The military is screwed in ways we haven’t seen since the 70’s under Jimmeh Carter

And it’s going to get worse.

The Army is cutting about 3,000 troops, or about 10% from its special-operations ranks, which could include so-called trigger-pullers from the Green Beret commando units who have conducted some of the nation’s most dangerous and sensitive missions around the world, from the jungles of Vietnam to the back alleys of Baghdad.

The reductions would enable the Army to rebalance toward the large conventional ground forces needed in a potential fight in Asia. The trims in the ranks of special forces would also help the Army cope with a recruiting shortfall in a strong labor market.

I’m sorry, I just need a moment here to stop laughing my ass off. Did the Wall Street Journal just blame the recruiting shortfall on a strong labor market?

Look, the Special Forces have had a recruiting problem for years. Part of that is the fact that it takes very specific attributes to be able to even contemplate joining the SF. My eyesight kept me out from the get-go. I was a damn good Soldier, but with my eyesight they just said “No thanks” after the one time I inquired.

Now add in the shrinking pool of candidates nationwide. The military has been working harder and harder to get it’s numbers. When I was first enlisting you would walk in, they would test you, you would pick your MOS and then they would ship you off. When I got in to recruiting, they had people at the recruiting stations who’s entire job was to get recruits physically prepared to ship to basic. As in, they had to take lumps of putty who’s blood type was “Jello Pudding” and get them in decent enough shape that the first few weeks of Basic Training weren’t going to kill them. The physical conditioning of people had fallen that far in two decades. The average high school graduate cannot deal with the physical strain of Basic Training. When I was in high school, we had recruiters coming to the school to give up the Army APFT, and the majority of people in gym class either passed or were really close to passing. Today? No way Jose.

There’s also the fact that today’s youth have far more mental illnesses that disqualify them from service, although thanks to Lloyd “The Turd” Austin and Mark “Did you assume my gender” Milley, some of those mental illnesses are now allowed. Add in drugs and criminal records, and we find that less than 30% of high school graduates actually qualify for military service. The last time I was briefed, it was around 26%. Back in 2014 it was approximately 34%. So we’re seeing a drop.

So, only 26% of the graduating class are fit for military service, compared to 34% less than a decade ago, that means the SF has a shrinking pool of people to pull from as well. As the Army contracts due to the complete and total failure of it’s supposed “leadership”, the pool of SF applicants also contracts. And let’s be blunt, shall we? SF selection is brutal. I know of one gent who was infantry, Ranger, hard core, probably killed more people than cancer, and he washed out of SF training because he physically couldn’t complete the qualification course. This guy ran circles around everybody else in PT. He was not weak. He was not weak minded. But he got to a point in Q course where his body had nothing left, and it couldn’t complete the task.

Smaller selection pool means a smaller group of people who can actually do the job. SF was having problems with this years ago. I’m assuming it’s only gotten worse. And the Army is now having problems recruiting, because the young people who would normally be stepping up to enlist are having their veteran friends and family tell them “No, nope, don’t do it. Not right now. Not at this time.” I’ve told a number of people this myself. I’ve been watching Drooling Joe, Lloyd “Fuck the Troops” Austin and Mark “Woke” Milley destroy the military from the inside, and now that I’m retired I’m watching it from the outside. There’s no accountability at the top. There’s no care or concern for the troops at all. None in the slightest. Every decision being made by the so-called leadership is driven by politics and greed. Why would I advise anyone to sign up right now? This illegitimate regime doesn’t give a shit about any of the military, other than the gay and tranny-identifying ones. I cannot in good conscience advise someone to join a military that will throw away their lives and their efforts while attempting to indoctrinate them and browbeat them into woke ideological compliance.

I knew that Mark Milley was a worthless pathetic piece of shit when “Starship Troopers” was removed from the COS reading list and was replaced by “Anti-Racism” by whatever that Race War Poverty Pimp’s name is. I just couldn’t conceive that someone worse than him would be named SecDef. But we’re seeing the end result of that right now.

So rather than try to figure out why they can’t get recruits, or more likely rather than fix the problems they know they created, they’re just cutting end strength. That’ll fix things! It’s not like the world is coming apart at the seams and we might just need a full-strength competent military any time in the future! Besides, those SF groups don’t have enough diversity and inclusion, so let’s just brush them aside.

Soft men like Milley and Austin make hard times. Those should be showing up rather soon.


    • Old ground pounder on October 8, 2023 at 8:35 PM

    This is all part of the design to purge and remold the military to serve the politburo.    It isn’t designed to win wars so much as to suppress the serfs.

    1. That sounds about right. They don’t want a field army; they want a regime protection force. And given what’s been going on since the Obama years, they might just have one by now.

    • John Fisher on October 9, 2023 at 5:34 AM

    The good news, such as it is, is that they are cutting the force that would  be most useful if they try to use the military against the population. They are evil but stupid.

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