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Important Truth

     Good morning, Gentle Reader. I had a terrible night – a lot of pain and no sleep – so if what follows seems to come out of the Bizarro dimension, please bear with me. The subject on my mind strikes me as important enough to risk it. ***      At The Catholic Thing today, …

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False Promises

     “The way to control and direct a Mentat, Nefud, is through his information. False information—false results.” [Frank Herbert, Dune]      The supposed “artificial intelligence” program ChatGPT made some news a couple of days ago. It seems that when someone offered the program a dilemma – utter a racial slur to prevent the deaths of …

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     (Only tenuously related to the movie of that name, which, by the way, is extraordinarily touching and contains a marvelous non-comedic performance by Robin Williams.)      “I will take my life into my hands, and I will use it.” – Jim Webb      I’ve been in a contemplative mood these past…let’s see, now…hmm…well, for …

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A Quick Observation

     From Western Rifle Shooters, and much appreciated!

A Trio Of Pic Grabs

     In my current state of screaming, frothing fury, the following graphics speak more eloquently than I can manage:      I may be back later, but don’t bet the rent money on it.

Determined Not To Say The “Obvious”

This is a very short clip, yet critically important. Tucker Carlson asked why public officials ignore the significantly irregular rise in deaths in the last quarter of 2021. Adding “Why aren’t they screaming.” For some reason Charlie Kirk simply did not come up with one particular motivation even though he broke the story. It is …

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The Will To Disbelieve

     The one thing of which there is no shortage in these United States is wishful thinking. It’s more pandemic than the WuFlu and orders of magnitude more destructive. Sadly, some of that wishful thinking is on the Right.      The rioting and organized theft in the larger cities has revealed an ugly truth. Many …

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A Walking Corpse

     This piece will be rather brutal, I fear. I have some ugly ground to cover, and it’s not easily compressed into a thousand exquisitely appropriate and entirely non-vulgar words.      Someone once posited that the way to structure an exposition is to lead off by telling your audience what you will tell them. You …

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What We Need

     Everybody is screaming a warning about something. Each of those everybodies is peddling a nostrum of some sort – usually something you can buy over the counter – he’ll tell you is essential to deal with the threat he hawks. And while it’s not perfectly uniform, a great many of the everybodies hope to …

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A Comment On Commentary

     Back in the heyday of blogging, everyone and his halfwit Uncle Herman had a blog. There were, at peak, over 50 million such sites. Most, of course, were of no broad consequence: little was posted there, and most of that was worthless. However, they gave their “proprietors” a sense that they could be listened …

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Bent Brains

     Accepting a lie in place of the truth will do bad things to you.      I once advanced the thesis that if a man should accept even one fact as absolutely true, it would compel him to accept all the rest of objective reality. Herbert Spencer believed this as well:      I asked one …

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A Compound Moral Conundrum

     First, some music:      The tale of Jack Orion is a British Isles Traditional ballad. It’s been performed by several musicians and groups, including (of course) Pentangle. For villainy and woe, it ranks high among stories of its kind. While the traditional lyric is beautiful and evocative, it’s also rather long, so I’ll provide …

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Formerly Unconscionable Connections

News item: Former Police Officer Recounts Witnessing ‘Industrialized’ Organ Harvesting in China The following are questions our society would almost certainly have insisted be asked in another era. Have you asked what is the source of your life-saving organ? To what soul or grieving family may you direct thanks for it? If you asked, did …

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Asides: The Unwittingly Self-Undermining Extra Argument

     (Yeah, yeah, I got tired of calling them “quickies.”)      Via Weird Dave at AosHQ, we have this citation by Bari Weiss:      Just ask Norman Wang. Last year, the University of Pittsburgh cardiologist was demoted by his department after he published a paper in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA) analyzing …

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