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Greetings, my fellow domestic terrorists!

Oh, if you read any kind of anti-Marxist blogs, you know you’re on a list somewhere. And if your Catholic, or in the military (it’s a two-fer for me!) then the government is going to label you as a domestic terrorist. According to documents obtained by American First Legal (AFL), the DHS board called  “Homeland …

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Putting my money where my mouth is

No, this is not a rebuttal to Mr. Porretto’s post below. I think my response to that needs to be carefully considered, especially as he mentioned that these sorts of discussions tend to turn into arguments. I don’t need jot down a hasty response to a thought provoking post. Instead, this is literally about money. …

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So some of you might now that I was stationed in Lost Angeles for a number of years. Recruiting. Oh the joy. I have PTSD from that tour. While I was there, I found a church that held The Latin Mass. That was my introduction to it, and I was hooked. About three-four months of …

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Doing the crime that Americans won’t do

So, what illegal gangs are in your state courtesy of Drooling Joe and his open borders policies? Idaho has the Mexican cartels, and I can tell you that I see plenty of Mexicans running around my town in Northern Idaho. I’m not talking guys who speak English with a Hispanic accent, I’m talking no English …

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Happy Father’s Day

If your father is still alive, go spend some time with him. Trust me. Do it.

Today I Found Out

That Hamish from Braveheart is Mad-Eye Moony from Harry Potter. I feel rather old right now.

Another reason I support Public Execution

Anyone who’s read me for a while knows that my contempt for Mark Milley, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is only exceeded by my contempt for Lloyd Austin. However, he might have just moved up to be shoulder-to-shoulder with Blue-Falcon Austin. These Democrats grew anxious as over 140 House Republicans planned to contest …

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Oh, I think we know why

Gosh, whatever could be the reason that Caitlin Clark was left off of the US Olympic team? I mean, it couldn’t be the same reason that ugly sportsball players are cheap-shotting her on the court and calling her a bitch, could it? As the WNBA’s Caitlin Clark continues to face discrimination on the court for …

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I just love seeing it

And I’m not the only one. “Your audience has halved in recent years. People are not reading your stuff,” Washington Post publisher and CEO William Lewis told the crybully staffers who run around under the mistaken belief they are “journalists.” The Washington Post is going broke. I love it. No, I mean that I really really love it. The …

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Physical Labor

One of the things that people don’t realize in modern life is just how much physical labor it took to live back when things didn’t just appear at the flick of a switch. Heat, for example. It’s all well to turn a knob or push a button, but out here we have wood heat. Firewood. …

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My father died a year ago. I still haven’t walked into the woods to cry yet. I did visit his grave on Memorial Day. Smoked a cigar, looked around the cemetery. A lot of flags. Lots of vets. I wonder what it’ll look like when I’m buried there. I’m ready for a break. Ain’t gonna …

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The complete opposite of leaders leading

Joe Biden shits himself and has to be dragged away by DOCTOR Jill Biden during a D-Day ceremony in France. Yes, I know that the caption reads that Drooling Joe the Chinese hand puppet “nearly collapsed”. Yeah, he shit himself. Just like when he met with anti-pope Jorge Bergoglio. And so his hander/wife, DOCTOR Jill …

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When leaders actually led

The speech of General Patton before D-Day. Just read it, and realize that there’s not a single person with stars on their shoulders who would give such a speech today. If the US military is to be reclaimed, there needs to be a purge of leadership that essentially decapitates the US military. A fish rots …

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Yes, Christians are being attacked by our government

Here’s exhibition one thousand and something. It’s too many to really keep count. The Daily Caller reports that Harlow is 75 years old. She is wheelchair-bound and suffers from Hashimoto’s disease and back pain that requires her to use a wheelchair. She is hardly the picture of a fiery, dangerous activist. Her attorney asked the judge for …

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The Rainbow Bullies are back

Oh look, it’s an entire month dedicated to men who have sex with other men. If you had asked me a few years ago about Pride month, I would have just shrugged and said “Let people do what they want to do.” But today? Nah. Fuck that noise, fuck Pride month, fuck the Pride parades, …

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It’s all in what they don’t do

So Donald Trump is “guilty” of 34 felonies? But we haven’t seen a single person from Epstein’s client list even get arrested. Despite the FBI having all the evidence for years. We are ruled by corrupt, demonic pedophiles.

I apologize for the late post.

To be honest, I’ve been dealing with personal issues right now, and to say I’m not in a good mood would be an understatement. Add on to that a root canal at 0600 this morning, and I’m downright grumpy. Although the root canal was needed. That tooth was in bad shape. Thanks, military, for destroying …

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I know there’s a word for this

It’s when you’re so brainwashed that every hard lesson ever learned by your ancestors is wiped clean from your skull, and you go through life making horrible mistakes because you never learned from history. What brought this to mind? A news story about a German woman who was killed by someone she should have avoided. …

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Memorial Day is Monday

I’m going to be busy today. This is my post.

Let me tell you about Tom

I was fortunate enough to spend tonight with a good group of people, and I met a guy named Tom. Tom was drafted in the 60’s. When they gave him a list of jobs, he said “But I want to go to medical school after this. I don’t want these jobs.” So they said “Well, …

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