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Giveaways 2021-07-20

     Very few people ask “why?” with sufficient frequency. Even fewer demand an answer and refuse to rest until they get one.      Consider the following three pieces: Get Vaccinated – Or Else Concerning recent church burnings in Canada The changing tone of the Mainstream Media      The unifying factor here might take a moment …

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It’s Time For Body Armor, Gentle Readers

     For more than a year, we were told that it was legally and morally imperative that we: Wear face masks; Stay away from one another; Stay away from churches, concerts, sports events, etc.      All this for an infectious disease no more dangerous than common influenza.      Then came the “vaccines.” For reasons too …

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Reality Is Racist, Say “Fact Checkers”

     Accurate journalism about crime, it seems, “fosters systemic racism.” Paul Joseph Watson reports:      If taking note of actual events, or faithfully reporting them to an audience of news consumers, is “racist,” then it won’t be long before: Testifying in court that you witnessed the commission of a crime is ruled contempt of court…if …

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Communications Breakdown

     This is likely to be one of my more discursive pieces – I’m warning myself as well as you, Gentle Readers – so please bear with me as I strive to organize it.      In keeping with the old dictum that the presentation of an important idea should have a tripartite structure: Tell them …

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Freudian Slips Dept.

     This one is courtesy of Wes Rhinier at NCRenegade:      Laugh? Cry? Or bellow in fury? In this particular multiple-choice test, there are no wrong answers.

Extinction And Rebirth

     We called them “the media.” Some of us knew why: they were the middlemen between us and the information we sought. They formed a conduit between events of significance and those of us who wanted to know about them. We trusted them to pass the information about those events to us, undistorted and untainted …

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Pushing The Outside Of The Credibility Envelope

     Courtesy of Weasel Zippers, we have this literally incredible story about Joe Biden’s “popularity:”      Joe Biden approaches the 100-day mark of his presidency with a relatively strong job approval rating and the public continuing to express positive views of the coronavirus aid package passed by Congress last month. Moreover, nearly three-quarters of Americans …

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Chronicles Of The Narrative Engineers

     Does anyone else remember this piece? I stated my conclusion and theme quite plainly:      If there’s anything that a conservative or libertarian must keep constantly in mind, it’s that whatever their enticements and cajolery, the Main Stream Media are not his friend. They’re not interested in his positions or his arguments for them. …

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“Domestic Terrorism” (UPDATED)

     I pay almost no attention to the mainstream media. While I’ll occasionally take note of one of their distortions or deceptions, normally I ignore them. They’ve fouled their own nests so thoroughly as to have forfeited all credibility as sources of verifiable information.      Nevertheless, the media are important: not because they convey important …

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“Bring Back Our Country!”

     First, a blast from the past: a piece I posted at the old Palace Of Reason about fifteen years ago:      Ever seen Federico Fellini’s movie Amarcord (I Remember)? It’s not the muddled mess so many of his other films were. It’s a memoir of his childhood in a small Italian town, during the …

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