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Brilliant video from Jimmy Dore.

Stuffing us like a goose.

The Weather Channel is just on fire on the matter of climate change. Many entries now in the contest for “Most media hysteria generated in one week.” I was going to give this Weather Channel climate change hysteria deal a rest after my last post but now I think I may have to make it …

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More Weather Channel climate hysteria.

12/1/21 — “Western Mountains Could Soon See Years of No-Snow Winters, New Study Says.” California could be hit in the late 2040s. Low- or no-snow winters by 2050. Warmer waters in the Pacific lead to less snow in winter storms. Snow pack last year at its peak was down 41% and California’s wet season is …

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The Deep State – Afghan Style

More evidence of the perniciousness of permitting the opposition to tunnel into your institutions. It’s not sufficient to defeat the partisan/ideological enemy at the ballot box; we ALSO have to root them out of our institutions. One more argument for reduction of the permanent government.

Broken climate models.

In short, no scientist who studies the range of scientific literature can reasonably claim that the subject of influences on the climate is remotely ‘settled’. The reality is that a multiplicity of factors are at work, and so, by focusing on human emissions, it appears that the IPCC has, through ‘force fitting’ between its selectively …

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Louis L’Amour.

Sam Jacobs’s latest on Louis L’Amour who crafted an “enduring mythology of the American West”: “Louis L’Amour: America’s Prolific Western Novelist.” The western is a unique American genre, to use a 50-cent French word. It celebrated toughness and justice in a period when self defense laws rarely posed a problem of intricate legal interpretation such …

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Social Virii in the Age of Technology

This is not a new area of research. Many biologists and other human science researchers have postulated about the seemingly viral-like nature of social memes and their spread. It’s nice to have some confirmation from research, but our Moms knew this: “Stay away from that crowd, they’re up to no good.” She knew intuitively, that …

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Packing For a Trip in the Techno-Age

I am settled down, for now. I had a mild panic about 1/2 hour ago; I could not find my iPhone anywhere. I asked Alexa to call me – nope, didn’t help me find it (the volume was turned down). I finally thought to use my iPad’s Find my iPhone app – it worked a …

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Reading About the Opioid Epidemic

I’m reading The Least of Us: True Tales of America and Hope in the Time of Fentanyl and Meth. It’s really well written, and has offered many details that surprised me. For example, did you know that one of the reasons that the Magic Bullet blender is so successful? Turns out that it is used …

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Hoist on Their Own Petard

UPDATE: The Judge tossed out this gun possession by a minor charge (not a felony, despite what I wrote below). This happens all the time in lawmaking; the zealots want to impose some restriction on citizens’ rights, and they ramrod a bill through in short order. Then, after the dust settles, they realize that their …

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Running on empty.

The West, in short, was Christendom. But Christendom died. If you live in the West now, you are living among its ruins. Many of them are still beautiful — intact cathedrals, Bach concertos — but they are ruins nonetheless.[1] The West is literally unmoored. Nothing controls us except untouchable elites, a corrupt press, arrogant billionaires, …

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Some Concerns About Technology

I’m not going to Go Ted Kaczynski, but I do have some concerns about the infiltration of technology into so many aspects of our lives. I wrote in the post above about all of the ways that I use technology in my life. Just from the things I could come up with, off the top …

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Demoralization of the United States.

Consider the weapons in the globalist armory of demoralization today: Critical Race Theory, Islam, cancel culture, “wokeness,” black crime, opioid addiction, transgenderism, Black Lives Matter, the legacy of “slavery,” unfettered immigration, Antifa, COVID, climate change. Each of these is a separate front in the Kulturkampf the Left is winning almost without resistance. “Yuri Bezmenov: How …

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Pearls of expression.

amerika v.2: “California Governor Out Of Public Sight Since Vaccine Booster Shot 11 Days Ago” i take back everything i said about Fauci “California Governor Out Of Public Sight Since Vaccine Booster Shot 11 Days Ago.” By Ivan Pentchoukov, ZeroHedge, 11/8/21.

Six days of Weather Channel climate hysteria.

11/9/21 — “Weather Influences Diseases in Honey Bees, Study Finds.” Honey bee populations struggle. Six honey bee diseases heavily influenced by certain types of weather. Diseases not all affected by weather in the same way. Climate variability and diseases. Scientists hope their research will help shine a light on the impact climate change could ultimately …

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Just to Catch You Up

I DID get the cordless snow blower, at a good price. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait too long – even at a megastore like HD, the supplies are limited, and the cheaper ones are going fast. And, in an associated note, make sure you get TWO batteries – and the charger (some boxes …

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It’s Been a Rough Month

Moving. Trying to stock the new house. Transferring a business across states. Long-term physical issues. Missing my adjustable bed and electric lounge chair. Family issues. Weather. Missing my radio club activities. Escalating economic problems in America and the world. So, I’m mostly posting at Right As Usual – The Next Generation. And, making my Task …

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Grotesque distortion.

Let’s be clear: I’m a screaming capitalist, but a pandemic world in which Bezos, Musk and other billionaire wealth has increased by 70% while 89 million Americans have lost their jobs is NOT capitalism, but a symptom of a rigged system in which the anti-trust rules I learned in law school, or the social and …

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The attack on whites.

It can not be made any clearer that white people, their rights, culture, history, and achievements are under full scale attack by their own government and own school systems. This sense of helplessness, together with declining job opportunities and incomes, rising prices, overrun borders, and inability to correct the situation through elections, makes it clear …

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