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Were He Not a Ruthless Killer, This Might Garner Some Sympathy

Some background first. On FB, Wretchard introduced an Elon Musk tweet to the video below with the comment: Some ideologies see ‘no people’ as the most humanitarian outcome. Naturally such a line caught my attention. Then this was how Musk introduced the video: Pretty good summary, although national pride is underweighted relative to economics. Latter …

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“National Commitment”

     Hold onto this snippet for later in the essay:      During repeated visits after 1909, the two commandants became fast friends even to the extent of [British General Henry] Wilson being admitted into the French family circle and invited to the wedding of [French General Ferdinand] Foch’s daughter. With his friend “Henri,” Foch spent …

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Afghanistan: A Retrospective

     We were so sure of ourselves.      What I originally thought would be a straight-up “justice / vengeance” mission for the 9/11 atrocities: Invade in force; Locate, close with, and destroy the al Qaeda / Taliban forces; Go home;      …turned into yet another exercise in “nation building.” Whose idea was it? Unknown. But …

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