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Outrages To Be Watched For

     You may already have read about this story:      As previously reported, Rebecca Firlit, a Chicago mother, said that a Cook County judge took away her parental rights for not getting the COVID vaccine – the judge then reversed the order after his decision garnered media attention.      The 39-year-old mother said that the …

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One Of These Days

     “One of these days, I’m going to cut you into little pieces” – Pink Floyd, “One Of These Days”      One of these days, we will reckon the fall of the Republic from a point that’s already in our past.      The Constitutional bounds of the federal government are violated daily. Thus it should …

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The End Of Justice

     Do any Gentle Readers remember the 1991 Rodney King incident, and the trial that followed? Do you remember that, though provided with a complete video recording of the incident, Los Angeles news station KTLA chose to show only the most damning, easily misinterpreted part? Do you remember that once the whole video had been …

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