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And a pox on the flu shot as well

First off, can we all just laugh at this sanctimonious bag of egomaniacal bullshit? Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has canceled his upcoming live Strike Force Three show after contracting Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). I would say that it couldn’t happen to a more deserving piece of shit, but we all know people who deserve what’s happening to …

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Assuming the title of “Good Communist”

Diane Feinstein assumes ambient temperature. Do you find that to be harsh? Calling her a “Good Communist”, as in one who is no longer stealing precious oxygen from the productive members of society? Can anyone point to one thing that Feinstein did that helped improve this country? Or did she sit in the Senate voting …

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“But why does anyone need a thirty round magazine?”

I don’t need one. I need seven of them. Standard combat load, because this country is going down the shitter and the civilization our fathers built is being discarded. Does that seem harsh? It might be, but that’s what happens when criminals are allowed to do what they want and the government encourages it. I …

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They should have snuck across the Southern border

And their first words to any US Government person should have been “¿Donde esta la biblioteca?” Instead, we get this. … in September 2023, the Romeikes were told during a routine check-in that their deferred status had been revoked. The family was given four weeks to apply for German passports, so they could be deported …

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The Leftist fascism strikes again.

Never, ever, ever ever everevereverever use Fecesbook as a source of information. Like many people, I have a presence on fecesbook. For me, it’s about motorcycle rides, motorcycle groups and motorcycle activities. For a multitude of reasons, many of the various motorcycle groups out there use fecesbook as a way to get their events out …

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Vacation over

And how to spot a passive-aggressive soy-boy bitch. As to the vacation, well…. it was awesome. I did a total of about 3,500 miles, hitting up the Tour of Honor sites in Idaho and Oregon. I had to change my rear tire in Boise. I needed to replace my battery in Brookings, OR. I got …

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For those of you who weren’t around when bulletin boards and internet chat were new, that stands for “Away From Keyboard”. Just a little note to let people know you weren’t going to be there for a while. Since Mr. Porretto does the lion’s share of the writing here, you won’t miss much. I’ll be …

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Drooling Joe’s puppet masters summon their flying monkeys

You can almost hear them screeching “ATTACK! ATTAAAAAAAACK!” Biden’s White House is planning to send a letter to some of the country’s most prominent news organizations — including CNN, The New York Times, and Fox News — urging them to “ramp up their scrutiny” of House Republicans “for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies.” …

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And once again, we were right

Not the Royal “we” but the thousands and thousands of people who have been telling anyone who would listen that the jab is worse than the Kung Flu. The Vaccine is the Virus.


Sometimes it’s hard to understand that actions which affected me greatly had very little effect on someone else. At my final duty station, one of the troops I supervised was born after September 11th 2001. Although she understood 9-11 as a historical event, there’s no way that she could understand it emotionally, how it impacted …

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Never forget that this was MANDATED

Boosted people more likely to be infected than unvaccinated people. The Role of Spike Protein in Myocarditis. So people who got the jab are MORE likely to catch the Kung Flu when it comes around again. And there is obviously a link between the jab and myocarditis and a whole host of other problems. People …

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Can we please get the media to stop pretending

Pretending what? That this drooling Chinese hand puppet is somehow sentient. President Biden was accused of being disrespectful after he quickly exited the East Room of the White House before the conclusion of a Medal of Honor ceremony honoring a Vietnam War veteran on Tuesday.  Biden, 80, abruptly left the ceremony after fastening the nation’s …

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Speaking of warping things….

If any of the Mask Covidiots try to tell you that you have to wear a mask otherwise people will die, please ask them to follow the actual science. We have well over 100 years of proof, scientific proof, that masks do not prevent the spread of an aerosolized virus. The fact that so many …

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The Panic Pornography is ramping up again

The Government and their proxies are trying to get you to forget every lie they told when they shut down the country over a virus that Anthony Fauci paid to produce in a lab in Wuhan, China. Oh yes he did. Don’t you think for one second that he didn’t pay for the Kung Flu. …

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As an add on to my post from yesterday

Found that an Ann Barnhardt’s place.

Why are Americans so unhealthy?

Rather than rail against those silly Americans and their horrible diets, let’s ask why their diets are so poor? Tim Pool has mentioned more than once on his broadcast that he and many of his friends, when traveling in Europe, eat the same things they eat here in the states, and they lose weight. When …

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Are you ready to shoot them yet?

If you have kids, and if the government/medical quacks/petty tyrants are demanding that your kids get the jab, what are you going to do? Especially given what we know from the past, and what we’re constantly learning? Berenson’s report is based on a peer-reviewed study of the effects of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines on the …

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Another politician learns his lesson too late

“I made a mistake; it was a big mistake, and you have to acknowledge your mistake,” Canepa confessed. “By doing this, what we’ve done is we’re letting people take thousands and thousands of dollars. And why should people be subjugated?” Canepa acknowledged that the only way to combat the problem is to hold criminals responsible …

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Crisis by Design

Apparently, Biden’s puppetmasters are allowing over 7,000 illegal aliens to come into this country every day. That’s 210,000 illegal aliens a month. 2,520,000 illegal aliens a year. Apparently there was an ISIS person smuggling people into the USA at some point. I’m just certain the people that ISIS smuggled into this country are all peace-loving …

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What I have to say is unprintable

They knew that the jab would do this, and they forced our military to take it anyway. Anyone associated with forcing the jab on our military should, at the very least, be confined to the Ft. Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks, reduced in rank to Private, with forfeiture of all pay and benefits. That’s the LEAST that …

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