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URGENT: Mike Hendrix of Cold Fury in Critical Condition

     I just received this from Big Country Expat:      Mikes in the Critical Care/ICU. I’m waiting to find out -where- exactly.      I just got word that my brother-from-another-mother Mike Hendrix, late of the famed rockabilly band The Belmont Playboys and more recently of the Blog “Cold Fury” has gotten seriously hemmed up medically …

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A Warning

     A few readers have proved less than courteous in their uses of the Comments facility. One in particular, who goes by the moniker of Skeptic, has submitted two vulgar and insulting comments already. One more and I’ll put him on the Banned list. To anyone who’s thinking that he can pollute this site or …

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     Someone has been sending out emails that purport to come from me.      I have not been emailing the Gentle Readers of Liberty’s Torch. Someone is trying to “phish” you. Do not click any links in any email that bears my name, or a Liberty’s Torch address.      An email originated by me will …

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