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Body Armor II: Vaccine Fascism Privatized For Your Convenience

     Yesterday’s brief piece was only one conception of how things could go. There are others – and one of them was stated explicitly by one of CNN’s “medical analysts:”      A CNN medical analyst, Dr. Jonathan Reiner said on Thursday that it’s time has come for private industry to demand that employees take “the …

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It’s Time For Body Armor, Gentle Readers

     For more than a year, we were told that it was legally and morally imperative that we: Wear face masks; Stay away from one another; Stay away from churches, concerts, sports events, etc.      All this for an infectious disease no more dangerous than common influenza.      Then came the “vaccines.” For reasons too …

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Diseases And Cures

     Informal conversation, and most writing, tend to be casual about the exact meanings of words. That doesn’t mean the words we use don’t have exact meanings. Moreover, those meanings are more important than most people are aware.      For example: What is a disease? Could you define the word intensively, with confidence that your …

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The Fear Weapon

     Allow me to lead off with a snippet of an old essay by humorist P. J. O’Rourke:      Something is happening in America, not something dangerous but something all too safe. I see it in my lifelong friends. I am a child of the “baby boom,” a generation not known for its sane or …

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Suspicions Confirmed

     You knew there was something dodgy, as our English cousins would say, about the way the government and the media heaped endless plaudits on Anthony Fauci. You knew, from the way Big Tech defended Fauci’s pronouncements from contradiction, close scrutiny, or even analytical discussion, that there were reasons to question them—and him. You knew, …

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So Perhaps We Weren’t Crazy After All?

     Say what you will about Fox News and its steady slide to the left, it continues to provide a platform to at least one honest, courageous reporter:      The evidence will be hard to gather, and probably harder still to verify and collate. However,. given the Chinese ruling class’s undisguised intentions: To rise to …

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Better Than I Could Have Said It Dept.

     Every now and then, the penetration and eloquence of another Web commentator simply blows me off my seat. I’m reduced to clapping and wishing I could have said what he did, as piercingly as he did.      Here is one such case. A small taste:      The Mask is a visible sign of “who …

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Some Probing Questions

     I have no answers. Do you, Gentle Reader?

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