All you need to know about the left

Delusional, willfully blind, unprincipled, enemies of liberty.

By extension, leftists have a bizarre obsession with Russia and the theory that Russia is an ever present hand of god in US politics, yet, none of them can produce any concrete proof that Russia has meaningful influence in American elections or affairs.

The political left has committed itself to a fantasy world; a parallel universe. They deeply believes in things that never happened, and treat those beliefs as sacrosanct. . . .

Refusal to question the actions and motives of your chosen movement is willful ignorance, and leftists should be held accountable for that.

They are the ONLY group of people that has consistently supported mass surveillance, mass censorship and deplatforming, mass violence, property destruction and looting as well as violations of individual rights through medical mandates and lockdowns.

They call conservatives “insurrectionists” and “traitors”, but they are the only people openly trying to dismantle constitutional protections and the Bill of Rights.[1]

This is a fantastic essay. It merit’s the Colonel’s coveted “must read” rating, along with my entire blog, of course.
[1] “A Question For Leftists: Why Are All The Evil People On Your Side?” By Brandon Smith,, 2/17/21.

A New / Old Emission

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What Means Might Stop This?

I’m thinking State-chartered Savings & Loans, Credit Unions within a single state (but, perhaps with affiliated setups in other states), and other ways to bypass the Choke Point rules.

I’m looking at places to put my available money – friendly money-holders, local credit unions, savings and loans. Also, investments in individual companies (which comes with a big risk, as the work of the Federal Fundstapo may imperil that company, and put my investment in peril).

Any ideas?


     One of the most illuminating things ever to emerge from the mind of a pope was this from Pope Benedict XVI: faith is inseparable from doubt. He who holds to a faith of any sort will be plagued by doubts now and then.

     That insight applies to more than just religious faiths.

     We who believe in the original American idea – i.e., in freedom under sharply limited government and the rule of law rather than of men – have recently had ample reason to doubt. The whole notion has come under attack. Millions of people – perhaps half the population of the country – show absolutely no interest in freedom today. They want their subsidies, their subventions, their protected statuses, and no doubt their MTV. Everything else is irrelevant to them.

     The recognition has disturbed many of us pro-freedom types. A country cannot endure as half-free. A certain Abraham Lincoln said that, back when. He may not have been an ideal president or a constitutionalist, but he certainly got that right.

     So we’re besieged by doubts. The situation is testing our faith in the American experiment. What do you do when an important component of your belief system is so badly shaken?

     When the subject is a religious faith, the key is to go on just as you’ve been going. That seems to be the prescription for assaults on a political faith as well. Of course you make adjustments. You make provisions for assaults from “the other side.” But you keep to your convictions. You resist any and all attempts to infringe on your rightful liberty. You grant no special status to anyone who tries to coerce you, be he a private citizen or the president of the United States.

     The optimists among us often say things such as “in the end, we win.” I wish I could share their confidence, but as I’ve said more than once, confidence is what you feel just before you get blindsided. Better to be wary, on the alert and flexed to react.

     Anyway, have a bit of fiction to round this off. It’s a story from a collection I expect to release at Amazon sometime soon. And yes: Evan Conklin is one of the Marquee characters in Antiquities, the giveaway for which begins tomorrow.


The Vampire and the Caretaker

     Gavin’s alarm clock buzzed with its usual peevish insistence. He cracked an eyelid, noted the hour and the pervading darkness, and pulled the covers over his head, hoping against hope that it wasn’t really his least favorite morning of the week yet again.
     It was not to be. Within seconds came his father’s usual sharp knock.
     “Come on, son.” Even at three-thirty in the morning, Evan Conklin always sounded as relaxed and jovial as a man who’s just finished a fine meal in the company of his best friends. “We’ve got work to do.”
     Gavin grumbled an obscenity and flung back the bedcovers with a sweep of his arm. The winter chill was upon him at once, singing along his spine loudly enough to make his teeth chatter. He slapped at the alarm clock with one hand while he groped for his robe with the other and hurried off to the bathroom for a shower and shave.
     Gavin couldn’t linger over his toilet if he was to set out at the appointed hour. Evan allowed him to sleep half an hour later than he allowed himself. It was hurry, hurry, hurry from the moment his feet touched his bedroom floor to the moment he buckled himself into the passenger seat of their car. The work, his father explained more than once, would not permit it.
     Their destination was only a few miles away, but in the wee-hour blackness of a continental New York winter it seemed like an hour’s ride. It was long enough for Gavin to fall back to sleep, but he didn’t permit himself. One awakening per morning was more than enough. He forced himself to full alertness, stretching out his lower back, loosening the muscles in his arms, hips, and legs, and working his lungs open by steadily deepening his breathing. His father merely drove and said nothing.
     Our Lady of the Pines was completely dark. Evan pulled a ring of keys from his coat pocket, thrust one into the lock that had only last spring been installed in the tall oaken doors, and shepherded them inside, flipping light switches as he went. The nave of the church blossomed into brightness. Evan headed directly for the mop closet, while Gavin went to fetch the vacuum cleaner.
     Gavin had almost finished vacuuming the little church in preparation for the early Mass when the vampire fell upon him.


     The creature was tall and evil of aspect. Its grip was cruelly tight. Its breath upon Gavin’s neck stank of ordure and rotting flesh. Despite its form, it was hard to believe that something so foul could once have been a man.
     It had him at its mercy, yet it did not strike. Its attention was fastened upon his father, who stared from the altar steps, mop dangling from his hand.
     “Well?” the creature snarled. “Aren’t you going to plead for mercy? Aren’t you going to offer me your blood in place of your son’s? It’s customary, you know.”
     Evan smiled slightly. “No need.”
     “Oh? You’ll concede me your son’s life if I agree to spare yours, then?”
     Gavin squirmed in terror, but the vampire’s grip was inescapable. Evan shook his head. “Not at all. You won’t be killing anyone this morning.”
     The vampire cackled. “Really? How do you plan to stop me?”
     “I don’t.” With his eyes, Evan indicated the crucifix suspended above him. It evoked a snort of derision.
     “Yet you see that I am here, in the heart of your imaginary God’s house where I’m not even supposed to be able to enter, doing as I will with your boy.” Gavin shuddered as the creature’s talons ruffled his hair. “He looks a tasty morsel. I expect I will enjoy breaking fast more than usual this morning.”
     His father’s gaze remained perfectly serene. “Go ahead, then. Feed on him.”
     A stillness forged of cold iron descended upon the church. Nothing moved nor stirred.
     “Well?” Evan said. “What are you waiting for?”
     The vampire did not respond.
     “You have your victim,” Evan pressed. “He’s helpless in your grip. You know I can’t stop you. Why haven’t you struck him?”
     “What makes you so sure I won’t?” the vampire snarled. It crushed Gavin to itself with lung-emptying force, and he gasped in pain.
     “It’s perfectly simple,” Evan said. “You won’t because you can’t. You don’t really exist.”
     “What?” the vampire roared. “I stand here in your holy place, your son my helpless captive, mocking your Savior as the phantasm you take me to be. I hold your boy’s life in my arms, and you deny my existence with such ease?”
     “Of course,” Evan said. “If God is real, then you are not. A just God would not permit the existence of a creature that could suck the soul out of a man’s body and subject him to eternal torment, he having done no wrong of his own free will. And God exists. Therefore, you do not.”
     The vampire’s grip loosened, and Gavin’s fear was tinted with puzzlement.
     “You see me before you,” the creature said slowly. “You hear my voice and smell my odor. Your son feels my claws upon his flesh. Yet you refuse to believe in me, preferring your faith in a being you cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. What gives you such confidence in your delusion, in the face of mortal peril?”
     “It’s quite simple,” Evan said. “The characteristics assigned to your kind contradict all right and reason. Such creatures could not exist without destroying themselves. In a word, you are implausible. No, wait,” he said. “Not implausible; impossible. A creature of supernatural strength and speed that feeds on human blood, yet cannot endure the light of day? A creature that converts its prey into competitors, ensuring both a geometrically increasing number of predators and a dwindling supply of fodder? The laws of nature as God wrote them literally forbid you to exist.”
     Gavin twisted again, and broke free of the creature’s grip. He stumbled back and gazed upon the thing. But he could not reconcile what his eyes saw with the superhuman monster that had held him helpless a moment before. It seemed to have become insubstantial, ghostly, a mere appearance projected on the screen of reality by some unseen mechanism.
     “You truly believe this?” The vampire’s voice had fallen to a whisper.
     Evan Conklin said, “I do so believe.”
     And the thing faded from sight.


     Gavin awoke in a tumult of fright. He could not remember every detail of the dream that had catapulted him from slumber, but the overpowering sense of helplessness and terror, of being at the mercy of something merciless that no human strength could oppose, still pulsed within him. He sat up, switched on his bedside lamp, and breathed as slowly and deeply as he could manage, struggling to calm himself.
     His door opened slowly. His father’s head poked out from behind it.
     “Everything all right, son?”
     Gavin nodded, unwilling to trust his voice. Evan entered and sat beside him on his bed.
     “Bad dream?”
     Gavin nodded again, and Evan grinned.
     “I know how rugged they can be. I used to have some pretty vivid ones, at your age.” He rose and made for the door. “A shower will help. We’ll hit the diner after Mass.”
     Gavin extracted himself from his bed and plunged into his Sunday morning ritual. When he’d buckled himself into the passenger seat of his father’s car, and Evan had backed them out of the driveway and onto Kettle Knoll Way, he said, “Dad? Do you ever…doubt?”
     “Hm? Our faith in God, you mean?” Evan kept his eyes on the dark ribbon of road unwinding before them.
     “Yeah.” Gavin braced himself for the answer. What he got was not what he expected.
     “Now and then,” his father said. “It’s hard not to doubt something you can’t see or touch. But faith isn’t about certainty. It’s about will.”
     “So you…will away your doubts?”
     Evan chuckled. “That would be a neat trick, wouldn’t it?” He pulled the Mercedes Maybach into the small side parking lot of Our Lady of the Pines, parked and killed the engine. “No, I simply command myself to do as I know I should do. Faith is expressed just as much by our deeds as by our words. As long as I can consistently act from faith, I can keep my grip on it, regardless of my doubts.” He nodded toward the unlit church, barely visible in the darkness. “You might say that’s why we’re here.”
     Gavin marveled. “And all this time I thought it was because the parish was too poor to pay for professional cleaning staff.”
     That brought a snort and a guffaw. “Get serious. Though the way you vacuum, I don’t wonder that Father Ray would rather have our money than your labor. No, it’s that hiring your chores done distances you from them. You can’t afford to do too much of that if you want to remain connected to life. I pay a cleaning lady to look after our house, but doing this for the parish keeps us involved in parish life, and mindful of…well, of a lot of things.” He cuffed his son affectionately. “Let’s get moving. We’re already behind schedule.”


     Copyright © 2009 by Francis W. Porretto. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Protection Rackets: The Latest Trend

     You’ve heard about the black racialists demanding “reparations,” haven’t you? Translated from the Thuggese, that amounts to “Pay us and maybe we’ll stop trashing your cities.” They might as well walk into your store, look around appraisingly, and murmur “Nice place you’ve got here. Be a shame if anything were to happen to it.” Well, except that they’re seldom that grammatical.

     We’re all familiar with racialist racketeering by now. It started with Jesse Jackson and hasn’t petered out yet. But change is a constant, and the latest trend might just surprise you:

     BALTIMORE (WBFF) – Tyree Moorehead has spent years in Baltimore’s streets.

     If you don’t know his name, drive through the city and you’ll see his mark.

     No shoot zones, the sidewalk, streetside sacred space where, after murder, there should be no more killing there.

     He recognizes even that hasn’t slowed Baltimore’s bloodshed and now he eyes what he believes is a breakthrough.

     “I can relate to the shooters, guess what they want? They want money.

     His idea, pay killers to stop killing, his background he says is part of the currency.

     Extortionists gonna extort, I suppose. Black extortionists will find a way to link their demands to “systemic racism,” or “white privilege,” or what have you. But the essence of the game remains the same: Danegeld pure and simple, though in Tyree Moorehead’s case practiced on a city-by-city scale rather than nationwide.

     For a criminal to point a gun at you and say “Your money or your life” is plainly armed robbery, and punishable by a long prison term. Why Moorehead’s sort of “proposal” isn’t itself a criminal act, I cannot imagine. He’s positioned himself as the lead negotiator for a protection racket, even if the racket hasn’t yet incorporated or nominated a capo.

     In a sane era, this man would already be back behind bars, but ours is not a sane era.

What Will Follow Rush?

Well, that moment we all knew was coming is here – Rush is dead, of an aggressive form of lung cancer. He was 70 years old – just slightly older than I – and, in that abbreviated span of time, he changed the world.

When he started, the Leftists and their soft allies, the Liberals, owned the political discussion. There was only tepid opposition to their plans, goals, and dreams. Those who opposed them were fogies, past-their-sell-by-date Cold Warriors.

Like Reagan. He talked about the Soviets – the Evil Empire – and the Politics-as-Usual Crowd was dumbfounded when young people responded positively. It helped, of course, that at the same time, the popular TV show, Family Ties, had a character – Alex P. Keaton, played by Michael J. Fox (no relation) – who was articulate, personable, and dedicated to the pursuit of wealth. That character’s desire to change his life led to his support for the policies of Reaganomics and of Conservative goals in general.

Never underestimate the Power of Cool.

Interestingly, many of the most popular shows had a character that supported traditional values – and, many of those characters became the heart and soul of the shows:

  • All in the Family – Archie Bunker
  • Cheers – the characters may have been primarily barflies, but they were not cookie-cutter evil conservatives
    • Sam worked hard in his bar, having invested all he had at the time. He had rejected his alcoholic past, while retaining his firm conviction that the old ways were better.
    • Carla, the waitress, who carried an inconveniently conceived baby to term during the show – that pregnancy was real – the actress, Rhea Perlman, had 2 kids during her Cheers run.
    • Woody, boy just off the farm, innocent in the big city. No, that was not the reality of Woody Harrelson, who played him.
  • Magnum, PI – the show that portrayed the Viet vet sympathetically. As did The A-Team, more comedically.
  • Happy Days – need I add more?
  • The Dukes of Hazzard – non-PC, family-supporting, Redneck to the core – and, that Confederate flag!
  • MacGyver – old-fashioned DIY ingenuity saves the day for America!
  • M*A*S*H – for all the sex, alcoholism, and rejection of authority, the core mission – saving lives of soldiers – is paramount. Men acting like men in the early years; became overly PC over time.

This was not an isolated phenomenon. Many of the most popular shows have a Conservative message (their success is often a surprise to the networks and cable companies).

I believe that unintended Conservative message is WHY the shows were so successful. Families are struggling to raise decent and successful children, in the midst of a society that has changed beyond all recognition. It’s probably not that Evil has become more common; there are many, many decent and moral people in every political alliance.

But, it’s the extended reach of the Evil Ones that has changed. And, the misguided tolerance of many average people that enables them to act.

Which brings up The Lincoln Project.

Given the readiness with which many working in and around the Project have admitted to concerns about the sexual exploitation and harassment of minors, a reasonable question is:

Was this PLANNED?

Did the Lincoln deliberately neuter the RINOs, intending to blackmail them into compliance with the aims of the Left? In the process, burning off a lot of the donations, to funnel to the leadership of the Project, and entangle them in illegal use of donated funds.

I think it no surprise that Kelly Conway, architect of Trump’s 2016 win, had a husband who was seduced into working with the Project. I think it was planned; by drawing family finances into that snare, the backers neutered one of the most effective members of his team, personally loyal to him, not to the Deep State or other enemies. It may have contributed to the circumstances of the 2020 loss (or “loss”, depending on your suspicion about the true outcome).

So, how about today? What hope do we have for the future?

One major plus is that the Left, as represented by Biden-Harris, their administrative team, and the Congressional leadership, appear to be bumbling boobs. Incompetent. Completely blind to the optics of their message.

Already, protest against Federal mandates and executive orders is evident at the state level. People are noticing that the vaccine rollout has dramatically slowed (despite having support, not resistance, from the Deep State). People are MEGA-Mad at the status of in-person learning, and several of the governors are poised to open, whether or not the teachers will cooperate. That could lead to the end of teacher’s unions (in combination with the Janus decision of 2018, which took away public union’s privilege of collecting money from workers’ opposed to union positions). That, in combination with the Wisconsin decision on forced collection of ‘fair share’ money from non-members, may signal the upcoming end of public unions.

The teachers are not acting rationally; the public is more than fed up with paying teachers to sit at home. Like it or not, a large part of the willingness to pay teachers to be physically present is because parents realize that this gives them child care/supervision for most of the day. Without that aspect of the job, many parents have been unable to break even on the costs of working – leading to many women leaving their jobs, if they have other income sources (such as a husband). Feminists are aghast at this reasonable decision.

I’m coming from a perspective of having worked in that field; teachers DO get exposed to many infections that other workers do not. Kids’ hygiene is not always that impeccable (although, in general, kids are MORE germ-phobic than previous generations). Teachers at the extreme ends of their working years are most vulnerable. Those just beginning, who are suddenly confronted with diseases they haven’t been exposed to before. And, those near the end of their career, who may have developed conditions that make them more vulnerable to even mild diseases. Those two groups, and those pregnant/trying to be, should be prioritized for injections – IF they choose to get them.

I’m not in favor of forcing people to get the shots, if they object. If they choose not to, there should be no liability on the part of their employer.

Obviously, if you are immune-compromised, you should either stay home on medical leave/disability, or wear a mask. I’m not in favor of forcing people to do so. It’s their own call about the risk. The only exception might be those teachers working with immunosuppressed students/close workers. That would be a valid reason to insist on a mask as a condition of employment.

So, what is the future for us who are the NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents)?

I suggest we take the Desmond Doss approach.

Col. Doss was the Conscientious Objector of WWII, whose story was told in Hacksaw Ridge. It may well stand as the defining movie for Mel Gibson, a man who has brought stories about heroic people to the theaters. Amazing, most of the most dramatic moments of that story were true, not Hollywood fantasizing – check out the link.

[UPDATE] I had written that as Col. – Doss was a Corporal. My error.

Doss didn’t ask to win the whole battle. He didn’t pray for a major miracle, when ALL the wounded would be saved by God’s intervention.

He prayed only for the strength to save one more.

And another. And another.

One at a time, he personally tended and evacuated 75 men off the Ridge.

I don’t personally practice pacifism. My daughter, a Franciscan sister, does. She believes in the concept absolutely.

I admire her conviction. I don’t share it, as I do believe that killing is justified, should it protect the innocent. Therefore, I’m okay with capital punishment, NECESSARY wars, and the individual’s right to self-defense.

But, I do respect those who believe otherwise. Such as Doss.

His focus, not on winning the battle, nor praying for Divine Intervention to save all the wounded, but on what HE, personally, could do to make things better, is what I believe we should emulate.

We need to focus on changing minds, gathering allies, and preparing to fight back – one person at a time.

We don’t have to be Rush Limbaughs or Patrick Henrys. We can be that person who notices someone on the sidelines, and makes it their mission to Share the Message.

One person at a time.

We need to wake up each morning, and pray, “Lord, just let me get one more today”. If we prayed that, every day, and only reached 1 in 100, how many would that be?

Here’s a Lifetime clock to calculate the years, and here is one that will tell you how many days you might expect to live.

Now, how many people would that be for you? I estimate that I might reach 84 people, if I only can affect 1 in 100. And, if they each do the same?

We could win.


     Once again I’m up too early in the morning for…well…for anything, really. And I find myself bemused by the state we’ve lurched into, and unable to suggest anything but prayer.

     I’m not knocking prayer. Prayer is highly beneficial. However, it has an indifferent track record at correcting the ills that beset us, when those ills are the result of our own poor thinking and bad choices. As the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves – and we haven’t been doing much on the self-help front.

     The country is in a tailspin, and the ground is getting mighty close. (The one and only time I came near to panic during my flight instruction was when my instructor demonstrated how to recover from a spin. Never again, please God!) The great majority of Americans remain American in thought, word, and deed. Yet the political class, in collaboration with a gaggle of anti-American minorities, a cooperative media, and a bunch of ludicrous, self-contradicting “health experts,” have fastened a lunatic regime upon us that’s causing us to doubt our own sanity. Consider the most recent symptoms:

  • Texans are dying in the dark because of frozen windmills.
  • Portlanders are fighting over food salvaged from dumpsters.
  • The FBI is investigating the governor of New York for mass murder.
  • A virus no worse than influenza has made us panic as if it’s the Black Death.
  • A commentator’s death has released a flood of the vilest, most vicious sentiments ever expressed.
  • The president of the United States – so the media tells us – is defending Chinese atrocities and imperialism.

     That should do for starters. There’s lots more, but the above items express the sense of what’s “top of the news.”

     Oh, by the way, that supposed president has also garrisoned the nation’s capital, is planning to prosecute “domestic terrorists” for the crime of protesting a stolen election, and is on the verge of seizing the citizenry’s arms by executive order. All perfectly normal events…in a bolshevized Eastern European satellite nation or a South American banana republic. Equally abnormal has been the near-total lack of reaction from the citizenry.

     I’m no better than anyone else. I’ve been up since 2:00 AM EST, worrying and trying to plan…but about what? How to prevent the collapse of the United States of America into a totalitarian hellhole? No, not that at all. My main concerns this fine February morning are getting my Newfoundland puppy to stop getting me out of bed in the wee hours, and that garbage collection will be suspended yet again in anticipation of the coming snowstorm.

     (That whirring sound at the edge of audibility is Patrick Henry spinning in his grave fast enough to power all of Texas. Work is under way to connect his coffin to the grid. I’ll keep you updated on its progress.)

     Why sit we here idle?

     Tragedies can heap to a despair-inducing height. Difficulties can multiply until their number alone defeats all attempts to focus. It can make an individual retreat into immobility, hoping that if he should only wait a little longer in stillness and silence, it will all “go away.” Quite a lot of Americans have already retreated into their personal or familial shells. Our occupations have been eliminated or transformed beyond recognition. Our social centers have been crippled; our houses of worship have been shuttered. Our interpersonal contacts have degenerated to Zoom meetings, email, and brief exchanges muttered through face masks.

     Perhaps worst, the average American now watches every word he says, constantly fearful that some offhand remark might cause someone to condemn him: for racism; for sexism; for homophobia; for “transphobia;” or as a “domestic terrorist.” The fear is especially great among those who work for others, which is most of us.

     American society as we knew it has largely ceased to exist. It’s been destroyed by all-consuming fear. We’re paralyzed by our fears, unable to suppress them sufficiently even to think.


     Because we’ve been propagandized into fear. Our political Establishment has discovered that the royal road to power is through a media-conducted fear campaign. Irony of ironies, at a time when we should be rising in righteous wrath against the political class and its media cat’s-paws, our fears are mostly of one another: private citizen of private citizen.

     It doesn’t help that so many of our countrymen have descended into the depths of politically founded hatred. In this, too, the media have taken a hand. When those who wield the big megaphones repeatedly condemn those who dissent from their dispensations as enemies of all that’s true and good, a fair fraction of those listening will believe them, the evidence notwithstanding.

     What was it that Herbert Stein said about something that cannot continue indefinitely?

     Feel free to dismiss all the above. Who am I, after all? Just one more private citizen. An old man muttering to himself in the early morning hours. But I write from what’s on my mind, not according to anyone else’s notions of what’s “newsworthy.”

     No one pays me for this. I have no agenda, other than a desire to retain the freedom I’ve always treasured. There’s nothing in commentary for me except the satisfaction of self-expression, such as it is. So I speak my mind, unfiltered. I’ll continue to do so for as long as possible.

     A snippet from The Left Hand of Darkness comes to mind:

     We have crept and crawled up to a point where we must choose between following the glacier on its long sweep westward and so up gradually onto the plateau of ice, or climbing the ice-cliffs a mile north of tonight’s camp, and so saving twenty or thirty miles of hauling, at the cost of risk.
     Ai favors the risk.
     There is a frailty about him. He is all unprotected, exposed, vulnerable, even to his sexual organ, which he must carry always outside himself; but he is strong, unbelievably strong….he has a ready bravery I have never seen the like of. He is ready, eager, to stake life on the cruel quick test of the precipice.
     “Fire and fear, good servants, bad lords.” He makes fear serve him. I would have let fear lead me around by the long way. Courage and reason are with him. What good seeking the safe course, on a journey such as this? There are senseless courses, which I shall not take; but there is no safe one.

     And of course we have this, from Frank Herbert’s masterpiece Dune:

     “Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past me I will turn to see fear’s path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

     Will we heed those exhortations before our course becomes unalterable?


A Critical Lexical Shift

     Yesterday’s column by Mike Gonzalez illuminates yet another tactical stroke against American conceptions of equality: the substitution of the word equity, a quite different concept. The core of the thing:

     Equality is the standard of our old Constitution, the one framed in 1787 and amended since then, most memorably in the Bill of Rights and the Reconstruction Amendments. It holds that government should see all people as having been created equal, and equally deserving of the law’s protection….

     Equity is the buzzword of the new constitution trying to take the place of the old one. It holds that government must treat Americans differently according to what category the government has put us in. So equity literally holds that government must treat people un-equally.

     First, let it be noted that that’s not the dictionary definition of “equity.” The Left is exploiting the general unfamiliarity with the word as an opportunity to redefine it. (People are already too familiar with equality, and its meaning in Constitutional terms, for the Left to redefine it.) If you read all of the Gonzalez column – which I exhort you to do – you’ll catch the drift immediately.

     Mind you, this is all completely contrary to the Constitution, to say nothing of the natural inclinations of the American people. We’re rather heavily invested in equality before the law and the other concepts derived from it. You can’t find the Left’s notion of “equity” anywhere in the Constitution, nor in any statute compatible with it. Indeed, the Fourteenth Amendment explicitly contradicts Leftist “equity” in its all-important first paragraph:

     All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

     Of course, the federal government of the Land of the Formerly Free has been treating Americans unequally for quite some time. We could start with the income tax, which treats Americans differently according to how much they earn. Or there’s the Selective Service Act, which treats Americans differently according to their ages, sexes, educational and occupational categories. But the Left, using its leverage over the Usurper Administration, has another idea in mind: to treat Americans unequally according to their races, ethnicities, sexes…and political views.

     The Left wants the power to discriminate among us according to its whims. Despite the representations of such as Kamala Harris, this isn’t motivated by any concept of “fairness” or “compassion.” It’s a naked grab for power, with one eye focused on reinforcement for the coalition politics the Democrat Party has used to attain its current political elevation.

     I’ve written about this before, of course:

     The interests of the various components to [a] coalition must not be mutually antagonistic.

     Democrat coalitions satisfy that condition: they’re based on the enveloping promise that “if you agree to support Democrat candidates, we’ll take money and rights from those who support Republicans and redirect them to you.” Though that promise has often been broken afterward, the components of the Democrat coalition have routinely accepted it. Contemporary politics is rife with examples.

     (See also this recent essay, which might be a bit more optimistic than realistic.)

     This is now the explicit aim of the Left: to use its current federal status to embed in our laws, in defiance of the Constitution and all the precepts behind it, discrimination among Americans on the basis of their “identity group.” It’s been openly expressed by Kamala Harris, as Gonzalez notes.

     If they succeed, it will affect every American alive today. The disfavored Peters will be legally enslaved to the identity-group Pauls the Left favors.

     Have a little Kipling, for flavor:

They said: “Who has hate in his soul? Who has envied his neighbour?
Let him arise and control both that man and his labour.”
They said: “Who is eaten by sloth? Whose unthrift has destroyed him?
He shall levy a tribute from all because none have employed him.”
They said: “Who hath toiled, who hath striven, and gathered possession?
Let him be spoiled. He hath given full proof of transgression.”
They said: “Who is irked by the Law? Though we may not remove it.
If he lend us his aid in this raid, we will set him above it!”
So the robber did judgment again upon such as displeased him,
The slayer, too, boasted his slain, and the judges released him.

     “But the Constitution will protect us!” I hear you cry. Given the flimsy protection it’s afforded us this past century, I’m not willing to bet the mortgage money on it. Remember what Hubert Humphrey pledged when he was campaigning for the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act? He vowed that if the Act were to result in racial quotas, he’d eat the entire bill on the floor of the Senate, with the cameras rolling. Well, the quotas arrived, just as the Act’s opponents predicted. What came of Humphrey’s promise? Nothing.

     Still, that was then, and this is now. We’re alert to such things today, in part because of the disasters that 1964 CRA has visited upon us. It can’t happen to us again, right? Right?

Abdication and confusion to the stars.

If pillaging for a communist dictatorship was the answer, what was the question? Exactly?

I heard the lectures about free enterprise then realized that I wanted no part of being in the party that enabled mega-corporate pillaging of our middle class for the benefit of the Chinese communists.[1]

A great quote pointing out the abdication of the Republicans, well, the entire political, financial, media, and academic swine-o-rama, when it comes to safeguarding the nation and its people. A craaaazeee concept, I know.

On the point about free enterprise being somehow joined at the hip with astronomical malfeasance and nonfeasance of the ruling toads, however, I hasten to point out that free enterprise and capitalism were never envisioned as operating in a Lord of the Flies environment. Courts were always in the picture as necessary enforcers of contract rights and laws against fraud and theft. No one wrote of the necessity of having monopolies dictate everything to suppliers and consumers, as well as drive competitors from the market. Britain’s courts were famous for their honest adjudication of trade disputes and, so, guess which country became a commercial power. The law merchant also developed to facilitate trade among European nations. One didn’t prosper if he did not deal fairly. I don’t know if separate, informal tribunals existed to enforce that law but the law existed for a good reason.

So capitalism is a well-crafted engine with inputs of electricity, air, fuel, oil, and coolant. The dork with his foot on the accelerator all the way to the floor while the transmission in neutral is what the toads have in mind when they talk about the evils of [[[capitalism]]]. But it’s a fundamentally distorted, limited, and/or downright dishonest view. Our author gets it about selling out to the Chinese communists but that’s not a necessary feature of free markets. Cancer is not a necessary part of every healthy body.

With free markets someone’s got to be minding the speed, direction, and maintenance to some degree. Balance of accounts trending against us? Factories shutting down and moving to Zanzibar? Maybe a tariff or different tax incentives to get us back on course?

Monopolists and fraudsters are no more necessary to free markets than axe murderers are to a Christmas party. But in the rush to adopt “socialism” it’s the absolute degradation or diseased deformation of capitalism that the fools have in mind, never the beautiful engine it is. Go to a summer weekend where the car restoration guys display their work. Look at the engines they lovingly maintain. That’s capitalism. The guy dumping sand into the engine isn’t a capitalist, he’s an enemy of capitalism.

One more great quote from Mr. Schlichter:

To reprise a cliché of my own making, Donald Trump was the avatar of our dissatisfaction with the garbage Establishment and the refusal of the useless, sclerotic and cruise-oriented losers allegedly on our side to defend our interests.

Our conservative “champions” always, along with multitudes of officials at the local and state level last year, maddenlingly failed to attend to the most basic of official duties, namely, preservation of the culture and the borders and the keeping of the king’s peace. They played the part to perfection of the cowardly GI that Spielberg interjected so gratuitously in the move “Saving Private Ryan.” His comrade was about to be sliced up by a German troop but the GI did nothing when all he had to do was climb up another four or five stairs and blast the German with his M1.

There are encouraging signs of state Republican parties presuming to chastise some of our lords and ladies. The might be feeling the heat from the unwashed but our state party was quick to act and I think the response was genuine.


[1] “The Cons Are Alright.” By Kurt Schlichter, Townhall, 2/15/21.

In Support of “It’s Probably Nothing”

Our esteemed Colonel B, Bunny just posted “It’s probably Nothing” about half an hour after I had viewed the video below.

Readers of this site will probably view this history and lesson as preaching to the choir. Yet it is virtually certain each reader knows at least one who needs to see this even as it is equally certain they will not wish to accept its warning. At least they cannot later whine “why didn’t you warn me?”

It’s probably nothing.

The inflationary storm clouds continue to form on the horizon.

Last week I noted that the U.S. is printing money at an extraordinary pace.

How extraordinary?

The Fed alone will print $1.4 trillion in the next 12 months. This comes on the heels of the $3 TRILLION it has already printed in the last year.

The Fed is not alone here.

The Biden administration is pushing the “pedal to the metal” in terms of stimulus. It is about to pass a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. Bloomberg notes that this will be the second largest injection of federal cash in U.S. history.

The only one larger cash injection occurred was the first COVID-19 Stimulus plan (the CARES act) which was launched at the beginning of the pandemic.

We’re now on the tail end of the pandemic and we’re about to print another $1.9 trillion in stimulus. Bloomberg notes that the Biden administration wants to spend $2 trillion on climate change and $1.5 trillion on manufacturing and childcare.

These are staggering amounts of money. Never before in history has the U.S. printed this much money.[1]

Climate change and child care. Now I’m glad someone’s addressing those problems.

[1] “The U.S. is About to Set a Record… and It’s Not a Good One .” By Graham Summers, ZeroHedge, 2/15/21.

The Only Bricks in the Wall are US

We’re it. The older generations – the parents of Baby Boomers – are too close to the end to spare the time to give the project.

It’s up to US – the much-maligned Baby Boomers, who – at this point – are the only living archive of the past culture and heritage.

I’ll be 70 next month. I dimly remember seeing McCarthy on television, when I was around 3. My mother was working part-time in the evenings, and my dad would brush my hair while watching the evening news. So, I did have an actual memory of Sen. McCarthy – and, he didn’t seem like a bad man, to me. Despite the ‘judgement of history’, most of our neighbors agreed with him. You must remember, I’m from Cleveland, and in our working class neighborhood, immigrants from newly-Communist countries were common.

I also remember the Civil Rights era. Not all the people involved were dedicated to ‘peaceful protest’, although many were. At the time, I accepted all that the news presented as actual fact, not opinion. It never crossed my mind that journalists would lie to push forward a particular agenda.

Not my father. He’d grown up amongst people of different races, and he could not be lied to about relations between them. Not every Black person was a saintly innocent, nor were all Rednecks ignorant and prejudiced. Some were, sure. But the reality was more – nuanced – than the simple stories that made it to the evening news.

That’s the value of experience vs. learning at a remove from life. You can’t bullshit the guy who has life experience. He knows better, from his own real perspective.

Now, why did this come up as a topic?

This. They’re trying to gaslight us again. Trying to make us doubt our own memories, written in the experience of our own senses. When the last of us who remember die off, who will be there to speak differently?

Fossil Fuels And The Tyrants Among Us

     Aspiring tyrants’ hostility to the fossil fuels has a long history. It goes back to the early Twentieth Century at least, and has never lapsed since then.

     Mind you, it’s a political hostility rather than a principled one. The point is power over others. You can tell by this: the rationale for opposing the use of the fossil fuels keep changing. Only the exhortations to move away from them – to restrict and discourage their use, at the very least – have been constant.

     When the automobile began to be a common possession of American families, liberating many previously confined to urban zones for occupational reasons, the progressives of the day trumpeted warningly about the world’s limited supply of oil: “Sooner or later we’ll run out!” FDR was part of that. Yet proven reserves rose steadily, year after year. Only when governments have acted to limit exploration and extraction have they failed to increase, despite steady increases in consumption. People noticed in the most relevant way: as supplies of oil and gas increased, their prices declined.

     The next attack was founded on air pollution. Yes, the larger cities were developing unhealthful “smogs” because of particulate emissions from gasoline engines. Several public figures called for America’s cities to ban the use of autos within city limits. That proved economically infeasible. It also proved unnecessary, as fuel chemistry and emission-control technology rose to meet the challenge.

     Today’s attack, of course, is via the phantasm of “global warming.” The data are explicit: there is no such climatological problem. It’s a pure fiction founded upon inapplicable contexts and tendentious simulations. But Big Lie techniques have been deployed to insert the notion into common discourse. Indeed, opposing it is one way to get oneself targeted for “cancellation.”

     The tyrants’ aim behind these assaults is always the same: to restrict or eliminate the use of fossil fuels. That is: to restrict or eliminate the use of fossil fuels by the common folk. Our elites have no intention of restricting themselves; they’re important. Consider the odious John Kerry’s recent behavior.

     Why are the tyrants so hostile to oil and gas? It’s ultimately quite simple. They seek to reduce our mobility: in particular, our ability to move away from them. They intend that our preference for detached single-family homes be countered by making them too expensive to heat and light. The effect would be to drive Americans into the cities, into multi-family housing. Urbanization, which inevitably imposes shared, politically managed essential services, makes people easier to monitor and control. Another consequence would be to reduce our economic latitude, both as producers and consumers. Large corporations would be the beneficiaries. Compare that scenario with present-day Europe.

     I’ve said it before: when the “problem” keeps changing but the “solution” is always the same, you may rest assured that the “solution” is what the crisis-shouters really care about. Keep that in mind.

Serious Stuff, Now

Now that the Clown Impeachment is over, it’s time to focus on the proposed misdeeds of the House, Senate, and Deep State regulators and administrators.

Such as this plan to put the Reigning Deep State (RDS) in charge of everything, forever.

But, wait, there’s MORE! That doesn’t even cover a small portion of the awfulness of the bill – HR 1 – that aims to wipe out opposition to the Left’s dominance for all time.

And, by dominance, I mean complete inability to offer even a token resistance without incurring severe penalties.

Here’s the List of Need-To-Be-Primaried-GOP. It should be made clear to the GOP leadership in those states, that, should the ‘insurgent’ opponent NOT receive the nod for the ballot, voters will organize to elect the Dem in that state.

Better an Open Enemy, than a Cowardly Traitor.

For that matter, don’t wait until the next election – ‘encourage’ them to resign – SOON!

February 15, 2021

I started this yesterday, but got lazy and decided to keep it over another day. That’s the beauty of being a self-employed blogger – I decide when to hit the Publish Button.

And, that’s my answer to this man, who talks about how the NYT silences divergent voices (which they do, but who cares). He was a blogger – a successful one – who shut down his online writing. He blames the NYT.

I don’t. I blame his FEAR. He FEARED the feedback that would be driven by NYT labeling his writing as “WrongThink”. As thought all that many people actually READ the “Old Gray Lady” anymore. Come on! They’re a joke.

Except in that small circle of ‘Officially Smart’ people, whose opinion Rinehart, like so many others who live in those rarified places, desperately crave. They, not their readers, give the NYT and all of that Legacy Media its power.

That’s what Trump tapped into when he swerved to posting his thoughts on Twitter. Most of the country – outside of that Elite, Privileged Group – gets its news from:

  • Facebook posts (the link is generally there, but – I have to be honest – most people don’t go much further than scanning the headline and a few sentences).
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok (and, given the time constraints, the point better be made quickly)
  • Network talk shows/’newslike’ shows, like Today, Fox Rising, and the local news – which all have occasional snippets of actual breaking news sandwiched within a large portion of filling – gossip, sports, and ‘human interest’ stories
  • Conversations with friends and family
  • Text messages
  • Virtual meetings with family
  • Church sermons
  • And, for a small but steady group – blogs

He tapped into that ability to bypass the Traditional News Media, and catapulted to the Presidency.

Don’t discount that advantage. The Dems did not, and were driven to working with the Tech donors to shut down all access to non-approved people on mutiple channels. For heaven’s sake, they had to mobilize MasterCard and other payment processors to refuse service to the NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents), lest they use that alternative access to the public to both get their message out, and to support themselves in the process.

I agree with Ornery Dragon – you CAN call it censorship, even if the entity doing it is not government, but private companies.

So, follow the advice of one of the most influential men of the 20th century.

The Fearful And What They Fear

     Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity They seem more afraid of life than death. – James F. Byrnes

     There was no security in this world and only damn fools and mice thought there could be. – Robert A. Heinlein, Glory Road

     These past two days, I’ve encountered several articles about the proprietor of a site called Slate Star Codex. I know relatively little about that site and its proprietor, who goes by “Scott Alexander.” Apparently that’s not his full and correct name. He reserves his actual name to himself. His reason is one I’ve heard many times before: safety.

     But it doesn’t take much effort to unearth the full name, and most of the other personal particulars, of anyone who has a site on the World Wide Web. The anonymous user is “safe” only to the extent that his potential assailants are and remain lazy bums. If Jones wants to know the full and correct name of anonymous, moniker-wielding Smith, he can get it, and much else about Smith besides. What he might do with that information is a separate subject.

     However, “Scott Alexander” is unhappy that the New York Times has revealed his full and correct name. Now, in his position, I’d be irked too: not for reasons of “safety,” but because my express wishes had been violated by a low organ of yellow journalism that hopes to intimidate everyone whose perspectives and opinions it disapproves. Still, this is what the Times does. We who’ve been watching it for a while should be unsurprised, especially since Slate Star Codex appears to have attained some influence among Silicon Valley technologists and venture capitalists.

     The Times would not have been able to affect this person’s “safety” had he adopted a somewhat different posture. The first approach that comes to mind is this: he could have announced that “Scott Alexander” is his full and correct name. The misdirection implicit in doing so would frustrate many a curiosity-seeker, especially if the approach were combined with a little misinformation about locale. It wouldn’t provide a perfect shield for his identity, but it would be better than allowing the public to know that “Scott Alexander” is not his full and correct name.

     But there’s another approach that’s even better: the one I prefer and employ. My full and correct name, which is linked at many points to my home address, is associated with every word I write. Along with that I’ve let it be known that: 1) I’m well armed; 2) I shoot first and worry about the paperwork later. (I also have three large, protective dogs, and a wife who shoots as willingly and well as I. Can’t be too well prepared these days.) My willingness to “expose myself” in this fashion also increases the persuasive power of what I say. An opponent knows he cannot intimidate me into silence. Attacking me physically would probably cost him his life. Therefore, he must argue against me or retire from the field.

     Those who want to limit the reach or effectiveness of your thinking and writing have many ways to do so. They can argue against you, whether honestly or otherwise. They can slander you. They can associate you with all manner of low creatures and causes. And of course, they can attack you physically if they can find you – and if they’re willing to court the potential consequences. There’s no way to remove all those tools from an opponent’s reach, but if you’re staunch in your convictions and willing to defend yourself in the clinches, you’ll be all right.

     The one thing you must never, ever do is show fear. Just as in the animal kingdom, potential attackers are excited and emboldened by the scent of fear – and the resort to anonymity is one of the most reliable signs of fear.

     This is not a defense of “doxxing” or an exculpation of those who practice it, hoping to intimidate others out of the national discourse. He who prefers privacy and anonymity should be allowed the enjoyment thereof. But the belief that anonymity on the Web confers a significant degree of “safety” is mistaken. People who write from behind anonymizing monikers can be slandered just as effectively as those who go about with their identities in full view. As for physical safety, the 20-gauge / 9mm Parabellum approach has served me well, though each should choose his chamberings and calibers according to his tastes.

Who Could See This Coming?

Readers may already have had opportunity to use the title of this piece. Don’t be surprised to find it the up and coming, all purpose, rhetorical question. Yes, one usually hears this question asked sarcastically as “Who couldn’t,” but these are times where sarcasm falls flat.

For those brave enough to say it, provided is an answer that may be given to those 1) too stunned to think of one because of their suffering or 2) too fearful to express what common sense tells them, or 3) just too dumbed-down so as to be incapable of thought. (See the movie — now not so much fantasy/farce as documentary — Idiocracy for examples.)

Today we have a case where the question could be raised. It came in the news out of fossil energy rich Texas. 

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas emphasized the need for people to reduce energy use… As temperatures dropped to near-record lows Sunday…  “We are experiencing record-breaking electric demand due to the extreme cold temperatures that have gripped Texas … At the same time, we are dealing with higher-than-normal generation outages due to frozen wind turbines.”

  • Question: Who could see this coming?
  • Answer: Certainly today’s God-envying, sustainability worshiping rulers. They learned well from all collectivist predecessors of the 20th Century on how to murder over 100 million subjects while relegating the rest to penury, misery and state imposed terror.

 You are free to go back to sleep. My friends and I will pray that you awaken before you freeze.

The Genes Will Tell

     I’ve gotten quite a giggle these past few months over the entrance into women’s sports events of biological men who claim to be women. A curious thing happens when that’s permitted: the winner of the event is always a biological man. As my Roman ancestors might have said, mirabile dictu! (Or as a contemporary American would probably put it, “Whoda thunk it?”)

     Needless to say, some women – especially women involved in women’s sports – are rather exercised about the whole thing. I can understand it perfectly. Indeed, my sympathy is boundless – right up to the point where those women are posed a very simple question:

“Is a transwoman a woman in truth?”

     That’s when the hemming and hawing begins.

     I have no problem with a man of effeminate characteristics changing his appearance, his dress, and his manner to resemble that of a woman and thereafter living as if he is female, just as long as he doesn’t use his altered appearance to commit a crime or an interpersonal deception. That practice has been going on for quite some time, really. I’ve written about such men in my novels Experiences and The Wise and the Mad. If criminality and cruelty are absent, so is any objection I might make.

     But for a well developed, athletically gifted man to exploit the current “transgenderism” craze to enter women-only sporting events is beyond any possible justification. A word I cordially detest in most contexts — unfair — is the only possible evaluation.

     What’s that? You’re seriously asking why? Genetics, my good man, genetics! The Y chromosome and what goes along with it confer immense physical advantages on men over women, statistically speaking. It’s why women-only sporting competitions exist.

     I would hope that the Gentle Readers of Liberty’s Torch don’t need to have that explained to them. I think far too much of you folks. But from here we move to a couple of related topics that are, shall we say, likely to generate high emotions. I think you’ll find the contrast in attitudes illuminating.

     Just as men and women differ physically, they also differ emotionally. Here again there is general if not entirely comfortable agreement. Women are more emotionally driven than men. They tend to be more dependent on their support groups than are men. (Indeed, men seldom have “support groups,” unless you count the neighborhood tavern’s collection of regular attendees.) Women are more concerned with winning the consensus of their social circles than are men.

     Genetics again? Hard to say with perfect confidence, but the pattern is well established, impossible to gainsay. The same is true for the well established differences between the sexes in occupational preferences. Far fewer women are attracted to the STEM fields than are men. Despite decades of effort to attract increasing numbers of women into the scientific and technological fields, men still heavily outnumber women in all of them.

     The point here is not some sort of invidious comparison. The sexes differ in several ways. The ability of one of them to conceive and bear a child is only one such. It’s not about “better” or “worse.” It’s certainly not about “value.” It’s about perceptible, enduring differences that have resisted efforts to change them and being frank about them, just as we’re frank about the athletic differences between the sexes.

     Breeding matters. It always has and always will.

     While there are probably characteristics one cannot breed for, it’s definite that there are things one can breed for. Physical beauty and physical prowess are among them. Why are there so many beautiful women in Southern California? Because attractive women who sought to enter the world of cinema, whether or not they succeeded in doing so, remained there, married handsome men, and produced children from those matings. No, not all of their offspring were absolute stunners, but a percentage of them were. A higher percentage than one would find elsewhere in these United States. The same is true for athletic potential, for height, for eye and hair color, and for other characteristics…including a few that one should not, ethically speaking, attempt to reproduce (e.g., deafness).

     Luther Burbank knew it. What applies to plants applies with equal validity to animals and men. Gregor Mendel knew that.

     The thorniest of all subjects within the envelope of heritability is intelligence. To what extent is intelligence heritable? The consensus among cognitive scientists is that there is a predisposition toward high intelligence among the children of the intelligent. The heritability factor is variously estimated to be between 20% and 60%. But few of them will say so “out loud,” as there are large, militant interest groups all too eager to destroy anyone who might suggest that breeding matters to intellect.

     Yet here again, there are patterns to be observed that no man can gainsay. One of them is the difference in the distribution of IQ scores between Caucasian men and Caucasian women. The two distributions’ means are just about identical, but their standard deviations differ significantly. Why? No one knows. But the pattern has persisted for at least a century.

     The number of scholars that dare to discuss such matters in public grows smaller every year. Those militant interest groups are frighteningly good at using strategically composed and placed slanders to destroy reputations and careers. Ask Arthur Jensen. Ask Philippe Rushton. Ask Charles Murray.

     Only one thing do I know, and that is this: To condemn a fact because it crosscuts one’s political agenda doesn’t falsify the fact. It merely renders the condemners and those who go along with them vulnerable to their prejudices in ways that could cost them heavily at some unpredictable future time. Reality is cruel that way. It always has been to men who prefer their wishes to the observable, verifiable facts.

     Wasn’t that fun? Maybe tomorrow we’ll talk about race.

Read This To The Very End

     Then reflect on the profound wisdom it contains:

The Importance Of Fellowship

     You’re welcome.

     “I shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” — Dale Carnegie

The Acquittal

     “They say ‘It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.’ I say ‘It’s not who you know; it’s what you’ve got on ‘em.’” – Lawrence Block

     It was a foregone conclusion that every Senate Democrat would vote to convict President Trump of inciting the January 6 disturbance at the Capitol so inaccurately called an “insurrection.” The Democrat Party practices party discipline at a level that would intimidate a legion of dominatrices. There’s no “voting your conscience” among Democrats. Any Democrat who might dare to imagine that he could defy his party’s bosses would find himself the recipient of a very severe punishment – probably sufficient to remove him from his office at the next election, and possibly worse. What’s amazed many onlookers is the willingness of seven Republicans to vote against Trump, despite the utterly clear evidence that he was in no way responsible for the disturbance.

     Those seven Republican Senators were:

  • Richard Burr of North Carolina
  • Susan Collins of Maine
  • Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
  • Mitt Romney of Utah
  • Ben Sasse of Nebraska
  • Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

     A few of them were known denigrators of President Trump. Those might be expected to take a little vengeance against him for “invading their precinct:” i.e., getting elected to the presidency, an office every Senator imagines he’ll hold one day, as a complete political outsider. What about the others?

     One explanation is a warped perception of events. That’s barely possible, given all the evidence available in Trump’s defense. While implausible, it might serve as a cover behind which to conceal other motives.

     Another is a desire to cuddle up to the de facto Democrat majority (50 plus the vice-president). The principal attraction of politics is power over others, and power is difficult to exercise from a minority position. Remember the Jim Jeffords and Arlen Specter defections. They were not singular events destined to be historically unique.

     The third explanation is the one I find most credible. It’s expressed by the Lawrence Block quote at the top of this piece.

     The Deep State, including its investigative components in the Department of Justice and the intelligence agencies, is firmly aligned with the Democrats and the political Establishment generally. Deep Staters see their future as dependent on Establishmentarian control of the corridors of power…and they’re absolutely correct about that. Donald Trump threatened their “rice bowls” as did no other president of the century behind us. Thus they would naturally see it as in their interests to remove Trump from the White House, and to weaken any of his remaining political supports. If they could do so by suborning Senate Republicans, they would have no problem with it.

     Commentators once trumpeted warningly about the ability of the FBI under Hoover, and the IRS under anyone, to amass compromising information about political figures. It’s been rumored for some time that President Richard Nixon made use of such information to secure his power. It’s certain – documented – that the Clintons did so, whether or not the FBI was actively engaged in their efforts.

     So when we look to “our” representatives and see them behaving in ways contrary to their supposed convictions and their campaign promises, we are fully justified in wondering: What have the Democrats and the Deep State got on ‘em? Considering the river of money that flows through Congress, it’s a lead-pipe cinch that every member of Congress is tempted, at the very least, to dip a spoon into the stream. It would take quite a lot of strength of character to resist for one’s entire tenure in office…and strength of character is not commonly found in members of the political class in this Year of Our Lord 2021.

For the children.

Entities in the narrative world which threaten imperial narrative domination are attacked, smeared, marginalized and censored.

That’s all we are seeing with the increasingly shrill mainstream panic about disinformation, conspiracy theories, foreign propaganda and domestic extremism. Our rulers and their media lackeys are not compassionately protecting us from deception, they are ensuring that they remain the only ones authorized to administer deception. By golly the only ones allowed to deceive us should be our government, our news media, our teachers and our priests.

Johnstone: The Real World And The Narrative World.” By Caitlin Johnstone, ZeroHedge, 2/12/21 (emphasis added).

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