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Were He Not a Ruthless Killer, This Might Garner Some Sympathy

Some background first. On FB, Wretchard introduced an Elon Musk tweet to the video below with the comment: Some ideologies see ‘no people’ as the most humanitarian outcome. Naturally such a line caught my attention. Then this was how Musk introduced the video: Pretty good summary, although national pride is underweighted relative to economics. Latter …

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Incentives Matter

     Human action is guided and constrained by two and only two factors: Incentives, Constraints.      Sometimes the changes to those things come in a form we fail to recognize at once. Sometimes we aren’t paying attention. And sometimes they stroll up and bite us on the nose:      After years of delinquency to meet …

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But No More Mean Tweets!

     How’d you like to have the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics back, along with the Warsaw Pact?      Russia wants Nato to remove all of its forces from Bulgaria, Romania and other ex-communist states in eastern Europe that joined the alliance after 1997, the foreign ministry said on Friday, underlining Moscow’s hardline position …

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