A Warning

     A few readers have proved less than courteous in their uses of the Comments facility. One in particular, who goes by the moniker of Skeptic, has submitted two vulgar and insulting comments already. One more and I’ll put him on the Banned list. To anyone who’s thinking that he can pollute this site or irritate me for his own pleasure, be warned: There’s no return from the Banned list.

     While vulgar and insulting commenters are a well-known phenomenon in the Blogosphere, I will have no truck with them at Liberty’s Torch. Consider this to be a permanent policy, because that’s what it is.


  1. GOOD! Ialways believe one should speak/type as if one was in church!

  2. I used to phrase it this way, when I was actively running a blog…and I will again, if I restart such:

    “There may be free speech, but there is no free lunch. If you want to make a speech, go get your own blog; I run and pay for this one, and I reserve the right to delete your comment if I choose not to want it here.”

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