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Is it Safe? Part 1

The wannabe despot is a coward. Before he acts he needs to feel the environment has been well prepared before he makes the next move. The title of this series comes from the line endlessly repeated by the Lawrence Olivier character as he tortured the one portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man. Well, in …

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A Spot of History

     This comes from FEE, by way of our favorite Graybeard. It concerns the first important communications development of the 19th Century, the telegraph:      In America, the first telegraph line was run by the federal government, from 1844 to 1846. As historian Burton Folsom explained,      Cave Johnson, the Postmaster General, argued that the …

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A Completely Uncoded Message

     If you’re not aware of them, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of the few organizations actively fighting for freedom of communication in today’s media, especially the Internet. They’ve made the unearthing, publicizing, and combating of threats to communications freedom and privacy their sole priority. They’re very good at it.      So when the …

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