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Joe Mannix at Ace of Spades is pleasantly surprised.

So it is not surprising that McCarthy failed to uphold his agreement. The only surprising thing is that he was punished for it. Whatever comes next – and it probably won’t be some meaningful improvement – this action stands as one of the extremely rare examples of personal accountability being enforced against a major Party figure. McCarthy bought his ticket and he is now being compelled to take his ride.

That alone is good.

McCarthy probably thought that his deals with the Democrats would save him. The Democrats have no intentions of helping out ANY Republican, no matter how good a swamp creature they are. And McCarthy is a swamp creature, and has been for a long time. This is part of the reason that the Freedom Caucus opposed him. Now, did McCarthy have to deliver on every single one of his promises that he made to the Freedom Caucus when he got elected Speaker? Probably not. He could have probably slid on by with a “Oh well, it couldn’t happen this time.” or “Oh well, those pesky Democrats wouldn’t let X or Y happen.” But when the rubber hit the road, when the important stuff came up, when the BUDGET stuff came up as we all knew it was going to do, what did McCarthy do?

He sided with the Democrats. Just like all the Swamp Creatures did before him. The problem is that the GOP base is, at this point and time, so pissed of and angry with the GOPe that we would rather watch it all burn down around their heads than allow business as usual to happen.

Let it all burn. It’s going to burn down anyways, because America at this point is done. Dead. We’re a zombie country, with no brain and no heart who allowed the lever-pullers to install a senile, corrupt, compromised pedophile and his crackwhore son into the Oval Office with predictable results. The uniparty has been yukking it up over us stupid GOP voters for decades now. If you don’t believe me, just look at Mitch McConnel every election season. Y’know, other than the times when his decrepit brain glitches up and he just stands there staring into thin air. 33 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT and the people running the government think it’s more important to send hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine than it is to secure our Southern border.

But of course they have to send money to Ukraine because that’s how they launder the money that comes back to them and makes them rich. That’s how they keep funding the illegal biolabs that the Pentagon was forced to admit the US were operating in Ukraine. And don’t think that the Ukrainians are doing all that money laundering and biolab running out of the goodness of their hearts.

That’s your tax dollars he used, by the way. But gosh we just have to support Ukraine, don’t we? I mean, who doesn’t buy a $7 million villa in France for their daughter? It’s the trendy thing to do!

Sundance summed up the GOPe’s failures succinctly. But they weren’t failures per se. A failure is when you try to do something and cannot accomplish the goal. A failure is typically accompanied by something else. Something valuable: EXPERIENCE and LEARNING. I’ve failed at a great number of things, and each time I’ve learned something from that failure. Most the time I’ve gone on to finally be successful at what I was trying to accomplish.

The GOPe’s inactivity is not a failure, it’s a deliberate action. As Ace himself would call it, it’s “Failure Theater”, designed to keep the Democrats in power and the money flowing into their bank accounts. It’s why the government hasn’t passed a budget in decades, because then the GOPe might have to start doing their phony-baloney jobs.

But this can’t keep going. The cracks are already showing. The skin is coming off the zombie and everyone is looking at the rot and corruption. My question is why should anyone expend any effort to keep the zombie walking around, when we all know that the longer we keep up the charade the more it’s going to hurt at the end?

If I cut my finger and refuse to treat it, the wound could get infected. That’s going to hurt if I treat it. Owie. Iodine and stitches and all that. So I ignore it.

If I ignore the infection, my entire hand could get infected. And that’s going to hurt even worse to get it treated, up to and including amputation if the infection is bad enough. Why, I can’t think about losing my hand, so let’s just ignore it and hope it gets better!

If I ignore that hand and keep going on, eventually the entire arm is going to have to come off. This might be point were we are now as a country, maybe. It might be too late.

If I ignore the arm, it’ll kill me. This is in my opinion where we are.

Bad news doesn’t get better with time. The longer you hold out treatment, the worse the treatment is going to have to be. So yeah. If Matt Gaetz burns everything to the ground, there will be a lot of people, including myself, who will understand that it had to be done. Not to save America, because America as a country is finished. But to save the parts of this country that deserve to be saved.


    • George Mckay on October 4, 2023 at 1:24 PM

    I have been seeing and hearing people who should know better – Mark Levin for instance who say Matt Gaetz should be booted from the House.  Oh HELL NO!!!!  He is the only one watching out for the United States of America – the ONLY ONE!!!  The rest of the dreck in the House and eSenate have made the mess we currently are in.
    Your point on grift is dead on.  I am tired of paying for not only Ukraine’s war but, their officials dachas and mansions and other grift.  No more money to Ukraine without accounting for every damn cent.  No excuses and when fraud and deceit is found it must be punished.  If not they deserve nothing but food.
    The same must apply to our own country and the fact that the Pentagoons cannot account for $2 trillion of our hard earned dollars speaks volumes.  I know they have black book crap and so forth but, 2T?  Somebody got some ‘splainin to do.  Frankly I would not believe anything this government says.  That in and of itself is depressing.  

  1. I do like the manure ring that had the Senate passing the House bill, which did NOT include funding for Ukraine.
    Now, by not passing a Senate version, this kept the people on the bill resolution committee from ‘grudgingly’ agreeing to make sure that Ukraine support was included in the final CR. 

  2. If you’re dependent on the government, immediately start slashing your budget to the bone. Pay off everything vital, such as car or mortgage, if you can. And both stock up and save. 
    You may have to weather months – or longer – of no money coming in.

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