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Whose Side Are We On

     I can’t help but wonder:      The Biden administration’s intensive public and private campaign to forestall Israel’s assault on Rafah has become its toughest test to date with its Middle East ally.      Hours after President Biden on Monday warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against a full-scale assault on Rafah, Israel’s military conducted …

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Missing The Point

     It’s difficult for me to imagine how some people live with their spinelessness:      Carols by Candlelight is the largest annual fundraiser for Vision Australia’s children’s services, which provides support to families and children who are blind or have low vision.      A crowd of 10,000 gathered to enjoy the live broadcast, celebrate the …

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The Biggest Picture

     The exchanges of rhetoric over the IDF invasion of Gaza have already breached the ludicrousness threshold and are rocketing toward utter insanity. The tweet embedded here lays the matter out plainly. And as I said immediately below that, wars of extermination have no rules.      No amount of hand-wringing will change the fundamentals here. …

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