Category: Constitutionalism

More Cans And Can’ts

Certain truths appear to be particularly difficult for people to accept. One such truth is on my mind this morning: Laws cannot change people’s desires.      Laws, coupled with sufficiently determined enforcement, can change the incentives and disincentives people face, but nothing else. If a politician proclaims himself in favor of a law that’s in …

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No Law Abridging!

     [The following essay first appeared at the Palace of Reason on December 12, 2003. In light of the Usurper Regime’s new Disinformation Governance agency Ministry of Truth, it feels appropriate to repost it at this time. – FWP] ***      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free …

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Crossing The Aisle

     “The poor” have been one of the principal flails the Left has wielded against the Right for over a century. Innumerable policy initiatives have been called for and justified under the rationale of “helping the poor.” They go by other names, now and then: the “disabled;” the “structurally unemployed,” the “historically marginalized;” the “homeless;” …

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