In Other News

     …my decision to leave Blogger has been justified. Specifically, the Grundies at Blogger have gotten around to Liberty’s Torch V1.0 and are slapping “Sensitive Content” warnings on a lot of the pieces there. So far:

     …have all been labeled sensitive. As the most recent of them was posted in 2016, I can’t imagine what they’re afraid of.

     I hope that I’ll continue to have access to the old site for the near term, but nothing is guaranteed once the censors get to it. If there are any essays for which you want permanent copies, I’d advise you to download them before they have a chance to be “disappeared.”

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    • Daniel K Day on May 26, 2023 at 2:18 AM

    Thank you, Blogger Karens, for the pointers to Francis’ most interesting essays, and thank you more to the author. I just read the first link and will be back later for the others.

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