The death of America (Long live America!)

Back on the ye oldde Goolag blog, I had a tag that I used quite a bit called “The Death of America”, highlighting all the various ways that this country was dead and gone. A zombie, shambling around with no brain, no heart and no soul. Yesterday, our host asked if we were awake yet. Here’s a sampling of the various alarm clocks that have crossed over my reading lists.

Our government kow-tows to China before acting on energy policy. This is just another sign of how compromised Joe Biden in particular and the establishment in general are by China, and how little interest they have in keeping America strong.

Joe Biden is not in charge of his own bowl movements, much less anything else that’s going on in this country. Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet wanders from room to room, searching in vain for the nice woman who promised him some pudding, while unknown *cough*Obama*cough* people run the country.

Do I need to link to the multiple political prosecutions of Donald Trump? I’m rather tired of the man, and yet I would low-crawl through a mile of broken glass to vote for him if it meant that I could cause damage to the Deep State and the establishment that deep state supports.

The completely open border, and the regime’s operations to bring in as many illegal aliens as possible to overwhelm the American systems.

The targeting of Catholics as domestic terrorists. Who knew that praying the Rosary was a revolutionary act? I would note that the many terrorist-linked mosques don’t receive the same treatment as nuns and priests who offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

The Soviet-style persecution of political enemies, and the destruction of evidence regarding that persecution. If you needed any proof that the Democrats are emulating their heroes of the USSR, the January 6th show trials should wipe away any doubt. Hell, the entire thing was a Fed-instigated event.

Pretty damn dark, innit?

America as we know it IS dead. And it’s not coming back. But I feel better about the future than I have in a good long time. Despite the number of brain-dead liberals in Northern Idaho (from Kommiefornia, Portland and Seattle) the number of people who are awake and watching the world go to hell is astoundingly high. One of my neighbors, who’s wife is a dear thing but somewhat naive, related a story to me a few days ago after they saw a report about the jihadi asshole in North Dakota who had over two thousand rounds of ammunition in his home. The wife asked “Who has that much ammo?” to which the neighbor just started giggling and directed her to go look into their gun safe.

The people looking around and preparing for the eventual collapse of the former USA aren’t just 80 year old war vets limping around on canes, they’re my age or younger. Yeah, there’s a lot of young, idealistic drones with multi-colored hair and nose piercings, but there’s just as many people who you wouldn’t look at twice who have the ability to not only survive the collapse, but they have the ability to fuck things up for the bad guys.

Connections are being made every day by the people who keep the world running. It’s not the liberal activist that people actually need, it’s the farmer with the heritage breed of pigs who knows animal husbandry. And we know it.

I don’t know what your little part of the world is like, but I can tell you that from my foxhole?

We’re awake.

Now the question becomes “What the hell are we going to do about it?” Honestly, I think that the most likely course of action is that people here continue to prepare for the collapse, and then when it happens we try to insulate ourselves from the liberal shitholes and continue on our lives. Living well is the best revenge, and while we might not be living in luxury, if we’re eating pork while the commies are eating rats (if they have any!) that’s living pretty damn well. Whatever works for you in your area, go for it. Just remember that the American government is corrupt and rotten to the core. You might be able to excise away the rot, maybe, but that rot is alive and it will fight you the entire time. The second most likely scenario in my book is that the Feds pull another Waco or Ruby Ridge, and the local population begins sending their disagreement at 2800 fps. If it goes kinetic, all bets are off. Nobody wins, although some people are going to lose much worse than the other side.

Act accordingly.


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  1. Well put, Dave. I find that I must agree with your prognosis, however reluctantly.

    • gl on August 11, 2023 at 11:56 AM

    I wondered about why we had changed so much from the time of my childhood. Born in the 1940’s, all the usual things, out until dark, rode bikes without helmets or knee pads, first “real” job at 13 at A&W and walk there and back for a total of 4 miles. So what changed? So, here’s what I found.
    Congress  –  1920   492     Population  –  1920   106,021,537
                          1970   436                              2020   331,449,291  
                          2020   435
    We have tripled + an extra 97,363,867 people. Of these 151 million people voted. Found that a constitutional amendment capped the number for Congress. So if your 2 senator for your state seems distant or not paying attention then imagine trying to represent 3 or 4 times as many people.

    • Vanilla Iceman on August 11, 2023 at 1:15 PM

    Their CCP fellow travelers are not the Grand Old Politburo and they will strike when the time is right.
    After OBrandon burns it all down better.

    • Evil Franklin on August 12, 2023 at 7:31 AM

    It’s now at the point that the Feds with shoot you for the flimsiest of excuses.

    Evil Franklin

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