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Three Lives, Three Deaths

     She was young. Far too young, by most reckonings, to be equipped to cope with tragedy.      She’d been married only a short time when she discovered that she was pregnant…and only a short time later discovered that her baby daughter was anencephalic, incapable of living outside the womb.      Against medical advice and …

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Misplaced Faiths

     Some years ago – I hesitate to say how many – a colleague and I got into a wrangle about the compiler he was using in his development work. I’d found a fault in the generated code – I did my debugging in machine language, back then – and, upon comparing it to the …

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     One of the most illuminating things ever to emerge from the mind of a pope was this from Pope Benedict XVI: faith is inseparable from doubt. He who holds to a faith of any sort will be plagued by doubts now and then.      That insight applies to more than just religious faiths.      …

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