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The Chronicle of The DC: 14Aug23 Speeding Things Up

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green warns ’10 to 20′ more Lahaina wildfire victims will be found dead each day as just 3% of the search area has been scoured – and says around 1,300 people are still missing To which Brandon added his “grace” note:

The Chronicle of the DC: 29Jul23

The Chronicle of the DC: 27Jul23

Fighting FB Disinfo

At every post that mentions the vaques, FB intrudes the tag shown in the picture below. While it is impossible to reply to the intruders, a rebuttal has been permitted and it gets copied and repeated. So there are ways to fight back, at least until FB decides to penalize every account that repeats it. …

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How Can We Be Sure?

     The great goal of the knowledge-seeker is practical certainty. Note the modifier: for most propositions in this universe of discourse, absolute certainty is unattainable. That’s in the nature of causal propositions. Only in completely formal systems such as mathematics can we be absolutely certain of anything.      This has critical implications for the sciences. …

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So Perhaps We Weren’t Crazy After All?

     Say what you will about Fox News and its steady slide to the left, it continues to provide a platform to at least one honest, courageous reporter:      The evidence will be hard to gather, and probably harder still to verify and collate. However,. given the Chinese ruling class’s undisguised intentions: To rise to …

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Demand, Supply, And The Indie Writer

     No, this won’t be a plaint about how there are just too many of us. The world can never have too many storytellers. The stories are infinite, and all of them deserve to be told…whether or not anyone is listening. And even the most inept apprentice to the art can improve at it, with …

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