The Frenzy of Global Cooling Climate Warming Change

And I do need to thank Kim du Toit for that little descriptor.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have seen a frenzy of propaganda recently regarding how we’re all gonna die and how we just need to give up our money and our personal freedom to the government in order to save Mother Gaia or some other rot like that. I’ve we’re not being told to stop driving cars, we’re being told to stop eating meat. The fact that these statements are coming from people who fly around in private jets and eat whatever they want seems to not bother the propagandists one bit, which should really be all that you need to see. However, the thing that annoys me the most is the drive for electric cars.

“SAVE THE EARTH! DRIVE ELECTRIC CARS! STOP USING OIL!” The message is blunt and in your face, 24/7. Remember when the illegitimate Biden junta screwed up the petroleum supply and made the price of gas skyrocket, and the snide commentary from the glittering idiots was “Oh well just buy a Tesla”?

Where, pray tell, is all that electricity going to come from, given that our infrastructure can barely manage what we do have, and what we have still isn’t enough for consumers as proven by the brownouts and rolling blackouts that seem to happen every summer in communist shitholes like California? How often are we hectored about how much electricity we use by corrupt con-men like Al Gore, while at the same time being told to purchase a vehicle that would force us to use MORE electricity, all while Al Gore, Pope Prius the First, keeps his 10,000 square foot mansion in Tennessee air-conditioned (but his pool is also kept warm!) and his fleet of private vehicles gassed up and running while he flies on jets around the world telling people to use less oil? And Al Gore claims that this is all OK because he buys “carbon offsets”, In the real world, we call this “Grade-A Bullshit”.

Anyways, back to electric cars. The oh so earth friendly option to those horrible gas guzzlers, right?

Well, let’s see about that. I suppose you could call it earth friendly if that means strip-mining entire rain forests to get the minerals needed for the batteries. I’m certain that wiping out entire species in the Philippines probably isn’t that good for the earth, but what do I know? I’m just a humble Soldier, not some well-paid “scientist”. That doesn’t include the massive amounts of pollution caused by refining those minerals. That doesn’t include the human cost of slave labor in the cobalt mines of Africa, and the massive pollution left after the cobalt is refined there. You say you don’t need oil with an electric car? 50% of an electric car is plastic, a necessity in order to keep the weight down. Where does plastic come from? Oil.

I could go on for days. But the bottom line is that you could find an old Chevy Bel Air, restore it to factory new condition, and then run it for twenty years straight and you still wouldn’t do the environmental damage caused by building ONE electric vehicle.

The people pushing the Global Cooling Climate Warming Change hoax know this. Which is why the propaganda has to be so overt and in your face, never-ending. If the low-information voters actually figured out that they were being lied to, they might refuse to eat the bugs, or refuse to live in their assigned places. The people pushing this hoax know that what they’re pushing for isn’t going to save the earth, or affect the climate one whit. It’s not about controlling the climate, it’s about controlling YOU.

Act accordingly.


    • Drumwaster on July 27, 2023 at 11:11 PM

    It takes more than 500,000 pounds of earth, rock, and minerals dug up to get the raw material needed to make ONE Tesla battery, not to mention all of the energy used to transport the raw ores and dross back and forth (and disposal of the unwanted dross is also expensive, wasteful and likely harmful), and the fabrication process from raw ingots to finished product, just so Karen Q. Suburbia can signal their “I care about the planet” virtue.

  1. Yep. And that’s just with electric cars. We won’t even get into the idiocy of “wind farms”, or how much concrete/copper/oil they require, or how many birds they kill. It’s all virtue signaling, and the people doing the signaling have no real virtue at all.

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