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The Chronicle of The DC, 6May24: Compelled Wastefulness

That one was on a dam in India. This one, on the plains in Nebraska, was destroyed by hail. Only in Utopia (no place) there are no storms.

A Minor Insight That Could Inspire A Solution

I get a variety of emails. The headlines are often clickbait. This morning was I was offered this: America’s Top Enemy Suffers Devastating Blow – New Report Has Biden Weeping. It worked. I was curious who they meant. As I began reading I wasn’t impressed, so I began scanning. I didn’t see them actually name …

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Crisis by Design

Apparently, Biden’s puppetmasters are allowing over 7,000 illegal aliens to come into this country every day. That’s 210,000 illegal aliens a month. 2,520,000 illegal aliens a year. Apparently there was an ISIS person smuggling people into the USA at some point. I’m just certain the people that ISIS smuggled into this country are all peace-loving …

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The Chronicle of The DC, 24 Aug 23: Fomenting Toxicities [Updated]

The same city that tolerates homelessness and welcomes illegals who add to it, could not be clueless as to the public health degradation that had to come with it. The city of Los Angeles will issue a citation for washing one’s car in one’s driveway. The object was to penalize addition of untreated soap which …

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The Chronicle of The DC: 14Aug23 Speeding Things Up

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green warns ’10 to 20′ more Lahaina wildfire victims will be found dead each day as just 3% of the search area has been scoured – and says around 1,300 people are still missing To which Brandon added his “grace” note:

Following Up On “…but outrage is mandatory.”

This began as a comment to Surprise Is Optional…, about the revelations of the zero mark given baltimore students. But I feel I owe Fran a more thorough effort, to make clearer whatever worth what follows may have. I cannot imagine that anyone who is a regular at Liberty’s Torch has not read 1984 at …

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Master Demonstration On How To Beat Social Engineering

My opinion of Professor Jordan Brent Peterson keeps rising. His mastery of impromptu speech, of finding the right words to describe what he is attempting convey on the fly, appears to me to be unparalleled in the world of today. His latest contribution to our battle to save civilization, published yesterday, is below. Normally I …

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Western Values Too Easily Undermined. How? Why?

The retired Kiwi physician and regular contributor at Crusader Rabbit (CR) who identifies as mawm, brought to our attention the following observation made by Joel Smalley: “and it’s everywhere. can you seriously tell me you have not noticed the astonishing lack of not just competence, but even of the basic knowledge of how literally anything …

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