Category: global warming / climate change

Now They’ve Gone Too Far

     Maybe we’ve stood still and silent while they ruined the economy, destroyed the nation’s energy supplies, choked the ports, fed our Strategic Petroleum reserve to China, and led us to the brink of nuclear Armageddon, but we can’t let them get away with this!      Now Unilever, the far-Left corporate giant that brings us …

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A Little Hubris, A Huge Externality

     You say you’ve heard enough and read enough about the “threat” of “global warming” to numb you? Well, certain people want to numb you in quite another way:      MIT Technology Review reported Saturday that a company called Make Sunsets has successfully launched weather balloons from Mexico that may have released sulfur particles into …

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Computer-Generated Fantasies

     It was 1983: “early days” for the personal computer upheaval. Most Americans knew that microcomputers existed, but few had actually acquired one, or knew what they were good for. (Spoiler alert: not much.) I was asked about them now and then – I remember an ophthalmologist quizzing me about them during an eye exam …

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