essence, the links are a cookie trail to what inspired …

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Illusion, delusion, collusion, confusion, and explosion.

This all folds into the story of how for decades the monetary illusion created by central banks collaborating with governments has delayed an inevitable crisis by not dealing with reality. This means when the forces pent-up over the years finally break free events will most likely occur faster with far deeper ramifications than many people …

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Mush, you huskies. And roll them dice, campers.

Retirement investing used to be easy. Save money, park it in interest-bearing instruments, and live off the income, with Social Security and maybe a job pension to help. Not complicated and it worked well for decades. But about the time the oldest Boomers began reaching their mid-60s, this thing called “interest” mostly disappeared as committees …

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How to Make Life Suck Less

I was thinking about this very thing this morning, when I ran across John Wilder’s post. I won’t excerpt it, you need to read it for yourself, along with the comments. The thing is, terrible things do happen to people – even those who work hard to live a good life, pay their own way, …

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The cherry on top.

It’s hard to admit but the pinnacle of Western civilization turns out to be a state of collective stupefaction and precipitous flight from reality. The civilization that studied the galaxies and the basic structure of matter in the end could not rise above the politics of crack whores, con artists, and pickpockets. We prided ourselves …

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Pelosi Chose Her Military Quisling Well

Honoré was likely right about the number who are – by Pelosi’s definition – “unreliable” soldiers (not fully committed to implementing the Leftist schema). The thing is, I know people who work in that field. At one time, I taught the students of Fort Jackson’s military families (my school had about 1/3 of the population …

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Did You Know This?

Obama was the second President to graduate from Harvard Law School. Hayes was the first. I’d always assumed that JFK had a law or graduate degree. He didn’t. He attended Stanford for a short while, then left without a degree. His undergraduate grades weren’t all that impressive. He was in the second tier of his …

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Just Because

Post this everywhere you are today – Hell, print it out and slap it on the company Coke machines, the drink fountain at the gas station, the coolers that sell the Coke. Graphic courtesy of my cousin Eddie’s FB post.

YES! Just – YES!

Ace of Spades throws it down. And, I agree. To hell with economic philosophy, to hell with principles. Those who would primarily be personally affected would be the same ones that worked so hard to deprive the rest of us of a voice. Who treat us like $hit, then come around looking for a handout. …

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Mission accomplished.

The Petty, vain, venal, neurotic, obsessive, corrupt and cowardly denizens of our national political apparatus inherited the greatest concentration of wealth, industry, goodwill, and military power in 6000 years of history and squandered it in a single generation. They believe themselves superior.[1] People intend the natural consequences of their acts. Notes [1] Comment by gcjohns1971 on …

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Pearls of expression.

Bi is big because it’s a sexuality of status for a certain stratum of young females. It is also a sexuality of refuge—if you’re cowering from woke Einsatzgruppen on campus patrol. It’s the mark on your doorframe so the angel of cancellation passes over your dorm room and harasses some hateful heteros instead. “Bi, Bi, …

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Ballot Harvesting – a Long History with the Dems

I was wasting time improving my mind, when I ran across a reference that took me to this page: The Democratic Party came into prominence in the 1840s by harvesting three out of five uncast slave ballots to check the North’s attempts at abolition. When Northern Whigs and Abolitionists had enough of Democrat vote padding under the …

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Killing Off the Octopus

It’s not as easy a task as “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (Disney version) made it seem. Google, and its parent company, Alphabet, have their tentacles deep into just about every facet of online life. The former host company for this blog, Liberty’s Torch, was Blogger – a Google company. When you sign up/into an …

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Political vision.

It is important for all ethnic groups, even the smallest ones, to know that this is their Motherland with no other for them, that they are protected here and are prepared to lay down their lives in order to protect this country. This is in the interests of us all, regardless of ethnicity, including the …

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The populist epiphany.

That moment you really get it that the American political class is something hostile and parasitic. The destruction of savings, which perversely is the policy intention, is a consequence of interest rate policies pursued to their Keynesian endpoint with social implications too important to overlook. Because they are not on any central bank’s radar, the …

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Sunday Roundup of Stories

These are just the ones that have caused me to pause, reflect, and adjust my thinking over the last week. This has been a tough week for me, physically – nothing major, just the accumulation of a lot of little things: Stupid cold lingering for over 2 weeks – the first week, I felt sick. …

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Big brains in action.

Simply put, the Fed is not going to fight inflation. It is going to keep stoking the inflationary fire until it’s burning out of control. “Peter Schiff: The Reality That Nobody Wants To Acknowledge.” By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 2/25/21.

Some Thoughts on Class

It’s a very un-American thing to focus on class (the more nuanced Elite will, sometimes, but point out that this is just an artifact of our bigoted system, and if we just give the lower classes access to a stable income, that will all go away). The term “socio-economic class” is used, again, with the …

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End times.

Tragically, [the refusal to deal with obvious problems in the electoral system is] not inexplicable. It’s very explicable. It’s that the explanations are chilling and uncomfortable. Our Supreme Court is now part of the Washington Swamp, and the Washington Swamp is now totally divorced from any understanding of or caring about the rest of the …

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