How It’s Done

     Vivek Ramaswamy may not be our next president, but he’s a man to watch:

     You don’t see verbal courage of this order very often. The reason is simplicity itself: the average Republican officeholder / office-seeker fears the media. Even the GOP’s “firebrands,” such as Rand Paul and Mike Lee, would hesitate to “flip the script” on a gaggle of putatively hostile reporters this way. That fear is a great part of why the Left has run roughshod over the Right for the century past.

     Perhaps Ramaswamy feels that as his is a “longshot” presidential campaign, he has little to lose by challenging the press. That would be hard to argue. Even so, most men with political ambitions would be unlikely to be that bold. All by itself, that boldness marks Ramaswamy as someone of value. Let’s hope that Republican strategists will see this and embrace and cultivate him for the post-Trump era.


  1. Not entirely unprecedented. This reminds me quite a bit of Spiro Agnew. It earned that man a place on the ticket.

    I seem to recall Safire had a good deal to do with Agnew’s bon mots. I wonder who, if anyone, has helped Vivek.

    • OneGuy on January 12, 2024 at 4:10 PM

    Vivek says the right thing or at least what I consider to be correct.  He is fast on his feet and appears to be highly intelligent.  My only concern would be that he has no track record in power.  He won’t win barring some unpredictable event but I hope he sticks around and I hope who ever the next president is gives him a position in government that would be a good fit.  Perhaps DNI.  And give him free rein to clean house.

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