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True dat

I found that on this post on Twitter. Or X. Twix? Whatever you want to call it now, but someone has a video that was taken in Sweden where a blonde liberal female reporter tried to show just how wonderful all that vibrancy and diversity was. And, well…. it didn’t turn out well for them. …

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How to lose the support of the average Joe Sixpack.

So, when an Amazon driver has to defend himself from one of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens who was also masturbating in public, you would expect the cops to grab the guy who was pulling his pud on the sidewalk. Yeah, not so much. Police arrested Abu and charged him with third-degree assault after Sanchez claimed that Abu …

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Sometimes, you are only limited by yourself

Many years ago, when I was still a teen, my brother was auditioning to be accepted into a musical school. He played bass. I say “played”, but in reality he made that instrument sing in ways that most people won’t understand, and I’m not about to try to explain it. My brother has more musical …

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And now I can see

Had the surgery on my other eye yesterday. After a lifetime of bad vision, the fact that I can wake up, open my eyes and actually SEE is somewhat awe-inspiring. What a fascinating modern age we live in. Although the eye drops aren’t much fun, but they’re only temporary.

They say that innocence is bliss

It’s not Lent yet. But still, in my life I find myself recognizing that I’m not the person that God wants me to be. Some of the most beautiful music is when we fallen sinners acknowledge that we are imperfect, and we ask God for forgiveness. I guess I’m not as ignorant as I want …

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Seems appropriate

Since Pascal Fervor sent me this a while ago, and Mr. Porretto put up the post directly underneath this one….

Burn it to the ground

At this point, putting your kids in public school will only have negative consequences. In short, there are 53 schools in Illinois where none of the kids, ZERO PERCENT, can do math at grade level. Those of you who remember me from my previous blog might recall my hatred of the publik skool sistim. At …

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Oh to dream

This isn’t a long post. It’s late, I’ve been doing schoolwork, and I found something that made me nod and think “Yes, that is what the world needs.” But it’s still a true statement that every politician, either federal, state or local, who locked down their population because of something with a 99.97% survival rate, …

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Phooey on your modern made up holidays

I like ground hog! I’d even try groundhog if I could, but they’re a bit further East than I am.

It’s amazing what happens when you enforce the law

Texas shows how it’s done .It shouldn’t be a shock that when you enforce the laws and shut down the border, illegal criminals stop coming through. And we all know this, even the National Socialist Democrat Worker’s Party, who is now being stymied in their goal of flooding the country through mass illegal entry. Of …

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If you’ve ever wondered

“Hey, maybe the reason these politicians vote this way is because they’re all a bunch of corrupt perverts who are being blackmailed.” The answer is yes. No matter how corrupt and disgusting you think D.C. is, it’s far far worse than that. Titus Warren: Yeah. It’s like an in-house thing. If you know, you know, and …

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Under the knife

So, yesterday I went to the eye doc and had a cataract removed. I’ll be undergoing the same procedure on my other eye in two weeks. Reading and typing aren’t the easiest things to do right now, but at least I can see clearly out of my right eye again. I have a follow-up appointment …

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It’s not ignorance, it’s malice

The lying liars who talk about climate change know that they’re spouting bullshit. More than 90 percent of NOAA’s temperature monitoring stations have a heat bias, according to Anthony Watts, a meteorologist, senior fellow for environment and climate at The Heartland Institute, author of climate website Watts Up With That, and director of a study …

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She can’t be a traitor. She was never an American

Ilhan “Bro-Fo” Omar, the representative of Somalia, says it out loud. During a recent speech, of which clips are now going viral, Omar left nothing to the imagination. She proclaimed to the crowd that Somalis control the U.S. government and that it exists to “safeguard the interests of Somalia.” She also stated that she is …

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How about a new plan?

Drooling Joe Biden and his puppet masters admit that what they’re doing isn’t working, but they’re going to continue doing it anyway. Joe Biden admitted the US’s strikes on Houthi forces in the Red Sea are “not working” but will continue. The US President has authorised five rounds of attacks on the Houthi movement’s infrastructure since last Thursday. Here’s my idea, and …

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We all knew it

It didn’t matter how much Little Fascist Fauci tried to deny it, it doesn’t matter how much Francis Collins lied about it until he was put under oath, we all knew that Covid 19 came from a lab. And here’s your confirmation, just in case you still weren’t convinced. It’s a Chinese-made virus. Paid for …

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Sports Illustrated is done

The entire staff is getting laid off. I used to read SI on a regular basis, both in print and online. But way back in the first Bush administration I noticed the Leftism creeping in. Reporters are notoriously Leftist, and sports reporters are the worst of the lot. There’s a reason that ESPN is so …

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This is being done on purpose

Denver’s hospital system my collapse. Key note: 8,000 illegal aliens counted for over 20,000 hospital visits. TWENTY. THOUSAND. HOSPITAL. VISITS. WITHOUT A SINGLE DIME BEING PAYED BY PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. This is being done on purpose. The people running the Biden administration want the system to collapse. It’s part of their …

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And I want to open up a deli

Saw this today as I was scrolling through random things. You can hop on over and watch it, it’s about a minute long, and it explains why your sandwich costs close to $20 these days. The more and more I look at opening my own restaurant, the more I’m convinced that I need to be …

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I went back to the gym on Monday. I’ve been away from the gym for several months, although I can’t say that I haven’t been working out. Anyone who processes trees into firewood knows that it’s a full-body workout. After all, he who heats his house with wood is warmed twice, right? Once when you …

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