Baseline Essays

The following pieces, which originally appeared at the old, Blogger-based Liberty’s Torch, are considered fundamental to the philosophy and orientation of this site and its Co-Conspirators. Others may be added over time.

  1. “Bring Back Our Country!” What we were, and could be again.
  2. Cause People: Anthropologists and sociologists, take note!
  3. “Compelling Government Interest:” A canard at the base of many others.
  4. If This Goes On: Our racial troubles and one possible outcome.
  5. Sapir-Whorf In The Saddle: the attack on our language is political at heart.
  6. “Too Much Like Work!” Our society “victims” could help themselves…but they won’t.
  7. Wastrels: Concerning the destruction of Americans’ ability to trust one another.
  8. The Conservative-Libertarian Schism: The issues that have united and divided libertarians and “orthodox” conservatives.
  9. From My Cold Dead Hand: Firearms and the American ethic.
  10. Dark Gods: The disembodied – fictional, really – beings that threaten America and its promise.
  11. Dark Gods Part 2: The War on Truth: Exactly that.
  12. Ultra Vires: Quandaries for Catholics and Conservatives: An exposition on baseline authorities for those two communities of conviction.
  13. The “Off the Mishnory Road” trilogy: Important divergences from contemporary habits of thought:
  14. The “Stupid Or Evil” trilogy
  15. Present Enemies, Future Wars: The threat Islam poses to the West.
  16. Tea Leaves By Twilight: A reflection on contemporary race relations.
  17. On Being White: Just what it says.
  18. Pragmatics: A demolition of “social justice.”
  19. Heroes: What they are, what they aren’t and why every society needs them.
  20. The Food Chain: What makes Christianity really different.
  21. King Cash: Money, commerce, and privacy.
  22. Shamans: One route to power over people is power over their language.
  23. “The Good Ship NEWF: The nature of identity.
  24. A Cabal Of Its Enemies: Why a standing diplomatic institution cannot work as intended.
  25. Disparates: Why abortion is no simple matter of “a woman’s right to choose.”
  26. The Desiccated Remains: What is liberty?
  27. The Most Awful Day: When civilized nations abrogated the rules of civilization.
  28. Giantism: The enabling and sustaining conditions for “bigness.”
  29. Egos the Size of Cathedrals: What happens when Christian humility is spurned in favor of overweening pride.
  30. The Helix: Prayer and why it’s a good thing.
  31. Pieties: Every society has them – and to contradict them is an act of daring.
  32. The New Segregationists: Word gets around. Always.
  33. “We The People,” Who? Why a nation’s borders are important and not mere “imaginary lines.”
  34. Damage: A discourse on homosexuality.
  35. A Maxim, The Law, and the State of the Nation: Why is ignorance of the law no excuse?
  36. For the Feast of the Epiphany: The true significance of that celebration.
  37. The New Lunatics: An inmates’ insurgency.
  38. Principles and Politics: Why the former are important to the latter.
  39. Patterns: No, the fox cannot, will not, and must not “guard the henhouse.”
  40. The Manly Virtues: A burden men once knew it was their duty and birthright to shoulder.
  41. Bellwethers Everywhere: The Celebritarian Revolution: Politics by celebrity prescription is the latest attack on our polity.
  42. When It Came: A prognostication.
  43. The Calculus of Freedom: Philosophical underpinnings and discarded remnants.
  44. Licensure: The State’s best scam for taking away your freedom and selling it back to you.
  45. On Privacy: We want it – so why are we making it impossible for ourselves?
  46. Habituations: A discourse on the State’s use of “salami tactics.”
  47. The Forbidden Subject: Thou shalt not mention race…if you’re white, that is.
  48. Strifings: The State’s use of divide et impera to make us more ruleable.
  49. Owners: Who owns you? Defend your thesis.
  50. An Intellectual’s Duty: For the love of God, don’t elect smart people to high office! (No, not me, either!)
  51. Language Corruption Continues: The deliberate distortion of common terms for political purposes.
  52. Exclaves: “Nations within the nation.”
  53. Nightmares Of A Wine Enthusiast: Just read it.
  54. You’re Getting Colder! A debunking of “global warming.”
  55. The Naked Face Of The Enemy: Gaze upon it and shudder.
  56. Demographics and the Medicalization of Human Existence:
    We are becoming reduced to death-and-pain-o-phobiacs.
  57. The Nature of Money and Currency: A vital distinction the State is trying to obscure.
  58. The Nature of Money and Currency Part 2: Bimetallism and Gresham’s Law: What happens when there are “too many monies.”
  59. The Nature of Money and Currency Part 3: The Great Transformation: The devolution of the American money system.
  60. The Nature of Money and Currency Part 4: The Emergence of Banks and Banking: “The System” as we know it had to start somewhere.
  61. The Tirade Of Tirades: FWP’s call for personal, individualized, moral revolution, on which all other social and political improvement depends.
  62. Crisis: The Agar of Leviathan: How aspiring tyrants exploit crises to expand their power.
  63. What Are “National Defense” and “National Security?” Two phrases without firm definitions that have served the political Establishment superbly.