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The Leftist fascism strikes again.

Never, ever, ever ever everevereverever use Fecesbook as a source of information. Like many people, I have a presence on fecesbook. For me, it’s about motorcycle rides, motorcycle groups and motorcycle activities. For a multitude of reasons, many of the various motorcycle groups out there use fecesbook as a way to get their events out …

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     Utopia is not one of the options. — David Bergland      This is likely to be a ramble, but it addresses one of the most important of all axioms in…well, in life, so I hope my Gentle Readers will bear with me for a few hundred words.      Every human being engages in a …

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No Courage In Politics

     Just in case you’ve spent the last five years in a coma, the federal government of these United States, currently under occupation by the Ukraine-China-Democrat combine, is doing its damnedest to persuade Us the People that to question its legitimacy is against the law. Every now and then one of its boughten allies in …

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