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Shoot Down This Trial Balloon Fast

This headline, House chaos forces Senate to take the wheel on spending , suggests further defacto trampling of our constitution. All spending bills are to start in the House of Representatives. Calling the failure to keep the Continuing Resolution afloat a crisis is just one more assault on our freedom. Forces the Senate to violate …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 15Oct23: Shameless, Merciless, Godless

The story below is bad enough. That it occurred in a Jewish state that has become as secularized as any ostensibly Christian one is what prompted my choice of title. Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign dies of heart attack at age 8 The Death Cultists are shameless, merciless and Godless with clear consciences …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 22Sep23: Spurring Cancers

When you, dear readers, feel the urge to wave off my efforts as “there he goes again,” imagine what it was like for my kids. OTOH, they appeared to take my warnings seriously. I sincerely hope you do too.

The Chronicle of The DC, 7Sep23: Murder On The Sly

The Death of Informed Consent contains the following not uncommon report: “You’d tell the nurse that you didn’t want Remdesivir and she’d say, ‘Fine. But you’re a bit dehydrated, so let’s get some fluids in you.’ And she’d hook up the IV, but it wasn’t fluids. It was Remdesivir.” Read on. The report shows that …

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Too Schadenfreudean To Not Share

The Chronicle of the DC, 2Sep23: Orwellian Concei[l]ts

Sorry for the partial portmanteau. But today I’ve got an example for you of both concealment and conceits by the Death Cults. The title was my attempt to announce it in short. However you would never guess either of those from the FNC headline: UK court rules teen with rare disorder incapable of making decisions …

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The Chronicle of the DC, 27 Aug 23: Admission By Inuendo

In attempting to assure Maui residents that help would eventually come to them, the White House tweeted they were — ahem — laser-focused: 2. We're laser-focused on getting aid to survivors, including Critical Needs Assistance: a one-time $700 payment per household offering relief during an unimaginably difficult time. We have staff on the ground dedicated …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 24 Aug 23: Fomenting Toxicities [Updated]

The same city that tolerates homelessness and welcomes illegals who add to it, could not be clueless as to the public health degradation that had to come with it. The city of Los Angeles will issue a citation for washing one’s car in one’s driveway. The object was to penalize addition of untreated soap which …

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I Should Speak Like This Guy

The following would be more effective had the ranter not singled out the Democratic Party for their continued twisted support for Brandon. The GOP is little better in that I’ve heard none of them come close to the justifiable outrage this man exhibits. Citizen SNAPS at Joe Biden HOURS after he insulted victims of Maui …

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The Chronicle of the DC: 19Aug23 Maui 2

Goal of the Progs: seat in authority ideologues who care not one whit about preserving human lives. Useful idiots will get added support when they are fully aware of what they are empowered to do: commit mass murder by appearing to be inept while being perfectly protected from criminal charges. Hawaii official concerned with ‘equity’ …

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The Chronicle of the DC: 17Aug23 Maui

Please point out — to anyone who will listen — the Sustainability agenda of every major Western institution. It’s a religion with them. Their moral code is not that of decent human beings. To these neo-pagan Sustainability worshippers, sacrificed human life is what is sacred to them. The Progressive Movement — with its Sustainability priests …

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The Chronicle of The DC: 14Aug23 Speeding Things Up

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green warns ’10 to 20′ more Lahaina wildfire victims will be found dead each day as just 3% of the search area has been scoured – and says around 1,300 people are still missing To which Brandon added his “grace” note:


BETTER RED THAN DEAD wasn’t real when Red meant communist in the 1960s. Since the 2000 election, MSM in lockstep with USA Today, dyed the Reds blue, and assigned Americans as red. Today, with our ruling class religiously believing their decimation of us by any means possible will “save the planet,” BETTER RED THAN DEAD …

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The Chronicle of the DC: 7Aug23 Tainting Blood

Red Cross ends blood-donation restrictions that singled out gay and bisexual men Well, why not? After all, they got away with accepting blood from those who took the clot-shots. Since HIV takes so much longer to achieve the cults’ goals, this decision ought to raise not a ripple now.

The Chronicle of the DC: 29Jul23

The Chronicle of the DC: 27Jul23

The Chronicle of the DC: 13Jul09 Archives

John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet At that link is strong evidence that the Biden regime is clearly following through on what the Obama regime started. Not only that, but the Trump interim didn’t seem to slow them one bit as the excesses we’ve witnessed …

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The Chronicle of the DC: 20Jul23

I was alerted to this article by Wretchard at FB. More Than a Million Americans “Missing” as US Endures a Crisis of Early Death As you read it, it won’t take long to recognize it has been authored by concern trolls. Almost all of the alleged major contributions to early deaths of Americans are the …

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Assume Trump Is A Living Emmanuel Goldstein. What Then?

Anyone who ever read Orwell has likely had this assumption cross their mind. But it is the “What Then?” that becomes a very difficult problem to contemplate. Let’s explore the reasons for the difficulty simply arising from even thinking about the assumption. Getting people who like Trump to accept any notion that he’s an establishment …

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Exploring Implications Spotted In More Timid Reports

First of all, what do I mean by more timid reports? Whatever we read today is subject to censorship and its authors to cancellation. So expect to find reports that only call out the tip of any iceberg. Add to them commentaries that are slightly facetious, sarcastic or satirical. The authors can claim “I intended …

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