Paging Alexandre Solzhenitsyn

First, I would like to thank Francis for inviting me to become one of the authors on his blog – I am deeply honored by this trust he’s placed in me.  I will attempt to post at least weekly as I also do write for Granite Grok, a NH-based conservative blog – if politics is local (thank you Tip O’Neil) then I need to have a hand in that as well.  (With Francis’ stated permission, my last piece there, “Ideological Superorganisms”, is here.)

Also, please forgive any squirrely formatting; I think I’ll need some help on learning how to indent quotations properly.


I have only touched on his seminal tome, The Gulag Archipelago, though it is on my list of to be read books, the stack of which is growing faster than my available time to read.  But his observation, above, echoes another fantastic quote:

Both have a similar theme: People who are convinced they are doing good will rationalize their evil deeds. So now our host has an essay, There Is No Time, in which he revisits his old blog:

On March 2, 3, and 4 of this year, the Texas Academy of Sciences held its annual conclave, at which it awarded a certain Eric Pianka, a biologist at the University of Texas, with its Distinguished Texas Scientist Award. Whatever Dr. Pianka’s achievements as a researcher or educator might be, they were overshadowed, for the moment at least, by his proposition that 90% of the human race must die (bolding mine for emphasis):

“Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine,” Eric Pianka cautioned students and guests at St. Edward’s University on Friday. Pianka’s words are part of what he calls his “doomsday talk” — a 45-minute presentation outlining humanity’s ecological misdeeds and Pianka’s predictions about how nature, or perhaps humans themselves, will exterminate all but a fraction of civilization.

 Though his statements are admittedly bold, he’s not without abundant advocates. But what may set this revered biologist apart from other doomsday soothsayers is this: Humanity’s collapse is a notion he embraces.

Indeed, his words deal, very literally, on a life-and-death scale, yet he smiles and jokes candidly throughout the lecture. Disseminating a message many would call morbid, Pianka’s warnings are centered upon awareness rather than fear.

 The solution?

A 90 percent reduction.

That’s 5.8 billion lives — lives he says are turning the planet into “fat, human biomass.” He points to an 85 percent swell in the population during the last 25 years and insists civilization is on the brink of its downfall — likely at the hand of widespread disease.

“[Disease] will control the scourge of humanity,” Pianka said. “We’re looking forward to a huge collapse.”

If you haven’t, please read the whole thing he wrote – the quotes from this quoted man’s students should be shudder-inducing, as are other quotes cited by our host through the post.

In my resumption of my faith and its growth from that seed-crystal dropped in a supersaturated solution – my soul clearly having been eager for my conscious resumption of it – I have seen His hand in so many things.  Right now, as I have been invited to write here, is another… for I found several other blogs and articles in my morning surfing that are spot-on relevant.  Coincidence? Certainly timely.

One, also cited by our host though I came to it independently, is A Repost On Agenda 21 or Whatever They’re Doing Now.  In this post Silicon Graybeard also revisits an older post in which he has these chilling quotes, and his own thought (italics reversed to highlight the block quote):

  • CNN Founder Ted Turner: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
  • Dave Foreman, Earth First Co-Founder: “My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full complement of species, returning throughout the world.”
  • Maurice Strong: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

Gee, the moderate guy only wants to kill off more than 95% of the human race.  See the current world population is around 7 billion people.  For Dave Foreman, 100 million out of 7 billion is 100 out of 7000 or 1.4 %.  At 300 million, Ted Turner would generously let 4.3% live.

You have to wonder at the mentality that prompts a person to entertain, let alone smile about the prospect of eliminating so many people.  That calls humanity a scourge on the planet.  Don’t forget Bill Gates-of-Hell’s comment about using vaccines to reduce the population.  That echoes the Georgia Guidestones’ famous pledge:

Hearkening back to a question, paraphrased but expanded, that I asked on my former blog and multiple times in multiple venues:

Imagine that you believed, truly believed, that unless humanity cut CO2 emissions to zero and vastly reduced mankind’s population, that all life on earth was doomed.  Faced with that belief, that certainty, what would you not do to stop that from happening?

In wanting, and working towards, a slaughter of living people that dwarfs Socialism/Communism, that dwarfs the ravages of Islam, remember: These people believe they are doing good.  And, in parallel, those who oppose them are evil for stopping their efforts to save the world.

In a more Covid-specific post, We cannot save them, Surak states this (bolding added):

The experts with whom she speaks expect a decrease in fertility (already happening), and an increasing number of deaths and disabilities from inflammatory and auto-immune diseases, over time ranges from the next few months to the next several years. The cost in lives these experts forecast is unlike anything humanity has experienced since the medieval Black Death. The survivors will be crippled economically by the burden of supporting the disabled.

In watching this derangement, particularly in light of the above, I will make a prediction that the timeframe for the depopulation to occur is more like months than years.  Why do I predict this?  Two reasons:

First, Murphy is a bastard.  Corona viruses are notorious for mutations, and given the possibility for it to mutate to something that would trigger vaccinated people to drop before the Globalists are ready, they’re in a race to get it into everyone so that if (when) that happens, there’s nothing that can be done, and not sufficient people who have refused to make a difference. Imagine if, thanks to a “timely” mutation, people who have had The Jab start dying at visibly greater rates than those who have abstained, and in numbers that cannot be “debunked away”. IMHO this is their biggest fear.

Second, people are waking up.  Not many, but I am seeing – for example, on LinkedIn – more and more people questioning The Narrative about masks and The Jab.  My feed on LinkedIn is full of such doubts, and people are getting canceled left and right there as they question The Narrative on Bill Gates of Hell’s platform – and so, too, are people questioning why reasoned arguments by qualified people, supported by research and other evidence, cannot be shared.  People are questioning why they cannot ask questions.

Consider this quote on LinkedIn:

The Resistance is growing. Gatherings I’ve been at in WNY lately have been fairly large and no one wore a mask.

A local Boston-based morning talk show was hammering on this in the morning as I drove the kids to school. And one caller pointed out – paraphrased from memory – that part of the desperation to compel everyone to have The Jab is the secret knowledge of the Left that this is, in fact, a depopulation strategy, and knowing that Conservatives are far more likely to resist getting it, they’re afraid of being vastly outnumbered when the die-off begins. Food for thought, certainly.

I go into most stores maskless and, aside from the occasional hostile look, nobody questions it. I am seeing more and more people without them – still a minority, but awareness is building in general.  Someone with whom I was speaking the other day, live and in person, was not aware that the vaccine makers are legally not liable for any damage or harm their injections cause. 

They were shocked, being totally unaware of this; I had them look it up on their phone and the look of horror on their faces as they realized they could develop problems (never mind being dead) and nothing could be done legally to obtain even a dime in compensation… that’s a new apostate from the Covidian faith, for sure.

In general, more and more anecdotes of harm – including deaths – are being shared.  E.g., here, and here, and here.  People are starting to question.  Anecdotal data, like rumors of increased miscarriages and lowered fertility, are starting to come out despite frenetic debunking articles being spun out within days of the initial reports.

So I expect the pathological & manic push for this to go to ludicrous speed – down to two year olds!  As will the push for vaccine passports regardless of what resistance The People put up.  And then the culling onslaught will start – whether by plan and design to reduce the population, or by Mother Nature’s mutational nemesis following on the globalist hubris.

Hashem help us all.


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  1. And, of course, right after I posted this I found another excellent – and very apropos – quote by Aldous Huxley:
    Men show at least as much zeal in mischief as in well doing, in folly as in wisdom. The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people that they will have  a chance of maltreating someone. Men must be bribed to build up and do good by the offer of an opportunity to hurt and pull down.  To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.

  2. So glad to see you here – I wish you well with your blogging.
    I remember reading – years ago – The Ugly American. One of the most interesting parts to me was the description of how the Communist agitators used public protests to teach the behaviors that you would call swarming. To learn to act in concert with the crowd, without realizing the extent to which their behaviors had been choreographed.
    Don’t delay too long on the Gulag book – it was one of my first introductions to counter-cultural thinking (counter to the Leftist Culture). Absolutely saved my life, as, after reading it, I could never fall into the seductive blandishments of the Left.

    • Dusty on April 21, 2021 at 2:24 AM

    Stunning and eye opening for sure. I am looking forward to more of your timely work. Thanks.

  3. Good choice, Fran!!
    And great article, RPJ

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