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Some Random Observations About 1/6


A New Post

At my Right As Usual – The New Generation site.

Objective truth.

In the 1960s, students fought for free speech but as a means to give voice to their cutting-edge progressive sensibility, which included contempt for the logic and achievements of existing institutions and for the wisdom contained in old books and ideas. Today’s students, sustained by a campus culture in which that progressive sensibility prevails, wish …

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We Did It. We Let This Happen.

I was reading The Bookwormroom – the post was on the old Highlights for Children – and I started thinking about how much everything had changed over my lifetime. In her post, she contrasted the former children’s magazine, that tried to enlighten children about expected behaviors, in the cartoons Goofus and Gallant, that contrasted their …

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Gotta Read This Guy’s Work

Here. And, it looks as though we may – finally – have our house in the Cleveland area. Got a good rate on a mortgage, the offer was accepted, and we’re just waiting for the results of the inspection (will be on Monday, results within a few days by email). If you’ve not used Pillar …

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The Elois’ Smile

The phrases “Life imitates art” and vice versa are often bandied about because they work.  In this case, the Eloi from H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine came to mind after talking with a parent of one of my kids’ classmates at a kid sporting event.  Puffing up proudly, he declared that both he and his …

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Understanding the Process of the Left

The Z Man has an excellent analysis of the inner workings of the Left, focusing on the Hive Mind. It makes sense, and shows why rational attempts to fight it are so futile. You cannot reason them out of their beliefs. The BEST thing you can do is to work towards structure that will not …

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The More We Uncover Their Schemes,…

…the craftier they get in finding new ways to cheat. It’s a moving target – and, like Charlie Brown, we fall for it just about every time. The trouble is, we expect most people to be like us – mostly honest. And, that is true – for MOST of us. But, it is not true …

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The 7.3 Billion Dollar, er, Person Question

—– OK, most of us have seen the above picture and know at least the outline of the story behind that monument.  There are several things in the construction of this edifice that truly set my personal alarm claxons off: Nobody knows where the money for this came from.  The identity of the financiers is …

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This Needs to Stop

But, given the culture in the Modern Democratic Party, will not – as long as the *Resident, and much of Congress and the Senate, are in thrall to China and other countries. I’ve long been around Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and other Asian groups). It’s pretty much the standard today in STEM fields. Most are …

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Pearls of expression.

In a “60 Minutes” interview the devious duo [Bill and Hillary] was trying to spin their way out of Jennifer Flowers tattling on her long-term affair with Bill. . . . Bill and Hill were supposed to come off as a normal, wholesome, devoted-to-each-other married couple instead of the more accurate picture that was coming …

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Two narratives about Franken-19.

Raúl Ilargi Meijer nicely contrasts the control/manipulation v. common sense thinking about The Virus: “A Tale of Two Narratives.” By Raúl Ilargi Meijer, The Automatic Earth, 7/27/21. I still find the deception and malevolence behind the control narrative astonishing. It’s a great tragedy that such an infestation of evil thinking occurred in the United States …

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The giant middle finger from the toads.

The passage of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 was a classic demonstration of how America works, or doesn’t, depending on your point of view. While we focus on differences between Republicans and Democrats, it’s their uncanny habit of having just a sliver of enough agreement to pass crucial industry-friendly bills …

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Quick Takes

One: The Left ruins everything it touches —– —– Our host tipped me off to this piece up about the “wokification” and corrupting of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings which was, actually, the first true long and weighty piece of literature I ever read.  In that tip our host stated (italics in original): The trend …

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A giant uncontrolled experiment.

I have the feeling that the story about Covid and the vaccines is about to change dramatically . . . . That is, we will be moving from “the vaccines will save you” to “the vaccines may kill you”. And I don’t mean through unintentional and unfortunate adverse effects, though those are bad enough, and …

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Collection of Covid Info

All links are presented “as is” and I make no guarantee for the accuracy / truthfulness of any. However, as a pattern of what I’ve been observing, all the links presented here – and yes, I leave many I read out (believe it or not!) – seem to me to fit into a unified and …

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Idaho Governor’s Message to Californians.


H/t: The Burning Platform.

A Quick Alert

I’m heading out of town for a few days. The Lord of the Manor will be staying behind, this trip. We’re still trying to nail down a house: That we can afford without dipping into our retirement funds, and that will not require a bridge loan. That is big enough to give us some space, …

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A concept more honored in the breach of it.

Lead Engineer: It is obvious now that the intelligence agencies are now doing more to undermine the country than to protect it. These agencies need to have a top to bottom process engineering review to see what the objectives are, how work is being managed and who is working on what. Anyone and anything not …

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