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What You Don’t Know You Know (Or Pretend That You Don’t)

     Most Gentle Readers probably remember Donald Rumsfeld, when he was the Secretary of Defense in the Busy the Younger Administration, talking about “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns:” gaps in our knowledge that we’re aware of, and others that we’re not. Rumsfeld’s comments were important not only at that time and for those circumstances, but …

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Has The Bitching Begun?

     It appears (note that carefully selected verb) that Glenn Youngkin has prevailed over former governor Terry McAuliffe in the race for governor of Virginia. The margin wasn’t a large one – slightly more than 1% of the votes cast – but it appears (yes, again) to be safe at this time. So for the …

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Who Should Be Allowed To Vote?

     Victory Girls’ Nina Bookout has a good piece on the Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding Arizona’s new anti-fraud statute and the Democrats’ reactions:      Democrats are really good at gaslighting temper tantrums. Some great ones have been taking place since SCOTUS announced their decision on the Arizona voting rights case.      In a nutshell …

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