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Formerly Unconscionable Connections

News item: Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing ‘Industrialized’ Organ Harvesting in China The following are questions our society would almost certainly have insisted be asked in another era. Have you asked what is the source of your life-saving organ? To what soul or grieving family may you direct thanks for it? If you asked, did …

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There Is No Time

     Today will be a very busy day for me, for reasons beyond the scope of this rant. And so, as befits the Grand Ironic Tradition we faithfully maintain here at Liberty’s Torch, I have far too much to write about. Worse, I must begin by reposting an old piece: one which first appeared fifteen …

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The Naked Face Of The Enemy

I’ve considered long and hard. I’ve agonized. I’ve cast about for alternatives until all the skin has worn off my fingers. I’ve repeatedly refused to accept the implications of what my senses repeatedly told me. I simply can’t do it any longer. The evidence is overwhelming. America is currently in a state of civil war, …

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