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“But Then They Might Not Get The Shot!”

     Everyone on Earth – certainly, everyone with a minor child – should read this incredible conversation between a distraught father and a pharmacist: Father: Are you a pharmacist? Pharmacist: Yes, how can I help? Father: Yeah. Hey, I’ve got a question. My wife, against my wishes, brought my seven-year-old son a few days ago …

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Your Papers, “Please” Part 2

     I know most Gentle Readers disdain to watch videos – and the longer the video, the less likely you’ll watch it. I can’t criticize that; I’m that way myself. But I hope you’ll make an exception for this one:      If you don’t have the time or the patience, here’s the whole thing in …

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Determined Not To Say The “Obvious”

This is a very short clip, yet critically important. Tucker Carlson asked why public officials ignore the significantly irregular rise in deaths in the last quarter of 2021. Adding “Why aren’t they screaming.” For some reason Charlie Kirk simply did not come up with one particular motivation even though he broke the story. It is …

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Authority And Reality

     One of the giveaways that an authority – of whatever kind – is evilly motivated is an attempt to suppress divergent convictions. George Orwell’s 1984 expressed this through its motifs of doublethink, its motto “Ignorance is Strength,” and Oceania’s Ministry of Truth. That last organ of the State labored continuously to “correct” the record …

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Fear Alone Provides Insufficient Test Subjects

What Felix Rex implies is that the forced vax campaigns provided billionaires’ scientists billions of non-consenting human guinea pigs upon which to test potential life-extending technology. They must’ve anticipated that fear alone wouldn’t turn all of humanity into Howard Hughes type germaphobes, hence the gradual forced campaigns were already planned for when fear no longer …

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The Proof Is Here

     This whole pandemic nonsense was planned:      The time to resist is now.

Is Freedom Possible And Achievable?

     Among my heroes, the great Herbert Spencer (1820-1902) stands very high indeed, not far behind Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Jefferson, and whoever it was that invented pasta. At one time, Spencer was the most popular writer in the English-speaking world. Two of his books, Social Statics and The Man Versus The State, are considered indispensable …

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Your Most Informative Two Minutes Of The Day

     This little video will tell you everything you need to know about the “vaccines” being pushed upon us for COVID-19:      Told you so!

Something You Won’t See On YouTube

     The Powers-That-Be will not tolerate any dissent from the Gospel Of The Holy “Vaccine.” Yet the casualty count is high and still rising. Beware!

A Cardiographer Speaks Out

     There are some brave people in the medical sector: BitChute embedding powered by      Perhaps the logjam is breaking.

All COVID All The Time

     That’s the news for you. At least, it can seem that way. COVID, the “vaccines,” various companies’ mandates, other companies’ refusals, health-care workers being fired, Florida’s policies, Ivermectin…it’s a long list. I’d have thought people would be sick of it by now. I certainly am.      But that’s the news. ***      First up, …

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While One Swallow Doth Not A Summer Make (UPDATED)

     …it is instructive to watch the little thing flit past as the vendors of the “vaccine” strive to assure us that their product is “effective” and “safe:”      I’m currently trying to download the video, so that YouTube can’t memory-hole it.      Folks, the “vaccine” might not kill you. However, it appears to be …

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All You Need To Know

     It’s one thing to be wrong. It’s another to be unhappy about being shown to have been wrong. It’s quite another to insist that one’s position, despite a monumental record of error, failure, and outright deceit, is privileged: HEWITT: “Is there a point where you will say: ‘I have done more harm than good …

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Is That A Clarion Call I Hear?

     Well, maybe:      People are waking up to the monumental con that’s been played on us:      Those are basic facts – from the government horse’s mouth, at that. But don’t you dare try to dispute the importance of the “vaccine,” because the Left’s media minions will shortly know all about you:      The …

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You Have Been Told

     You have been told that you, Mr. Unvaccinated American, are by your stubbornness endangering your own life and the lives of others, including the already vaccinated. You have been told that your conduct is unpatriotic, in violation of the “social contract.” You have been told that this is a crisis, the moral equivalent of …

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     One of the long-time controversies in economics concerns the behavior called rent-seeking. Crudely put, the rent-seeker seeks to amass wealth without doing anything to get it. This does not describe a conventional landlord, who accepts the responsibility for maintaining his property in acceptable condition, in exchange for regular payments of rent by its occupant. …

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This Man Is Your Enemy

     …and he’s not troubling to hide it:      “You have to get the overwhelming proportion of people vaccinated, but you also have to do mitigation, and that gets to the controversial issue of mask wearing, and the mandating of things,” [Fauci] said. “Mandating vaccines, for example, for teachers and … personnel in the school.”… …

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     Most people who study physics at any level know the Inclined Plane as the first machine of their acquaintance. It’s the simplest machine I know of. It serves admirably to illustrate the fundamental nature and purpose of a machine: to make some human undertaking easier than it would otherwise be. The illustration commonly presented …

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Fighting FB Disinfo

At every post that mentions the vaques, FB intrudes the tag shown in the picture below. While it is impossible to reply to the intruders, a rebuttal has been permitted and it gets copied and repeated. So there are ways to fight back, at least until FB decides to penalize every account that repeats it. …

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Your Decision Tree And What It Means For You

     You’ve probably seen the phrase decision tree before. It’s become a frequent element in op-ed columns such as this one. While it looks forbiddingly formal and technical, it refers to one of the most pedestrian things in human life: our priorities and how we use them to make choices.      Everyone has priorities. However, …

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