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Mothers’ Warning, Dimmed

From the beginnings of our race, mothers would warn children of hidden dangers. Sure, they were concerned about the obvious ones. But nature provided us with instincts that propelled us away from the lion’s roar or the steep cliff. It was the disguised dangers, such as the hidden slime pit or the attractive but poisonous …

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     Long, long ago, though in this galaxy, I had as a friend a bright and enterprising fellow who enjoyed science fiction as much as did (and do) I. We parted company upon graduating high school and went our separate ways: I into the hard sciences, he into other sorts of studies and undertakings. Time …

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The Three Systems of Man

Some years ago, a DEC software engineer by the name of Mike Gancarz wrote an intriguing little book called “The UNIX Philosophy.” In it, he propounded his conception of the Three Systems of Man. The First system occurs when some genius with time and CPU cycles on his hands thinks up a nifty new idea: …

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