The Chronicle of The DC, 24 Aug 23: Fomenting Toxicities [Updated]

The same city that tolerates homelessness and welcomes illegals who add to it, could not be clueless as to the public health degradation that had to come with it.

The city of Los Angeles will issue a citation for washing one’s car in one’s driveway. The object was to penalize addition of untreated soap which will travel by sewers to the ocean. They based this on studies that considered all the complicated nutrients and by-products that contribute to algae growth — then concluded the run-off to be too environmentally unfriendly. Yet far worse additions to the open sewers they somehow never considered would be a consequence of their “liberal” open outdoor policies? What else is needed to recognize how nasty the enemy is? Dysentery brought to the first world is equitable — right? Or would you rather pass?

For a short synopsis of the report use this link. (I’m sorry, but I could not get WordPress to embed it.) The full report is below.

This is only Los Angeles. But this agenda is coming to cities all across the Western world. Such policies are incrementally leading to our ill health, starvation, terrorism and death. Yet only a few major commentators forthrightly dare tell you that the powers that be (TPTB) are at war with each of you.

TPTB are determined to be ruthless in following their agenda. So expect no mercy from them. They are strict adherents to a religion, Survivabllity, that they do not openly profess, but their relentless progress to which they are enthralled is missed by only those too stupid, ignorant, naive, or cowed to speak of it. One might be labeled a conspiracy nut. Ooh. Self-censoring is self-denial of your most basic human rights.

Here’s a clue. Their belief is so strong that if you want to survive, if you want your loved ones to survive, it would be best that you adopt a belief system that is far stronger.

Here it is: Even if you have caused death, be it by accident or even by intent, you are not nearly as disgusting a human being as these death cultists. They are seeking victims on a scale that will swamp the death toll of the last century.

Simply repent of your past ill deeds, no matter how large or small, and join with the rest of decent humanity. We all turn to our Creator for help. He will listen to those who sincerely repent of past ill deeds. In that faith we will find a way to turn the tables. One individual at a time.

We outnumber them. They can’t operate their death machines without an army of competents for long. Everything they are doing is destroying the font of competence. Lack of people solid in mathematics is key, but it’s only part of it.

Faith in a Higher Power, and the courage that is fed by it, will supply our victory as it has so often in the past. The advancements of the modern age would have never happened without it. It will defeat the deranged, postmodernist Progs.

UPDATED to include a grace note queued up to where Bill Whittle almost says what I long to hear him say about L.A.:

“You can no longer explain this by stupidity. You just can’t….” He just fails to take it the rest of the way.


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    • Evil Franklin on August 25, 2023 at 8:41 AM

    God, “Believe in me, but, carry a sword and a shovel. The sword to ward off evil and the shovel to build a civilization.”
    Hey, I can paraphrase can’t I.

    Evil Franklin

  1. Essentially, they are re-creating the Favelas – tin houses that the poor lived in, in Brazil. The inhabitants were “OK enough” – not actually starving (some minimum food, ability to forage for things to sell, and, when life truly got desperate, prostitution was always an option).
    They were out of sight of the Elite, much as the Elite GENERALLY live in heavily protected enclaves. But the middle class and working classes?
    Who cared?
    As much as anything, the sight of that degradation serves as a warning – don’t fight us, or give us ANY resistance, or that will be your fate.

    1. They intend for that to be our fate — hence “fomenting toxicities.”

      The marauding of the Mongols (organized savages) increased the squalor in the West. The Black Death — wiping out ¼ of Europe — followed from that. May or may not be cause and effect, but our powers that be are fine with increasing squalor and hope for the worst. This video indicates TPTB are certainly fine with squalor.

      Reagan’s observation that they Tax what they wish to suppress and subsidize what they favor still applies.

  2. So expect no mercy from them.And vice versa.

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