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The Catastrophists Ride Again

     Say, does anyone else remember Eric Pianka?      On March 2, 3, and 4 of this year, the Texas Academy of Sciences held its annual conclave, at which it awarded a certain Eric Pianka, a biologist at the University of Texas, with its Distinguished Texas Scientist Award. Whatever Dr. Pianka’s achievements as a researcher …

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So You Think Pas And I Are Kidding About The Death Cults?

     I assure you, we aren’t:      For nearly 30 years — since Oregon became the first state to legalize physician-assisted death — Congress has prevented federal funding such as Medicare from being used by patients to pay for the practice. A bill proposed by Democratic lawmakers seeks to change that.      In 1997, Congress …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 7May24: Reverse Envy Hatred

First, the recent, frequent mention of envy/covetousness and the last commandment in posts and comments suggests that readers of Liberty’s Torch would want to see this. Certainly the commandment lists only material things, but it also says “not anything that is thy neighbors.” Often overlooked but no less a possession, is love, ability, power, etc. …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 6May24: Compelled Wastefulness

That one was on a dam in India. This one, on the plains in Nebraska, was destroyed by hail. Only in Utopia (no place) there are no storms.

Cicero Saw Clearly

Everything about this post is short. Something simple should not require a great deal of words. The enemy outside the gates are far less to be feared. That is the shortened version of Cicero’s famous observation. I have begun to see it as eventually universally true. Certainly in light of Fran’s latest screeds noting past …

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A Minor Insight That Could Inspire A Solution

I get a variety of emails. The headlines are often clickbait. This morning was I was offered this: America’s Top Enemy Suffers Devastating Blow – New Report Has Biden Weeping. It worked. I was curious who they meant. As I began reading I wasn’t impressed, so I began scanning. I didn’t see them actually name …

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Have We Given Up On Ourselves?

     First, a brief Tucker Carlson video:      Carlson is asking a critical question here. It pays to spend a few moments over it.      There are three polar attitudes toward time that a man can have: Past-oriented: He can spend his conscious hours reminiscing, recalling past experiences and achievements, and grousing over past failures …

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Is It Really That Bad Out There, Guys?

     I’ve been “out of the game” for more than thirty years, so I don’t really know what it’s like to be unwillingly unmated. I do know that there are a lot of men, from young adults all the way up to my age and beyond, who are either in that category or in an …

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A cult, you say? Of Death?

Why, I wonder what actions a satanic death cult would take to show that it’s a satanic death cult. I mean, they don’t often parade around in pentagrams and occult clothing, although that’s certainly happening in Hollywood. Still, if one were a member of a satanic death cult, how would we know? New documents obtained …

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They want you weak and dependent

The World Economic Forum is telling governments to stop people from growing their own food because of Climate Change. Yeah. Of course they are. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on governments to ban the general public from growing their own food at home by arguing that they are causing “climate change.” According to …

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Genocide Canadian Style

     We will all die. It’s the price of life. And eventually, the fact of it will be acted out by every living thing.      But some folks want to hurry the process:      With lethal-injection euthanasia now legal in Canada for patients age 18 and over whose deaths are “foreseeable” (a vague limitation sure …

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Benevolent Monsters

     Some benevolent-sounding people harbor actual intentions that verge on Satanic. Every now and then one makes the news. Maura Dowling provides one today:      The Key Club of Rome member Dennis Meadows hopes the “necessary” depopulation of the planet, down to one billion—an 87.5% reduction from today’s population—can “occur in a civil way.”      …

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Death Cult News

     From Thaddeus G. McCotter:      While breathing, you drive the fossil fueled vehicles to the party where the host uses his charcoal grill to smoke the meat of methane-spewing cattle raised by big agriculture and shipped by the fossil fueled vehicles to stores where it is refrigerated by coal burning electric plants, which you …

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The Poles Of Human Life

     Now and then I feel the hand of destiny. Or fate. Or God. On rare occasions a man can feel it poking him. Penning the first words of my next novel – working title Ex Nihilo — seems to be the occasion.      Contrary to what the predestinationists believe, we have free will and …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 15Oct23: Shameless, Merciless, Godless

The story below is bad enough. That it occurred in a Jewish state that has become as secularized as any ostensibly Christian one is what prompted my choice of title. Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign dies of heart attack at age 8 The Death Cultists are shameless, merciless and Godless with clear consciences …

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Happy Che Guevara Day

Yes, today is the anniversary of the day that Che Guevara assumed ambient temperature and became a Good Communist. I like to remind many of the people who I see wearing his visage on a shirt that Che Guevara would have most likely put them up against a wall and shot them if he was …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 22Sep23: Spurring Cancers

When you, dear readers, feel the urge to wave off my efforts as “there he goes again,” imagine what it was like for my kids. OTOH, they appeared to take my warnings seriously. I sincerely hope you do too.

How Much Evidence Is Enough?

     So you don’t think things are that bad? You think dialogue between Left and Right is still possible? You think when the consequences of their insane policies become sufficiently obvious, our political opponents will come to their senses?      No, Gentle Reader. It cannot be, for a simple reason: The Left is now a …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 7Sep23: Murder On The Sly

The Death of Informed Consent contains the following not uncommon report: “You’d tell the nurse that you didn’t want Remdesivir and she’d say, ‘Fine. But you’re a bit dehydrated, so let’s get some fluids in you.’ And she’d hook up the IV, but it wasn’t fluids. It was Remdesivir.” Read on. The report shows that …

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“We Must Warp Them ALL!”

     Pascal and I have been blathering about the death cults for more than a decade. Not many people have taken us seriously. It’s depressing to think that an actual threat to human existence is widely treated lightly. But we soldier on.      What one must not forget is that the death cults are fighting …

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