Every time I open the local rag, I’m treated to some insinuation that the earth and all its inhabitants are going to die from global cooling climate warming change. Many people today actually believe that. Let me add some context, compliments of Borepatch.

The plain truth is that the earth has been far warmer on average than in recent recorded history, and if you notice the warming periods that have been named, you’ll notice that those periods are typically associated with periods of growth, both in population and in technology. They are not associated with any kind of mass die-offs.

But that goes counter to the narrative.

The vast majority of people who actually believe that we’re all gonna die from global warming climate cooling change are indoctrinated fools. But some, such as the people that Mr. Porretto mention below as the envious, know that they’re lying, and they’ll continue to lie so long as it gains them power. John Kerry doesn’t actually think that the oceans are going to rise. If he believed that he’d be purchasing mountain estates instead of mansions on the French coastline. If Jeff Bezos thought that CO2 and engine emissions were killing the earth, he would give up his private jets and private yachts. Has he done so? Of course not.

Right now, there’s a “Billionaire’s Summer Camp” happening in Sun Valley, Idaho. Yes, my state, although several hundred miles south of where I currently sit. The sheer number of private jets that are landing require that many of them take off and park somewhere else. So not only are these uber-rich people burning fuel to get here, they’re burning MORE fuel just to park their private jets somewhere else. The vast majority of these people all parrot the global warming climate cooling change propaganda, but not a single one of them wanted to fly commercial into Sun Valley.

As a certain Instant Pundit likes to quip, “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people telling me it’s a crisis begin to behave as if it’s a crisis”.

But look at that chart. It’s not a crisis in any way shape or form, and assuming just for the sake of argument that we’re going to lose the ice caps and the oceans will raise and all havoc will be unleashed on earth, how will banning SUVs stop it? Again, did SUVs cause the Medieval Warming Period? Did coal power plants cause the Roman Warming Period?

It’s all garbage. It’s a religious cult spouting hokum and nonsense. The Heaven’s Gate cult made more sense than the Climate Change Cult.

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    • SiG on July 15, 2023 at 7:31 AM

    A requirement for the mythology of global warming is that the True Believers must be ignorant.  Ignorant of both that science you have the graph of (which isn’t hard to find), and ignorant of the concepts behind weather and climate.  Ignorant of actual science, the actual processes of investigation and questioning (that are being suppressed).  
    An explanation for destroying the educational system – as has been done.

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