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We know that many of our readers are engineers, currently active or, like myself, retired. Are you familiar with the electrical analogy? Have you used it? In what field? Extensively? Please leave your answers in a comment. Or if you prefer privacy, please email me: pfervor — at– gmail dot com.

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Aspects of This Are Worth Cheering

Do you see why? Note how this recent(?) video becomes more significant after Tucker’s abrupt firing.

Let’s Say You Still Dismiss the Existence of Establishment Death Cult — UPDATED

And also, let us presume you don’t believe that the mNRA “vaccines” were methodically injecting toxic substances indiscriminately into various people across the globe for scientists™ “to see what happens.” Well then maybe the next time your doctor seems really convincing of the need for you take an injection you won’t care about this bit …

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Historian Hanson On the Left Daring Us To Go the Way of Rome

the Left is saying to America something along the following lines, “We are so morally superior to you that we can and must employ any means necessary to achieve our unpopular political ends. But you cannot respond in kind or deter us by mimicking our own tactics, because should both parties do so, the resulting …

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For Those Needing Proof That Climate Hysteria Is A Religion

This is a newsworthy item for infamous reasons. Faculty of Theology to confer eight honorary doctorates on 9 June 2023..Greta Thunberg, activist.. I’ve long maintained that climate hysteria is a religion. Once recognized as such, that fact could have been used to prevent the followers of that faith from eliminating all who disagree with them …

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An Utterly Absurd Bit of Gaslighting Accepted By Majority

Popped up from memory, a large segment of the American public ends up responding as does Imogene Coca at the end of this vignette. My point is Hollywood demonstrated this for the benefit of our political class 55 years ago.

If You’re Not Fuming Before 12 Minutes Has Passed….

I’ve warned that this was inevitable for decades. I refuse to comment further. We have passive readers and more bold ones. Rather than I go into a predictable rant, I much rather hear from readers their thoughts. Why is this happening? What would you wish were done next? What do you expect will be done …

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Following Up On “…but outrage is mandatory.”

This began as a comment to Surprise Is Optional…, about the revelations of the zero mark given baltimore students. But I feel I owe Fran a more thorough effort, to make clearer whatever worth what follows may have. I cannot imagine that anyone who is a regular at Liberty’s Torch has not read 1984 at …

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Mention of the Death Cult Has Entered the Mainstream

I am going to keep this brief. Ed Bonderenka, today on WAAM radio, provided us with the story. Included are clips of two good instances. You can hear him on podcast — at up to triple speed if you wish — at this link (for the date 2/11/2023.) The two audio clips are from this …

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One Trait Of An (“R”) Stalinist

Doug Mastriano was never a super candidate. I think he’s now sustained the voters’ impression that prevented him from ever igniting a following. His run wasn’t real. He was and is loyal opposition. Today he’s come out and fully endorsed the old party line of “just vote more, like the Democrats do, and we’ll win.” …

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Master Demonstration On How To Beat Social Engineering

My opinion of Professor Jordan Brent Peterson keeps rising. His mastery of impromptu speech, of finding the right words to describe what he is attempting convey on the fly, appears to me to be unparalleled in the world of today. His latest contribution to our battle to save civilization, published yesterday, is below. Normally I …

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This news item “Adam Kinzinger, House Republican Who Served on Jan. 6 Committee, Lands Job at CNN After Retiring” reminded me why I could never abide the easier to recognize but poor choice for a pejorative that is Republican In Name Only. For one thing, a RINO is still a republican, just not a constitutional …

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On The Reason Progs Favor Border Invaders

“…as the wetback problem was never about humanitarian concerns but about the accumulation of power via the fraudulent votes of the invaders….” — AoS coblogger CBD The reason I’m calling attention to this is I am hoping to prevent others from also carelessly parroting what I consider a red-herring. Heck, some of those migrants are …

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So Much More To Say, Kept Short

How much higher will “they” ever so gradually increase the load on lives before a societal circuit breaker kicks in? Last week there was this news: The Collapse of Consent in Canada, Canada’s surging number of assisted suicides reveals that consent is a weak and malleable thing. Amir Farsoud is going to be murdered. The …

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Take A Chance. Columbus Did.

I’ve tried over and again to come up with a warning that would have real effect. But time and again few others have been willing to speak of the mounting dangers and decrease the numbers who walk around wearing blinders. I no longer care that I am dismissed as a crank. The decency that I …

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Has A Super-majority Had Enough?

Because, as we learned the hard way in 2020, a majority is not enough. Come 8 November, the final scene below is the least they could do. So man the polls as you have never done before, because the enemy knows they have everything to lose. And so do you.

Spurred By “A New Time For Choosing”

Some of you may recall I reposted about my recollection of the 1980s update to that 1964 Reagan Speech in August of this year. Much thanks to Fran for alerting me about this new interest. Since Dan Bongino saw fit to bring this new reminder to our attention, I saw fit to bring to his …

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The Death Cult Doesn’t Hide Anymore

I say that because I, like Fran, have tried for more than 3 decades to get anyone with greater influence than we have to blow the whistle. The last person I expected to get on the bandwagon is Bill Whittle. For all the fine work he has done to express conservative values, he has always …

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Serving Up a Coda and Salve for the Two Earlier Pieces

Fran mentioned that awful vision from That Hideous Strength, a novelized form of Lewis’ dark warning, Abolition of Man, in which he informs of the Fabians’ pedagogical goal of producing men without hearts. Men who deride feelings such as nostalgia. Nostalgia. Nostalgia is found in the above coda to arguably the best symphony of the …

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Good reason to be suspicious of “Citizen Free Press”

To this post, 80 Canadian doctors have ‘died suddenly’… I left a short comment that read something like “Of course. Killing off effective healers would be a primary item on the agenda of our ever more openly active Death Cults.” I went back today to see if anyone responded to it and it was gone. …

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