The Chronicle of the DC: 17Aug23 Maui

Not mentioned here, but elsewhere: direct energy weapons are suspected as having been used in the mass arson. You think that is too far fetched?

As Fran pointed out a couple days ago, there once was a too-radical-to-consider pile of causes for extraordinary events. That heap hasn’t had too many additions lately, and numerous ones once consigned there (e.g., scamdemic items) have since been retrieved.

Please point out — to anyone who will listen — the Sustainability agenda of every major Western institution. It’s a religion with them. Their moral code is not that of decent human beings. To these neo-pagan Sustainability worshippers, sacrificed human life is what is sacred to them.

The Progressive Movement — with its Sustainability priests providing them a moral framework that overrides conscience — are at war with 95% of the world. Expect no mercy.

Traditionally, in the West, an agenda like that would be seen as the essence of evil. But so many of us have gotten in the habit of discarding that very thought. If you value life, if you value your own life, that habit must end.

If you are one who believes in God, the Progs are especially determined to destroy you. If you permit injustices such as this to go on hoping it claims you last, do you really have faith in Him?

Even those who are atheist but behave decently for the most part are not safe. All men of decency would be a potential threat to them. It may be true that there are no atheists in fox holes, but by then it may too late to find the strength needed to fight the forces of evil.

I fear I am making a hash out of the plea accompanying this latest attempt at illuminating the threat.

Please risk scorn and try to awaken anyone you care about who you sense has not gone too far over to the other side. The Progs have built themselves a ruthless moral code diametrically opposite that of the Judeo-Christian faiths. The morale you can gain from reacquainting yourself with the faith you grew up with (or are at least most familiar) almost certainly will be needed to fight this war you did not start. The Progs certainly have theirs. That’s why I expect no mercy from them.

Draw on your faith in what is right and fight the injustices and those who perpetuate them. Human beings who still hear their conscience have the numbers. What they lack is being aware that the evil has advanced well beyond mere threats, and renewing their faith that He is on their side. The potential strength to be gained from those two alone has always been known to be very useful in war.

I pray that this message works, or at least encourages others to do a better job at getting the message out. Amen.

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    • Daniel K Day on August 17, 2023 at 11:29 PM

    I put the tweet up on the book of faces. Maybe some of my friends and Friends will spread it around. One can hope.

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