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Shortsighted: Bill Whittle A Bit Too Cheerful

These new age war tools are particularly attractive to a tyranny that views its subjects as domestic terrorists. Additionally, their existence reduces leaderhip risk by reducing personnel. As in the number who are equipped and might turn around and attack the tyrant. Like the soldiers at the Bastille did.

Additions to Ace’s Skepticism

Disinformation Expert Ace posted the following: Biden “Accepts” Offer to Debate, With Special Conditions to Protect Biden; Trump, for Some Lunatic Reason, Accepts His Terms. After each of the news items he offered up bits of doubt, sarcasm and skepticism. For instance Your first offer is accepted without reservations! This guy wrote The Art of …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 7May24: Reverse Envy Hatred

First, the recent, frequent mention of envy/covetousness and the last commandment in posts and comments suggests that readers of Liberty’s Torch would want to see this. Certainly the commandment lists only material things, but it also says “not anything that is thy neighbors.” Often overlooked but no less a possession, is love, ability, power, etc. …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 6May24: Compelled Wastefulness

That one was on a dam in India. This one, on the plains in Nebraska, was destroyed by hail. Only in Utopia (no place) there are no storms.

Cicero Saw Clearly

Everything about this post is short. Something simple should not require a great deal of words. The enemy outside the gates are far less to be feared. That is the shortened version of Cicero’s famous observation. I have begun to see it as eventually universally true. Certainly in light of Fran’s latest screeds noting past …

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Why The Decent Must Counter The Screams

The Progressive movement has always known the importance of the scream. Conservatives have, for the most part, been identified as the base of the “Silent Majority.” Indeed, we’ve had it beaten into us as a matter of pride that “we are not like them” by high minded voices such as William F. Buckley Jr. Well, …

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A Minor Insight That Could Inspire A Solution

I get a variety of emails. The headlines are often clickbait. This morning was I was offered this: America’s Top Enemy Suffers Devastating Blow – New Report Has Biden Weeping. It worked. I was curious who they meant. As I began reading I wasn’t impressed, so I began scanning. I didn’t see them actually name …

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A Despotic Self-Own By RFKJr

Say you know a classical liberal. The Dems have finally broken their bond with him, most notably with their Bolshevikian attacks on any one or group that exposes their faults. Their attacks on free speech has him leaning towards RFKJr because of some popular stances that align with his own. Specifically for people like that …

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Ignorance, Ingratitude Exploited By TPTB Sociopaths

Below I present two observations. They are nominally related. I’m not sure what can be done about them. But I am presenting them for your further consideration. In this short clip, Douglas Murray observes why so many alive in the West today have not a clue why they have had it so good. Now I’ll …

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Explain Why Obama, Admitting He’s Running Biden, Is Released

“The Obamas are RUNNING the Country,” says military historian Victor Davis Hanson. Barack Obama said he wanted to serve a third term “in my basement in my sweats.” And he’s “living his dream” using Joe Biden as a “cardboard person they cut out,” declared @VDHanson. “Obama never… — The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) February …

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Adding To Our List of Evils

Hat tip to Darin at Crusader Rabbit. Look at these women feeling sorry for pedophiles. They say pedophilia is a sexuality. One even says babies are born with it. We’re told to “overcome our negative feelings about pedophiles.” This is the cult of queer theory. This same trance-like ‘compassion’ they feel for… — Billboard …

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Progressive Jumble [Update]

Have you ever taken notice of the letters that spell out progressive? They can be used to make many new words. But could it be accidental how many of those only or mostly convey unpleasant meanings? Vipers Grieves Grievers Gripes Gripers Gropes Gropers Pigs Spies I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few more. I will leave …

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Shoot Down This Trial Balloon Fast

This headline, House chaos forces Senate to take the wheel on spending , suggests further defacto trampling of our constitution. All spending bills are to start in the House of Representatives. Calling the failure to keep the Continuing Resolution afloat a crisis is just one more assault on our freedom. Forces the Senate to violate …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 15Oct23: Shameless, Merciless, Godless

The story below is bad enough. That it occurred in a Jewish state that has become as secularized as any ostensibly Christian one is what prompted my choice of title. Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign dies of heart attack at age 8 The Death Cultists are shameless, merciless and Godless with clear consciences …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 22Sep23: Spurring Cancers

When you, dear readers, feel the urge to wave off my efforts as “there he goes again,” imagine what it was like for my kids. OTOH, they appeared to take my warnings seriously. I sincerely hope you do too.

The Chronicle of The DC, 7Sep23: Murder On The Sly

The Death of Informed Consent contains the following not uncommon report: “You’d tell the nurse that you didn’t want Remdesivir and she’d say, ‘Fine. But you’re a bit dehydrated, so let’s get some fluids in you.’ And she’d hook up the IV, but it wasn’t fluids. It was Remdesivir.” Read on. The report shows that …

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Too Schadenfreudean To Not Share

The Chronicle of the DC, 2Sep23: Orwellian Concei[l]ts

Sorry for the partial portmanteau. But today I’ve got an example for you of both concealment and conceits by the Death Cults. The title was my attempt to announce it in short. However you would never guess either of those from the FNC headline: UK court rules teen with rare disorder incapable of making decisions …

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The Chronicle of the DC, 27 Aug 23: Admission By Inuendo

In attempting to assure Maui residents that help would eventually come to them, the White House tweeted they were — ahem — laser-focused: 2. We're laser-focused on getting aid to survivors, including Critical Needs Assistance: a one-time $700 payment per household offering relief during an unimaginably difficult time. We have staff on the ground dedicated …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 24 Aug 23: Fomenting Toxicities [Updated]

The same city that tolerates homelessness and welcomes illegals who add to it, could not be clueless as to the public health degradation that had to come with it. The city of Los Angeles will issue a citation for washing one’s car in one’s driveway. The object was to penalize addition of untreated soap which …

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