Determined Not To Say The “Obvious”

This is a very short clip, yet critically important.

Tucker Carlson asked why public officials ignore the significantly irregular rise in deaths in the last quarter of 2021. Adding “Why aren’t they screaming.” For some reason Charlie Kirk simply did not come up with one particular motivation even though he broke the story. It is not like he didn’t have time to think about it.

The motivation I speak of, one that when explored here in the past, usually generated very few responses. Thus our Gentle Readers may themselves be able to explain why that one motivation somehow didn’t get air time.

So actuaries — whose business depends upon historically based statistics — have sounded the alarm. Public officials ignore it. And their friends in media, in response to this video, gaslight us by asserting that any link to WuFlu vax is “disproven” in the same manner that election fraud has been “debunked” even without trial. I.e., baseless assertions.

Honestly, there may be a legitimate reason why Carlson and Kirk overlooked one motivation in a world where megalomaniacal thoughts such as Eric Pianka’s get repeated frequently.

Please speculate on a few good reasons. Maybe then a proper response will be aroused in the intended targets.


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    • Roll-aid on February 9, 2022 at 12:56 PM

    My speculation….and I will not bother to collect the 2 cents from you as to what it’s worth. 
    The statistics came from life insurance companies who are paying out on policies owned by that (large) cohort of the American population.   Within that cohort, who buys such policies?  Note that the companies deliberately don’t say, even as they surely know because they issued the policies. 
    I surmise it is probably mostly white males, who are married and employed middle class individuals.  These are the type of people who care about what would happen to their families in the event of their death and the loss of income and can do something about that.  I bought exactly that type of insurance for 20-some years while my two kids were growing up to make sure they and their mother had a place to live in (however modest) along with food on the table and some means to get an education.   The price was very reasonable because I was a white, middle class, employed engineer and so had a very low chance of dying at any given time.   
    White, middle class men…what other group is more despised?
    If there is even a ghost of chance this spike could be somehow tied to the COVID vaccines or boosters, I leave it as an exercise for the student to map out the likely reaction that would ensue. 

    1. Although this was not the avenue of avoidance I was seeking an opinion about, your observation is a good one. An abrupt 40% rise in mortality for a group that paid relatively low premiums was sure to get a squawk from the bean counters.

      Furthermore, regarding that “even ghost of a chance” you speak of, there was a news report I spotted maybe a week ago, before Kirk brought this to our attention, that some life insurance company refused to pay out on recent life insurance policies. On what basis? Paraphrasing: “It is considered suicide when the subject dies after volunteering to take an unproven drug.” You see most insurance companies exclude payouts within the first year of a policy if suicide is the cause of death.

        • Roll-aid on February 9, 2022 at 2:31 PM


        Good post, thanks.

        Yes, I know about exclusion of death benefits for suicides. That’s been a part of life insurance since about forever.

        If, as you say, voluntarily taking an unproven drug is also an exclusion, that is surely fodder for litigation as the drug was not “unproven” — it was was dispensed under an declaration of emergency use and was potentially taken under an official “mandate”.

        Who knows?

        I maintain that reason we don’t hear more about this is (1) the class immediately at harm was politically unfavored and (2) any public attention would lead to too many awkward questions of powerful people.

  1. Do you know the name of the company that interpreted the death in that manner? I’m in insurance, and might have access to more information.

    1. My reply was from memory. I do not recall enough at this time where I heard or read it. I will try scanning for it at duckduckgo.

    2. Since you’re in insurance, you may like to read the other results of my scan. Plug “voluntary vaccine death life insurance” into duckduckgo. That will provide a quite a good start for your industry related to this issue.

    • Botched_Lobotomy on February 10, 2022 at 11:51 PM

    Two reasons come immediately to mind. They’re cowards and frauds. Sure, Tucker appears to be on our side, but I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw Jonah Goldberg. Everything on TV is fake. These people are gatekeepers. Tucker is allowed to push the envelope and he is held out as one of our leaders or spokesmen but when the Globalist Commies need him to help split us or lead us astray don’t be surprised when he follows orders just like the rest of the phonies. You don’t make it to the top of an industry wholly owned and run by corrupt, evil scumbags unless they want you to for whatever reasons they may have.
    I’ve found that a good rule of thumb is that if someone is on TV then that person is most likely a lying sack of shit.  I can only recall two instances where people on TV would not submit and were willing to be kicked off the Idiot Tube rather than serve the devil, Duck Dynasty and Tim Allen.  I rather doubt Tucker will be willing to lose his fame and fortune when push comes to shove. As for Charlie Kirk, lmao, seriously? 

    1. I fear there needs to be a whole lot more botchings for more to see it. Don’t you suspect most viewers prefer entertainment and adrenaline rushes to comprehending and >>shudder<< facing necessity?

        • Botched_Lobotomy on February 11, 2022 at 2:41 PM

        A year or two ago I would have said yes, most people prefer mindless entertainment and don’t want to face unpleasant realities. But now, pretty much every conversation I have with people who never cared about politics or people I just met, eventually turns to “can you believe what’s going on?!?” I lived in NY for over 50 years and my wife and I recently escaped to Florida. There’s not a single person I know in NY who isn’t desperate to leave. There’s no avoiding the ramifications of Democrat policies. Trump received over 75 million votes (probably more that the machines took away), the most in US history. I don’t count the millions of fake votes Biden got. Sure there’s still plenty of people with their heads in the sand, but I think many more people are now aware that their freedom and their country are at serious risk.

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